by Elmer D. Scalf

The books by Henry P. Scalf and Elmer D. Scalf are the building blocks that most Scalf researchers use for guidance. Those books pointed us in the right direction. As someone so eloquently said, "all Scalf researchers stand on the shoulders of Henry and Elmer Scalf." They did not have the internet or the tools that we enjoy. They and their assistants drove around the country to the many courthouses, interviewed dozens of individuals, and put in hundreds of hours assembling the information they collected.


Chapter I - Our Ancestors

Chapter II - John Scarfe (Scalf)

Chapter III - Lewis Scalf

Chapter IV - John Scalf, Revolutionary Soldier

Chapter V - Peter Scalf

Chapter VI - Ira Scalf

Chapter VII - John Scalf, Jr.

Chapter VIII - Jesse Scalf

Chapter IX - Robert Scalf

Chapter X - Greenberry Scalf

Chapter X - William Scalf

Chapter XII - Daughters of John Scalf

Chapter XIII - David Scalf

Chapter XIV - Benjamin Scalf

Chapter XV - Brittain Scalf

Chapter XVI - Lee Scalf

Chapter XVII - John H. Scalf, Jr.

Chapter XVIII - Other Families

Chapter XIX - Marriages