Chapter XV

Brittain Scalf

Brittain Scalf, son of John Scalf and Edeah Carlisle Scalf, was born inNorth Carolina between 1795-1800. Brittain married Talitha Couch, daughter of John Couch of Russell County, Virginia. Brittain, it would appear from the records, possessed the same aggressiveness so characteristic of his father. An example in point is revealed by the Russell County, Virginia records. On March 4, 1828 Brittain and John Long were each fined one dollar for an assault committed on each other. However, it may also be assumed that Brittain Scalf was a successful business man and landholder as the records show various deeds involving Brittain as either grantor or grantee. Evidently, he must have died prior to 1850, probably in Russell County, Virginia since his name no longer appears on any records found by the author after 1845. Nor is Brittain mentioned in any census reports after 1840. Correspondence with several descendants of Brittain Scalf has informed the author that Talitha took her children to Pike County, Kentucky following her husband's death in Virginia. The marriage records of Pike County along with various census reports of Pike County, Martin County and Floyd County show that Brittain's children, for the most part, married and raised their families in that part of eastern Kentucky.

Children of Brittain Scalf and Tabitha Couch
Archibald Scalf (B. 1825 - ) m. Sarah Sellards
    Mary Scalf m. Columbus Mills
    James B. Scalf (B. 1842 - ) m. Rebecca Scott
    Elizabeth Scalf m. William Blackburn
    John H. Scalf (B. 1836 - ) m. Clarinda Sellards
    Jeremiah Scalf m. Sarah Brinstone
    Levy Scalf (B. 1837 - ) m. Mary Bevins Reed
    Hezekiah Scalf (B. 1841 - ) m. Sarah Vaughn Riddle

Children of Hezekiah Scalf and Sarah Vaughn Riddle
John Scalf
    William P. Scalf
    Robert Scalf
    Melvin Scalf
    James Scalf
    Louanna Scalf

Children of Archibald Scalf and Sarah Sellards
Easter Scalf
    Eliza Scalf
    Mintie Scalf
    Andrew Scalf
    Nancy Scalf
    Sarah Scalf
    Martha Scalf
    Mary Scalf

Children of James R Scalf and Rebecca Scott
Jeremiah Scalf
    John Scalf
    Green B. Scalf
    Mitchell Scalf
    Mary E. Scalf
    Victoria Scalf
    Christopher C. Scalf
    William M. Scalf
    Ruth A. Scalf
    Peter Scalf
    Tabitha Scalf

Children of John H. Scalf and Clarinda Sellards
Solomon Scalf
    John B. Scalf
    James W. Scalf
    Mary Scalf

Children of Jeremiah Scalf and Sarah Brinstone
Amos Scalf
    James B. Scalf
    Melissa Scalf
    Nancy Scalf
    Cynthia Scalf
    William Scalf
    Mary Scalf

Children of Levy Scalf and Mary Bevins Reed
James E. Scalf

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