Chapter IX

Robert Scalf

Robert Scalf, son of John Scalf and Edeah Carlisle Scalf, was born in 1819 in Russell County, Virginia. His date of birth has been learned from a review of his military record as Robert was a soldier in the Union Army in the Civil War. Robert Scalf enlisted in the 49th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, Co. F as a private on June 1, 1863. He mustered in at Camp Nelson, Kentucky on September 19, 1863 and he was discharged on December 26, 1864 at Lexington, Kentucky. Robert received a land grant in Clay County where he lived part of his life. The land grant that he received was for 50 acres on Ground Hog Fork of Otter Creek.

Robert was one of three Scalf brothers who came into Kentucky in the early 1830's. The brothers who came with him were Peter Scalf and Jesse Scalf. Robert and his brother, Peter married in Clay County on the same day, which was October 18, 1835. Robert married Patsy Jackson, daugbter of Lewis Jackson and Susan Hubbard Jackson. Robert went to Perry County shortly after he married Patsy. The author believes Robert went from Perry County to that area of Kentucky, which later became Bell County before returning later to Clay County prior to 1850. Robert Scalf and his son, Greenberry Scalf, joined the Union Army on the same day. However, Greenberry died at Camp Burnside a short time later. Many descendants of Robert Scalf live in Indiana.

Children of Robert Scalf and "Patsy" Jackson or Martha Jackson
Malinda Scalf (B. 1837 - ) m. William Payne 3-29-1854 Clay Co., Ky.
    Minervia J. Scalf (B. 1842 D. 1907) m. Washington Smith 5-13-1858 Clay Co., Ky. Minervia lived near Reed Station, MO
    Greenberry Scalf died July 12, 1863 at Camp Burnside, Ky.
    Robert Lee Scalf (B. 1855) m. Lillie B. Wingham (Aunt of Minnie Wingham) 12-15-1888 Jefferson Co., Indiana
    Great Britton Scalf (B. 1859) m. Louise Emiline Darnell
    Sam Scalf m. Dolly Horn (Missouri 1891)
    Celia Ann Scalf (B. 1844) m. Duton May 1-31-1860 Clay Co., Ky.
    Peter Scalf (B. 1857)
    Susan A. Scalf (B. 1852 D. 1933) m. Jacob Brickford
    William M. Scalf (B. 5-3-1851 Ky. D. 2-22-1922 Ind.) m.
    Mary Elizabeth Derming 7-22-1869 Jefferson Co., Indiana
    Mary was the daughter of John and Nancy Hankins Derming.
    Alexander Scalf m. Linda _______ (from Bell Co., Ky.)
    Polly Scalf m. John Payne
    James Scalf m. Becca Arm Scalf (Jesse's daughter) 1-30-1858 Clay Co., Ky.
    Chana Scalf m. Messamore Smith 1857 Knox Co., Ky.

Children of Robert Lee Scalf, Jr. and Lillie B. Wingham
Ethel Pearl Scalf (B. 6-2-1895) m. Frank Van Slyke (B. 1882) 1912 Marion Co., Ind.
    Ivy B. Scalf (B. 1899) m. Louis B. Terhune 1916 Marion Co., Ind.
    Ben Scalf m. Esther Lombard 2-10-1923 Indianapolis, Ind.
    Sam Scalf
    Lee Scalf
    William Frank Scalf
    Paul Scalf
    George Scalf (B. 1911 D. 1917)
Children of Great Britton Scalf and Louise E. Darnell
William Arthur Scalf (B. 7-20-1891) m. Jesse May Laux 1912
    Homer 0. Scalf (B. 1894) m.
        1. Martha Spencer 1916 Marion Co., Ind.
        2. Arma Carter 1920 Marion Co., Ind.
    Orville Scalf (B. 1897) m. India Jenkins 5-31-1918 Marion Co., Ind.
    Sam B. Scalf m. Laura M. Tyre 1923
    Myrtle Scalf
    Floy (Mildred) Scalf m. Don Ray Carr 9-11-1922 Indianapolis, Ind.

Children of Sam Scalf and Dolly Horn
Bessie Allen Scalf

Children of Susan A. Scalf and Jacob Brickford
Abegail Brickford

Children of William M. Scalf and Mary E. Denning
Hugh Scalf died young
    Julia Scalf m. William Thayer
    Cora Scalf m. William Melton
    Nora Scalf m. William Knipe
    Clara Scalf m. Ernest Armstrong 3-24-1907 Trimble Co., Ky.
    Thomas M. Scalf m. Nonie Mullingan 6-27-1905 Wells Co., Ind.
    William Avery Scalf (B. 1883) m. Minnie Wingham 3-3-1901 Trimble Co., Ky.
    Robert Enoch Scalf (B. 2-23-1875) m.
        1. Liza J. Emel 10-4-1893 Jefferson Co., Ind.
        2. Sophia E. Sherlock 9-5-1901 Marion Co., Ind.

Children of Julia Scalf and William Thayer
Cora Thayer
    Nora Thayer
    Ivy Thayer
    Charles Thayer
    Jesse Thayer

Children of Cora Scalf and William Melton
Ruth Melton

Children of Nora Scalf and William Knipe
Emma Knipe
    Alma Knipe
    Hester Knipe
    William Knipe
    John Knipe
    Ernest Knipe
    Richard Knipe

Children of Clara Scalf and Ernest Armstrong
Lloyd Armstrong
    Louise Armstrong
    Verna Armstrong
    Raymond Armstrong

Children of Thomas M. Scalf and Nonie Mullingan
Walter H. Scalf m. Velma Jordan (1924)
    Carroll Scalf
    Simon Scalf
    Rodger Scalf
    Naomie Scalf
    Dempsey Scalf
    Solomon M. Scalf (B. 1913) m. Geneva McCoy 6-24-1943

Children of William Avery Scalf and Minnie Wingham
(daughter of Benjamin Wingham and Virginia Perry)
Lelah Scalf
    Harold E. Scalf m. Myrtle E. Beshear
    Inez E. Scalf
    Gertrude Scalf
    Maude Scalf
    Hilda Scalf (B. 3-9-1.907) m. Thomas H. Spam (3-14-1923) Jefferson Co., Ind.
    Virginia Scalf

Children of Robert Enoch Scalf and 1. Liza Emel
Frank Scalf died young; was born 1893
    Charles Edwin Scalf (B. 5-24-1895 D. 3-22-1942) married
        1. Iva McNutt 1-20-1917 Ohio Co., Ind. (Iva was the daughter of John P.
             McNutt and Emma F. Hughes)
        2. Beulah Ryle Smith (D. 2-5-1974) 2-31-1922 Ohio Co., Ind.

Children of Robert Enoch Scalf and 2. Sophia E. Sherlock (daughter of Daniet H. Sherlock and Louise Detmer)
Thelma M. Scalf (B. 1901 D. 2-26-1904)
    Louise Scalf (B. 1903 D. 1903)
    Ailia Scalf (B. 1904) m. Ferdinand Williams
    Mary Scalf (B. 1906) m. Merle Williams
    Norma Scalf (B. 1910) m. Alvy Shafner
    Robert E. Scalf (B. 1911) m. Esther Rabe
    Almeda Scalf (B. 1914) m. Cecil Rice
    William Scalf (B. 1916) m. Ruth Seikman
    Irene Scalf (B. 1918) m. Harold Clifton
    Raymond Scalf (B. 1919) m. Donna Gibbs
    Hugh Scalf (B. 1924 D. 1924)
    Bettie Scalf (B. 1927) m. Ronald McAllister

Children of Charles Edwin Scalf and Beulah Ryle Smith
Max Edwin Scalf (B. 5-24-1925) m.
        1. Katherine Marie Calvert 1945
        2. Kathryn Marie Brady 4-22-1950, Aurora, Ind.

Children of Mary Scalf and Merle Williams
Raymond Williams
    Kenneth Williams

Children of Julia Scalf and Ferdinand Williams
Donald Williams
    Harold Gene Williams

Children of Norma Scalf and Alvy Shafner
Jack Shafner
    Faye Shafner
    Donna Shafner

Children of Almeda Scalf and Cecil Rice
Judith Rice

Children of William Scalf and Ruth Seikman
Larry Scalf

Children of Irene Scalf and Harold Clifton
William Harold Clifton
    Jr. Audry Clifton

Children of Raymond Scalf and Donna Gibbs
Ronald Scalf

Children of Bettie Scalf and Ronald McAllister
Gary McAllister

Children of William A. Scalf and Jessie May Laux, descendent of Augustus Laux who came from France to New Orleans in 1847
Arthur L. Scalf, Jr.
    Mary E. Scalf
    Margaret E. Scalf
    Charles E. Scalf
    David L. Scalf

Children of Harold E. Scalf and Myrtle E. Beshear
Harold L. Scalf (B. 8-22-1931) m. Evelyn E. Brower (B. 1-31-1931) Idaho, 1952

Children of Harold L Scalf and Evelyn E. Brower
Daniel B. Scalf (B. 1953) m. Gretchen Rust
    Robert W. Scalf (B. 1956 - )
    Elizabeth Scalf (B. 1959 - )
    Stephen L. Scalf (B. 1961 - )
    Mary A. Scalf (B. 1965 - )
    Rebecca A. Scalf (B. 1967 - )

Children of Daniel B. Scalf and Gretchen Rust
Andrea Scalf
    Jeremy Scalf

Children of Max Edwin Scalf and Katherine Marie Calvert
Max Edwin Scalf, Jr. (B. 3-24-1946) m. Marylin Sue Vinup (1966 Rising Sun)
Children of Max Edwin Scalf, Sr. and Kathryn Marie Brady
Ricky Lynn Scalf (B. 8-1-1951) m. Kathleen Anne Conese 1-31-1969
    Shari Marie Scalf (B. 7-8-1955)

Children of Max Edwin Scalf, Jr. and Marylin Sue Vinup
Nicholas Scalf (B. 2-22-1968) Ipswitch, England
    Michelle Scalf (B. 10-22-1971) Lawrenceburg, Ind.

Children of Ricky Lynn Scalf and Kathleen Anne Conese
Jeffrey Lee Scalf (B3-4-1970) Hamilton, Ohio
    Brian Christopher Scalf (12-18-1972) Hamilton, Ohio
    Carolyn Anne Scalf (12-2-1976) Hamilton, Ohio

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