Chapter VIII

Jesse Scalf

Jesse Scalf, son of John Scalf and Edeah Carlisle Scalf, was born in October 1812 in Russell County, Virginia. Jesse grew up in Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee. He and six of his brothers were "apprenticed" out, by a court order in 1820 at Lebanon, Virginia, however, there is no proof that Jesse was ever removed from his home. Jesse's brother, John Scalf, Jr., got into some trouble in 1834 in Russell County. His brother was charged with passing a counterfeit coin. It cost Jesse's father nearly everything he had to get his brother acquitted after which his father sold out in Virginia in 1835 and moved to Tennessee. It was at this time that Jesse and his two brothers, Peter and Robert, decided to go to Kentucky to be on their own. Shortly after they arrived in Clay County, Kentucky, all three brothers married.

Jesse married Polly Eversole, daughter of Peter and Peggy May Eversole, on March 7, 1837 in Clay County. Peter Eversole had married Peggy May on December 1, 1810 in Clay County. Peter Eversole was born about 1790 in North Carolina. His father, Jacob Eversole, was born about 1760 in Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. Peter Eversole's mother was Mary Kessler also of Pennsylvania. After the Revolutionary War Peter's parents went to Ashe Co., North Carolina with a German colony and later moved to where, Perry Co., Kentucky, is today. Peter Eversole's father, Jacob Eversole, was a son of Christian Eversole who was a son of the immigrant, Jost Ebersole, who came from Switzerland to Germany to Pennsylvania where he landed April 23, 1740. Jesse Scalf was still living in Clay County with his 14 children when the Civil War broke out. He had lost his first wife, Polly, and had married a second time to Elizabeth Collins on June 23, 1849. Elizabeth was the daughter of Aaron Collins of Clay County. Eight of Jesse's children were by his first wife. He had seven more children by Elizabeth.

Jesse enlisted in the Union Army on August 9, 1863. He was a Corporal in B. Company, 47th Kentucky Volunteer Mounted Infantry. He joined at Irvine, Kentucky. Jesse applied for a pension on August 25, 1883 and it is from his application that we gather considerable information about Jesse. Jesse Scalf was 5'10" tall, of fair complexion and had blue eyes. At the time he applied for his military pension, he was living near Hyden, Kentucky in Leslie County. Leshe Co. was formed from Clay County in 1878. His address was Big Creek in 1866. He indicated on his application that his wife was Elisa (Elizabeth Collins). Jesse's commander in service was Captain Jackson Roberts and he was acting in this capacity when Jesse contracted an illness while engaging the enemy at the battle of Big Hill. He was also ruptured while in service limiting his physical activities thereafter. Jesse had re-enlisted on May 4, 1864 for additional duty. Several friends and former army comrades furnshed affidavits on Jesse's behalf and he was granted his pension which he continued to receive until his death on December 19, 1895.

Children of Jesse Scalf and Polly Eversole and Elizabeth Collins

Eli Collins (B. 1845 D. 1887) married Rachel Hays (4-28-1885 Clay Co., Ky.)
    Becca Ann Scalf (B. 1843 - ) married
        1. James Scalf (11-17-1857)
        2. John F. Northern (1868 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Martha Scalf married William Amburgey
    Abey Vine Scalf marred Henry N. Smith (4-17-1879 Clay Co., Ky.)
    Margaret Scalf (B. 1840 - ) married Felix Brown (from Harlan Co., Ky.)
    Nancy Scalf (B. 1842 - ) married Stephen Fields (65 - 4th marriage)
        (10-5-1859 Clay Co., Ky.)
    Ashberry Scalf (B. 1856 - )
    Emeline Scalf (B. 1850) m. Soleman North 4-24-1871 Clay Co., Ky.
    Ibby Vine Scalf (B. 1853) m. George Houf 6-6-1871 Clay Co., Ky.
    Blackgrobe Scalf (B. 1856) m. Margaret Akman 12-14-1876, Clay Co., Ky.
    Millard Scalf (B. 1863) married
        1. Candy Short 7-12-1877 Clay Co., Ky.
        2. Mary Hensley (B. 1861) 12-10-1883 Leslie Co., Ky.
        3. Catherine Hooker 5-7-1896 Clay Co., Ky.
    James Scalf (B. 1863) m. Judia Sizemore (B. 1861) 7-12-1886 Leslie Co., Ky.
    Dillian Scalf (B. 1865) married
        1. Kitty Sizemore 4-18-1886 Leslie Co., Ky.
        2. Cynthia Dodd 6-13-1932 Leshe Co., Ky.

Eli Collins

Eli Collins, son of Jesse Scalf and Elizabeth Collins, was born out of wedlock. He chose to use his mother's maiden name for many years. Eli enlisted in the Union Army and served in the Civil War under the name Eli Collins. As has been pointed out, Jesse Scalf married Elizabeth Collins in 1849. Eli was born in 1845. Eli served in the same Company and Regiment as did his father, Jesse Scalf. Eli also applied for a military pension claiming that a case of measles that he had gotten during the battle at Big Hill had left him partially disabled. Eli lived with his father, Jesse Scalf, and the two got along very well. Eli's mother gave a true and accurate account of Eli's background in helping him get his pension. Eli, after a long wait, did receive a meager pension of $12 per month up to the time of his death which occurred on August 4, 1900. Whether it was a gesture of love is not certain, however, Eli graciously consented to use the name Eli Scalf when he married Rachel Hays in Clay County on April 28, 1885. Eli was 40 years old at the time of his marriage to Rachel.

Children of James Scalf and Becca Ann Scalf

Andrew Scalf (B. 1860)
    Martha Scalf (B. 1863)
    Bettie Ann Scalf (B. 1867)

Children of John F. Northem and Becca Ann Scalf John wasthe son of Joseph and Elizabeth Northern from Tennessee.

Joseph Northern (B. 1870)

Children of Dillian Scalf and Kitty Sizemore

Rebecca Scalf (B. 1887) m. Steve Hoskins (B. 1894), son of Hiram and Nancy Hoskins 6-1-1922 Leslie Co., Ky. Second marriage for Rebecca, a widow.
    Mary Jane Scalf (B. 1890) m. Miller Sizemore (B. 1892). Miller was the son of Ezekiel Sizemore and Linda (Baker) Sizemore. Linda Baker was the daughter of Squire Baker. Miller and Mary Jane married 8-16-1910 in Leslie County, Ky.
    Allen Scalf (B. 1894)
    Jim Scalf

Children of Blackgrobe "Grover" Scalf and Margaret Ahmon

Nancy Scalf (B. 1886) married
        1. John Wombles 12-27-1902 Leslie Co., Ky.
        2. James Wombles 2-19-1902 Leslie Co., Ky.
    Shelby Scalf (B. 1890)
    Manford Scalf (B. 1893)
    Robert Scalf (B. 1896)
    Felix Scalf (B. 1887) married
        1. Lula Brundy (daughter of Green Brundy) (3-5-1912 Leslie C o., Ky.)
        2. Laura Bowling (daughter of Levi Bowling and Lizzie Clark) 1918
            Leslie Co., Ky.

Children of Millard Scalf and Candy Short

Henry Scalf (B. 1882) m. Zenior Hooker 1903 Clay Co., Ky.
    Chester Scalf (B. 1888) married
        1. Cassie Hooker 1906 Clay Co., Ky.
        2. Zippora Eversole 1909 Clay Co., Ky.
    Mittie Scalf (B. 1892) m. Timothy Philpot 1906 Clay Co., Ky.
    Lee Scalf (B. 1894) m. Sarah Sawyers 1911 Clay Co., Ky.

Children of Miller Sizemore and Mary Jane Scalf

Bertha Sizemore m. Jess McQueen
    Dan Sizemore
    Oral Sizemore m. ________ Henson

Children of Chester Scalf and Zipporah Eversole, daughter of Jesse Eversole and Mary Finley

Eliza Jane (B. 9-7-1912) Clay Co., Ky.
    Lee (B. 10-23-1914) Clay Co., Ky.
    Joe (B. 10-3-1915) Clay Co., Ky.
    Violie (B. 1-26-1922) Clay Co., Ky.
    Alonzo (B. 5-7-1918)
    Bettie Mae (B. 6-2-1910)

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