Chapter X

Greenberry Scalf

Greenberry Scalf, son of John Scalf and Edeah Carlisle Scalf, was born in 1809. Berry went through the same moving around during his childhood that his brothers experienced. Although, he along with six of his brothers were "bound out" or apprenticed to a Mr. Stephen Gose in 1820 in Russell County, Virginia, the author is reasonably certain that Berry was never actually removed from what the court order described as an unfit home. Berry married Rebecca Page in Washington County, Tennessee on November 17, 1831. He remained in Washington County until after 1850 as the 1850 Census shows Berry and his family living there. His children at that time included Jesse, Nathan, Martha J., Mark M., James, Andrew, William and Henry. Berry moved his family to Scott County, Virginia sometime after 1850 and by the time the 1870 Scott County Census was taken, it can be seen that three additional children had been born. These were Berry, Simpson and Doctor S. Living with Greenberry's family in 1870 were Matilda and Sarah Pierson who had married into the family. Berry, son of Greenberry, married Matilda Pierson in 1870. Between 1870 and 1875 Rebecca, Berry's wife, died. Greenberry remarried in 1875 in Scott County to the widow, Margaret Gilman. Berry was 65 and Margaret was 45 when they married.

Children of Greenberry Scalf and Rebecca Page

   Jesse R. Scalf - Civil War (Confederate) (B. 1832 - ) m.
      Clarissa Brown (D. 1872) Washington Co., Ten. 11-11-1858
   Nathan Scalf - Civil War (Confederate) (B. 1835 - )
       m. Martha Crabtree 12-17-1856 Washington Co., Ten.
   Martha J. Scalf (B. 1837 - )
   Mark M. Scalf (B. 1838 - )
   James Scalf (B. 1841 - )
   Andrew Scalf - Civil War (Confederate) (B. 1843 - )
   William Scalf (B. 1845 m. Amanda Crumley
   Henry Scalf (B. 1847 - )
   Berry Scalf (B. 1844 D. 1932)
       m. Matilda Pierson (B. 1847 D. 1923) (1870 Scott Co., Va.)
   Simpson Scalf (B. 1852 -) m. Sarah M. Pierson (1870 Scott Co., Va.)
   Doctor S. Scalf (B. 1854 -) m. Nancy E. Eads (1873 Scott Co., Va.)

Children of Berry Scalf and Matilda Pierson
Thomas J. Scalf (B. 1877 - )
   Mary B. Scalf (B. 1882 - )
   John E. Scalf (B. 1884 - )
   Charley C. Scalf (B. 1889 D. 1957) m.
      1. Lula Bates (1913 Scott Co., Va.)
      2. Sallie Light daughter of Nat and Fannie Light
   Martha Scalf
   William Scalf

Children of Simpson Scalf and Sarah Pierson
James Scalf (B. 1876 - ) m. Lou Reed (1899 Scott Co., Va.)
   John D. Scalf (B. 1879 - ) m. Belle Fisher (1900 Scott Co., Va.)
   Laura Scalf (B. 1882) died single at Edston, Tn.
   Caroline Scalf (B. 1883)
   Pearly Scalf (B. 1884) m. 1. Willie Legg 2. Sydney Mills
   Sylvenia Scalf (B. 1885)
   Lorenza Scalf (B. 1887)
   Ransome "Doc" Scalf (B. 1889) m. Caroline Eads
   Malcolm Scalf (B. 1891 -) m. Bessie Mae Lawson (1924 Lee Co., Va.)
   Curtis Scalf (B. 1894) m. Letha Jones
   Vanis Scalf m. Callie Bledsoe

Children of Jesse R. Scalf and Clarissa Brown.  Clarissa Brown was the daughter of John W. Brown and Margaret Kincheloe. John W. Brown (B. 1-22-1788 D. 12-18-1840. Margaret (Kincheloe) Brown (B. 10-29-1800 D. 7-8-1883. Margaret's father was George Kincheloe (B. 9-26-1760 D. 12-15-1843).
   John Wesley Scalf (B. 1860 - ) m. Dorcas E. Benton
   Lavonia Scalf m. Andrew Rector
   Eliza Scalf
   Margaret Elvira Scalf
   George B. Scalf m. Mary "Mollie" E. Kincheloe

Children of John W. Scalf and Dorcas E. Benton, daughter of William Wheeler Benton and Lou Emma Burns (Darnell)

   Mary Cosby Scalf (B. 1-14-1897) m. Dewitt Lawson 1922 Hawkins County, Tn.
   Clara Bertha Scalf (B. 7-14-1898) m. George W. Hall 1915
   Laura Eugenia Scalf (B. 2-23-1900) m. Worley C. Pierson 1918
   Flora Belle Scalf (B. 3-25-1903) m. George Frazier
   Mayme Ezula Scalf (B. 12-9-1904) m. James W. Jones 1923
   Minnie Lavona Scalf (B. 6-7-1915) m. George W. Berry 1932 Letcher Co., Ky.

Children of Lavonia Scalf and Andrew Rector
Andrew Rector

Children of George B. Scalf and Mary "Mollie" E. Kincheloe
   Jesse Horace Scalf m. Stella Ferguson
   Ralph Scalf
   Thomas Scalf m. Minnie Reepe
   Clara Scalf m. Homer Wagoner
   Nellie Scalf m. Argil Wheelock

Children of Thomas Scalf and Minnie Reepe
   Gwendolyn Scalf

Children of James Scalf and Lou Reed
Willie Scalf (B. 1908 - ) m. Velva Rogers (1931 Scott Co., Va.)

Children of Doctor R Scalf and Caroline Eads
Fred Scalf (B. 1892 - ) m.
      1. Lakie Flanary (1917 Scott Co., Va.
      2. Stella Akens (1950) Wise Co., Va.
   Farley E. Scalf (B. 1896 -) m. Mattie Hirron (1918 Lee Co., Va.)

Children of John D. Scalf and Belle Fisher
Pearl Scalf (B. 1906 - ) m. James Bledsoe (1927 Scott Co., Va.
   Claude Scalf

Children of Charlie C. Scalf and Sallie Light
Talmadge Scalf

Children of William Scalf and Amanda Crumley
Harvey Scalf
   Mark Monroe Scalf m. Martha Scalf
   Vonnie Scalf m. William Scalf
   William Andrew Jackson Scalf m. Matilda Minter

Children of William Andrew Jackson Scalf and Matilda Minter
Minter A. Scalf m. Eva Roach
   Lula E. Scalf married Theo Soloman
   Columbus A. Scalf m. Lilly M. Soloman

Children of Theo Soloman and Lula E. Scalf
Wilson Soloman
   Dimple Soloman

Children of Minter A. Scalf and Eva Roach
Helen Scalf
   Bea Scalf
   Margaret Scalf
   Imogene Scalf
   Mae Ella Scalf
   Arthur Scalf
   William Scalf
   Tilly Scalf
   Minter Scalf
   Carl Scalf
   Alma Scalf
   Judy Scalf

Children of Columbus A. Scalf and Lilly Soloman
Clyde O. Scalf (D. 1978) m. Eleanor Ridge
   William J. Scalf
   Allie R. Scalf m. Arnold Stuts

Children of Harvey Scalf
Garland Scalf
   Leona Scalf
   Edgar Scalf

Children of Curtice Scalf and Letha Jones
Dollie Scalf m. James C. Gill
   Carl Scalf m. Mary McGee
   Nadine Scalf m. Mack Horton
   Carson Scalf m. Georgia Hurd
   Ronald Scalf died young
   Harley Scalf died young
   Kenneth Scalf died young
   Letha Jones is the daughter of Hack Jones and Paralee (Tignor) Jones. Her
       grandparents were John Jones and Mary (Hurd) Jones and John Tignor 
      and Mary (Catron) Tignor.

Children of Farley Scalf and Mattie Hirron
Foy David Scalf m. Dorothy Rutherford (Wise Co., Va.)

Children of Clyde 0. Scalf (D. 2-1978) and Eleanor Ridge
Stephne A. Scalf - single
   Samuel Jay Scalf m.

Children of Samuel Jay Scalf
Justin Scalf
   Jayson Scalf

Children of Dollie Scalf and James C. Gill
Caroline Gill
   Fonda Gill
   Larry Gill

Children of Carl Scalf and Mary McGee
Dale Scalf
   Ricky Scalf
   Patsy Scalf
   Linda Gale Scalf

Children of Nadine Scalf and Mack Horton
Blake Horton
   Gary Horton
   Doyle Horton
   Wayne Horton

Children of Carson Scalf and Georgia Hurd
Jerry Scalf

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