Chapter XVIII - Other Families


John Killion, born in 1758 in Lincoln County, North Carolina, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War as was his father, Michel Killion, who died in service. John and his father were both living in Stokes County, North Carolina when they joined the Continental Army. John served for seven years and he was wounded in the shoulder according to his military record on file at the National Archives in Washington, D. C. John Killion married Becky Wilborn and they had a son, William Killion. John Killion died in 1816 in Surry County, North Carolina. After the death of his father, William Killion moved to Tennessee. William had been born in North Carolina in 1768 and had married there before going to Tennessee. One of William's sons was John J. Killion who was born in 1813 in North Carolina. William Killion went to Warren County, Tennessee shortly before 1820 and he appears in the 1820 Census there. He later moved to Claiborne County, Tennessee. A daughter of William Killion, who is listed in the 1850 Claiborne County Census, was Nancy Killion who married a McVey and had six children before she married a second time to Ira Scalf, son of John Scalf, the Revolutionary Soldier.

John J. Killion, son of William Killion and a brother of Nancy Killion, McVey, Scalf was born in 1813 as already mentioned in North Carolina. John J. Killion married two times. His first wife was Matilda Lanham. She and John married in Claiborne County, Tennessee on May 29, 1846. In 1849, John sold out in Claiborne County to Mr. W. R. Recktor and he and his brother, Andrew Killion, moved to Kentucky. John settled in Laurel County and Andrew went to nearby Whitley County. John and Matilda were already the parents of two sons, Walter and Arthur when they arrived in Laurel County in 1849. Once they settled down in Laurel County John and Matilda had two more sons, Alexander and Daniel. John and Matilda had one other child, a daughter Josephine, born in 1857. They divorced not long after this and John married a second time to Sally Hodge who had previously been married twice to James Tudors and William Mullins, Sr. A daughter born to Sally and her second husband, William Mullins grew up using the Killion name. This was Anah Rebeeca. Sally Hodge was the daughter of Flem Hodge. John and Sally had two children of their own, Robert and Amanda. John J. Killion died in Laurel County in 1890.

Children of William Killion born North Carolina, 1768 (of North Carolina and Claiborne Co., Tenn.)
    John J. Killion (B. 1813 D. 1890) m.
        1. Matilda Lanham (5-29-1846 Claiborn Co., Tn.)
        2. Sally Hodge (Tudors, Mullins) (2-4-1869 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Andrew Killion (B. Tn. 1827 m. Samiramiss Lanham
            (2-15-1846 Claiborne Co., Tn.)
    Nancy Killion (B. Tn. 1818 - m.
        1. James McVey (1837 Claiborne Co., Tn.)
        2. Ira Scalf (1-27-1854 Claiborne Co., Tn.)
    Ann Killion married Abel Lanham (2-15-1846 Claiborne Co., Tn.)
    Thomas Killion (B. Tn. 1825 m. Mary A. Rosson 1842 Claibome Co., Tn.
    James Killion (B. Tn. 1811 m. 1. Anna Peck 2. ___________
    Robert Killion m. N.A. Bucklebarger 1856 Claiborne Co., Tn.
    Polly Killion m. William Thompson
    Amanda Killion (B. Tn. 1834 - )

Children of John J. Killion and Matilda Lanham
Walter R. Killion (B. 1847 D. 1884) m. Rachel Stansbury
    Arthur L. Killion (B. 1848 - )
    Alexander Killion (B. 1853 D. 1881) m. Sarah Cagle 1870 Campbell Co., Tn.
    Daniel B. Killion (B. 1853) m. Cora Walden 7-25-1873 Lincoln Co., Ky.
    Josephine S. Killion m.
        1. Smiley J. Chinn 12-4-1873 Lincoln Co., Ky.
        2. George P. Moore 8-19-1878 Lincoln Co, Ky.

Children of John J. Killion and Sally Hodge, Tudors, Mullins
Robert Killion (B. 1870) m. Delia Hyde (1899 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Amanda Killion (B. 1872 m. William Scalf (8-1-1888 Laurel C o., Ky.)


Walter R. Killion, son of John J. Killion and Matilda Lanham Killion, was born in Claiborne County, Tennessee on March 7,1847. He died in Laurel County, Kentucky on May 14, 1884. Walter married Rachel Stansbury in Laurel County in 1868. Rachel was born February 27, 1846 and she died August 19, 1927.

Children of Walter R Killion and Rachel Stansbury
Mary J. Killion (B. 1869 D. 1872)
    Lula Killion (B. 1872 - ) m. _______ Weldon
    James J. Killion (B. 1873 D. 1945)
    Nancy E. Killion (B. 1878 D. 1891)
    John C. Killion (B. 1876 D. 1946)
    Walter Killion (B. 1884 m. Mary Gross (1906 Laurel Co., Ky.
    Dollie Killion (B. 1887 - )


Walter R. Killion, son of John J. Killion and Matilda Lanham Killion, died at a relatively young age when he was shot and killed by James Sparks at Lily, Ky. The murder occured at about 7:00 p.m. on May 14,1884. Walter R. Killion was a very well known and respected man in Laurel County, Ky. He often assisted the sheriff as he did in May of 1883 when old Larkin Byrd burned down the jail at London and the sheriff asked Walter to help him take Byrd and eight other moonshiners to Covington. They had been in the jail at the time of the fire. Walter R. Killion regularly made the trip to nearby Livingston although on one of these occasions he met with some adversity. It seems that on May 27, 1881 while Walter was making one of his frequent trips, his best, prized horse went into convulsions and died halfway there. Walter always said it was a case of "lock-jaw."

The story that surrounds Walter's death and subsequent events that followed is a sad commentary on the judicial system. The author presents the story here since the Killion family was so closely interwoven with the Scalf family. Before the evening of May 14, 1884, when Walter R. Killion was murdered, he and James Sparks and W.C. Graves had an argument over the price of a quart of whiskey. Sparks and Graves had been selling their whiskey at a saloon in Lily. During this argument, two or three shots were fired but no one was hurt. Walter had been in Lily a time or two during the week between the time the first difficulty occurred and the time of the killing, but had never been in Spark's and Grave's saloon nor had he spoken to either of them. On the evening of the killing, Walter went into Lily about 2:00 o'clock and mixed among the crowd that was there until about sundown. After Sparks and Graves had closed their door Walter saw an old man (whose name the author has never learned) sitting on the walk in front of the saloon. Wanting to talk to this old man, Walter approached him holding each lapel of his coat with his hands, and according to the old man's testimony, seemed to be about to speak to him when someone in the house fired a double-barrel shotgun through the window filling Walter's breast, arms and legs full of buckshot which caused Walter's death in about ten minutes. Before he fell, Walter drew his pistol and fired twice in the direction of the house but without effect. After having been shot with the shotgun he was also shot two or three times with a pistol. James Sparks, according to the London newspaper "Mountain Echo," confessed that he was the party that did the shooting. Sparks, Graves, William R. Hodge and J.R. Hodge were arrested and jailed. At the trial, the Commonwealth of Kentucky made a very strong case against the defendants. As a result of the trial, Graves and Sparks were held over for their appearance at the next term of the Laurel circuit court. They were held on a bond of $500 each. Then on April 10, 1885, the case was continued. The jury returned a verdict of "guilty" with punishment set at 21 years of confinement in the penitentiary. A motion for a new trial was made and overruled whereby the case was then taken to the Court of Appeals. The defendants attorneys were: W.O. Bradley, R.L. Ewell, W.R. Ramsey, and Boyd and Craft. In the meantime, Mrs. James Sparks had occupied the building at the corner of Sublimity and Main in London and was preparing to open a store there. For some reason, completely unknown to this author, the verdict was reversed on May 29, 1885 by the Court of Appeals and on June 12, 1885, Sparks and Graves were set free on a $1500 bond, James Sparks fearing retribution by the Killions, wasted no time in moving to the country which he did on June 26, 1885. But in December of the same year, a Judge Morton opened a new trial for Sparks and Graves who again were charged with the murder of Walter R. Killion. Judge Morton had been commissioned by Governor Knott to conduct this trial. The entire morning of December 23, 1885 was spent going over evidence against the defendants Sp arks and Graves. That afternoon, the court granted a change of venue and the trial was moved to Williamsburg in Whitley County. A new date, Monday January 18, 1886, was set for the trial. When it came time for the trial to be held, Judge Morton turned up sick and there was another delay to July 13, 1886. The crowning gesture of futility and unjust action came on July 23, 1886 when James Sparks was acquitted. The author was not the least bit surprised to discover that James Sparks and W.S. Hodge were brought before Judge Boreing in Laurel County only two months later charged with robbing one James Cobb. The robbery charge was not sustained, although Sparks was held on a $200 bond for assault. It was posted and Sparks was released. The reader will of course draw his or her own conclusions, however, the author will, never be able to accept the premise that Walter R. Killion's murder received just judicial vindication. Walter R. Killion was murdered and the guilty culprit was set free.

Children of Thomas Killion and Mary A. Rosson
Hugh Killion (B. 1844)
    Joseph Killion (B. 1846)
    Sarah M. Killion (B. 1849)

Children of James Killion and Annie Peck
Mildred Killion (B. 1832) m. ________ Goins
    Robert Killion (B. 1834)
    Mary E. Killion (B. 1836)
    William Killion (B. 1838) m. Jerusha (Seals) Cole
    John Killion (B. 1842)
    Lafayette Killion (B. 1844) m. Elizabeth Bullard
    Peter M. Killion (B. 1846) killed himself accidentally
    Lucy J. Killion (B. 1848)
    Levi Killion (B. 1850) m. Sarah RectoR

Children of Polly Killion and William Thompson
William Thompson m. Katie Snyder
    Robert Thompson m. 1. Mary A. Burchfield 2. Fanny McManaway
    Katherine Thompson m. James Snodgrass

Children of Walter and Nellie Killion
Eugene Killion (B. 1914 D. 1980) m. Florris Williams
    Edith Killion

Children of Robert Killion and Delia Hyde
Richard Killion (B. 1902 - )
    Willie Killion (B. 1903 - ) m. _______ Grubbs
    Mabel Killion (B. 1900 - ) m. Belv Smith
    Arthur Killion
    Beulah Killion m. Lonnie McHargue

Children of Jack Martin and Anne (Mullins) Killion
Walter Martin
    Bill Martin
    Frank Martin
    Everett Martin
    Aldie Martin m. Dominic Bancoe


The Hodge or Hodges family was an early one in Laurel County, Kentucky. Edward Hodge, a second generation Hodge in Laurel County, married Luraine Mullins (daughter of Josh Mullins and Anna Robinson Mullins), in Laurel County on November 3, 1834. Josh Mullins married Anna Robinson in Carter Co., Tenn. Edward Hodge was born in 1816 and he died in 1888. Luraine was born in 1826 in Letcher Co., Ky. and she died in 1887. One son born to Edward and Luraine was Joshua Hodge who was born 3-28-1850 and died 4-2-1911. Josh married three times. His wives were Eliza Bryant, Mahala Hammonds and Rosannah " Cody" Hubbard, Scalf. Josh married Eliza in 1874, Mahala in 1889 and Rosannah in 1901. Josh had seven children including Josh Hodge, Jr. who married John M. Scalf's daughter, Lora. Josh was a member of the Poplar Grove Church at Lynncamp.

Sarah "Sally" Hodge, Tudors, Mullins, Killion was born in 1835 and she married three times. Her first husband was James Tudors who she married in Laurel County on July 14, 1849. James Tudors, born in 1819, had been married to Elizabeth Hammonds (1839) and had two children when he married Sally Hodge. The children were Stephen, born in 1840 and Winniford born in 1844. One child was born to James and Sally and this was Ranie Tudors, born in 1850. The author has not been able to find out what happened to Ranie when Sally Hodge, Tudors married a second time to William Mullins, Sr. on June 15, 1858. William Mullins was 78 and Sally was 27 when they married. The couple had one child, Anah Rebecca Mullins, born in 1859. William Mullins had been married earlier in 1837 to Elizabeth Settles. Evidently, William Mullins died shortly after 1860. Sally married a third time to John J. Killion on February 4, 1869 when she was 38 and John was 55. Two children were born to Sally and John. Robert F. Killion was born in 1870 and Amanda Killion (the author's grandmother) was born in 1872.

Children of Joshua Hodge and Eliza Bryant and Mahala Hammonds
Caleb Hodge (B. 1892 - ) m.
        1. Emma Branon (1913 Laurel Co., Ky.)
        2. Mary Smith
    Roland Hodge m. Rachel Hubbard (1917 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Harm Hodge m. Betty Early (1903 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Steve Hodge m. Rachel Sweet (1900 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    James "Jim Bob" Hodge (B. D. 1951) m. Delia Burkhart (1913 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    John Hodge (B. 1883 - ) m. Axie McVey (1902 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Josh Hodge, Jr. (B. 1855 -) m. Lora Scalf (1907 Laurel Co., Ky.)

Children of Josh Hodge, Jr. and Lora Scalf
Jasper Hodge m. Mae Durham (1927 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Josephine Hodge
    Joshua Hodge, Jr.
    Nellie Hodge m. Ernest Jessee
    Virginia Hodge

Children of Jasper Hodge and Mae Durham
Jasper Hodge, Jr.
    James Hodge
    Russell Hodge
    Nellie Hodge

Children of Caleb Hodge and Emma Branon
Kelly Hodge
    Leonard Hodge
    Rubby Hodge
    Edna Hodge


Several Edwards families moved into Knox County, Kentucky in the early 1800's. They came mostly from Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. One such family was that of Henry Edwards and Mary Cross Edwards who married on January 13, 1796 in what was then Lincoln County as Knox County had not yet been formed. In 1819, a son, Aaron, was born to Henry and Mary Edwards. Another Edwards family was that of William Edwards who married a Nancy McVey in 1819. Later when William died, his brother, Benjamin Edwards, raised William's children including James, Betsy, Minerva, Polly, Sally and Nancy. Aaron Edwards, son of Henry Edwards and Mary Cross Edwards, married Sally Edwards, daughter of William Edwards and Nancy MeVey Edwards in Knox County, Kentucky on March 11, 1847. Aaron was born in 1819 and Sally was born in 1826. Aaron and Sally Edwards were the parents of eight children.

Children of Aaron Edwards and Sarah "Sally" Edwards
Alabama Edwards (B. 1848 - ) m. John M. Scalf
    Brown Edwards (B. 1849 - ) m. Martha
    America Edwards (B. 4-5-1851) rn. Peter Broughton
    William Edwards (B. 1856 - ) m. Fanny
    Nancy Edwards (B. 1847 - ) m. Wiley Carpenter (10-10-1867 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Felix Edwards (B. 6-3-1858)
    Martha Edwards (B. 1860 - m. David Wolf
    Amanda Edwards (B. 1862 m. - Diamond

Children of John M. Scalf and Alabama Edwards
William Scalf (B. 1866 - ) m. Amanda Killion
    Peter Scalf (B. 1869 - ) m. Kitty Bright

Children of Brown and Martha Edwards
Nora Edwards m. ________
    William Edwards
    Gus Edwards
    Wiley Edwards
    Laura Edwards
    Charles Edwards
    Clinton Edwards

Children of Peter Broughton and America Edwards
William Broughton (B. 1869) m. Mary A. Messer
    Martha Broughton
    Euphemy Broughton
    Emily Broughton
    Amanda Broughton
    James Broughton
    Victor Broughton


Two Seals sisters married two Scalf brothers in the 1920's. Nancy Seals married Elmon Scalf in 1920 in Harlan County, Kentucky and her sister, Zannie Seals, married Chester R. Scalf in Laurel County, Kentucky in 1922. Nancy and Zannie were daughters of William A. Seals and Catherine Jones Seals.

Available information on the Seals family in America begins with William Seals first found in Halifax Co., Virginia when he was a soldier in the French and Indian War of the 1750's. He moved to Pittsylvania Co., Virginia and lived out his life in that area. William's son, Zachariah Seals, moved to Randolph Co., North Carolina in 1791 then on to Hawkins Co., Tennessee about 1804. That part of the Hawkins County that Zachariah Seals moved to is now part of Hancock Co. which was formed in 1844. Zachariah Seals was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The author has not learned the name of his wife. One son of Zachariah Seals was Peter Seals. It is believed that Zachariah had a daughter, (name unknown), who had four "natural" children, two girls and two boys. While the name of the two girls are yet unknown, the name of the boys are John Seals (B. 1799 - ) and Dawson Seals (B. 1802 - ). Dawson moved to Kentucky about 1843 then on to Indiana in 1847. John Seals married Susan Brewer, daughter of Fred Brewer and Lydia Edwards. Fred Brewer was the son of Ambrose Brewer who was the son of Howell Brewer who was the son of George Brewer and Sarah Lanier. George Brewer was the son of John Brewer III who was born in England. After Susan Brewer Seals died, John Seals married her sister, the widow Dorcas Brewer Wilder.




Children of John Seals and Susan Brewer
Isham Seals (B. 1821 ) m. Jemima Odom
    Fred Seals (B. 1822 - m. Marietta Cope
    Susan Seals (B. 1824 - ) m. _______ Wells
    Lucinda Seals (B. 1826 - ) m. James Brewer
    Female - No information
    Rebecca Seals (B. 1830 - ) m. _______ Brewer
    Jane Seals (B. 1833 - )
    Female - No information
    Adoline Seals (B. 1838 - )
    Dawson Seals (B. 1839 - )
    Anderson Seals (B. 1844 - ) m. Elmira Webb
    Lewis Seals (B. 1846 - ) m. Victoria Wolfe


Anderson Seals, son of John Seals and Susan Brewer Seals, was born in Hancock County, Tennessee in 1844. Anderson served in the Union Army in the Civil War. After the War, Anderson Seals moved to Jackson County, Ky. where he married Elmira Webb on October 15,1865. Elmira was the daughter of J.W. Webb and Eady McCarty Webb. Elmira Webb was born on July 4, 1847 in Virginia and she died in Rockcastle Co., Ky. on December 9, 1917. Anderson Seals was born on March 31, 1844 and he died in Rockcastle Co., Ky. on July 25, 1927. Anderson and Elmira are buried at the Chasteen Cemetery in Rockcastle Co., Ky. They had nine children.

Children of Anderson Seals and Elmira Webb
James Harrison Seals (B. 1866 - ) m. Catherine Williams
    William A. Seals (B. 1869 D. 1950) m. Catherine Jones
    Mary "Maggie" Seals (B. 1871 - ) m. George Thacker
    Sopha "Susan" Seals (B. 1879 - ) m. Eaf Drew
    George W. Seals (B. 1877 - ) m. Rinda Cunningham
    Frank Seals (B. 1881 -) m. Alice Miller (1-1-1907 Rockcastle Co.,Ky.)
    Cynthia Seals (B. 1883 - ) m. Albert Shepherd
    Lucy Seals (B. 1887 - ) m. Charles Mullins

Children of William A. Seals and Catherine Jones
Nancy Jane Seals (B. 1895 - ) m. Elmon Scalf
    Alice Seals (B. 1896 - ) m. George Tweed
    John Anderson Seals (B. 1900 - ) m.
        1. Pearl Cruse (2-2-1922 Jackson Co., Ky.)
        2. Ritty Wise
    Zannie Elizabeth Seals (B. 1903 - ) m. Chester R. Scalf
    Marie Seals (B. 1905 - ) m. Lee Brown
    Jarnes Seals (B. 1907 - ) m. Ann Young
    Minnie Seals (B. 1907 - ) m. Dave Marcum
    Ida Seals (B. 1910 - ) m. Bob Clark
    Earl Seals (B. 1912 - ) m. 1. Addie Williams 2. Sarah Thomas
    Doyle Seals (B. 1914 - ) m. Lillian Bowman (1-29-1938 Rockcastle Co., Ky.)
    Fred Seals (B. 1916 - never married
    Ruby Seals (B. 1918 married 1. Roy Baker 2. Tom Hill
    Bert Seals (B. 1920 - )

Children of Doyle Vaughn and Mary "Maggie" Seals
Willie Vaughn
    Kate Vaughn

Children of Children of George W. Seals and Rinda Cunningham
Florie Seals
    Rod Seals m. Massie Chesteen (4-4-1925 Rockcastle Co., Ky.)
    George Seals, Jr. married Hazel McGuire (2-19-1931 Rockcastle C o., Ky.)

Children of Frank Seals and Alice Miller
Roy Seals m. Mary Mullins (4-6-1940 Rockcastle Co., Ky.)

Children of Ance Seals and Pearl Cruse
Raymond Seals
    Hazel Seals
    Bertha Seals
    Beulah Seals
    Zulah Seals
    Clint Seals

Children of Lee Brown and Marie Seals
Dorothy Brown
    Geneva Brown
    Carl Brown
    Lloyd Brown
    Lucy Brown
    Marion Brown
    Wilbur Brown
    Fred Brown
    Rosie Brown

Children of James Seals and Ann Young
James H. Seals m. Joyce Chasteen (7-15-1966 Rockcastle Co., Ky.)
    Vola K. Seals
    Zella Seals
    Troy H. Seals

Children of Dave Marcum and Minnie Seals
Juanita Marcum
    Carl Marcum m. Christine Powell
    Farris Marcum
    Beckie Marcum
    Opal Marcum
    Earl Marcum

Children of Bob Clark and Ida Seals
Steve Marcum
    John Mullins
    Bobbie Clark
    Clifford Clark

Children of George Tweed and Alice Seals
Manly Tweed m. Gerrie Humphrey
    Gladys Tweed m. Raymond Barker
    Howard Tweed m. Lassie Reed
    Ethel Tweed m. Charles Farmer
    Stanley Tweed m. Bobbie Humphrey
    George Tweed m. Janet Marlow
    Madge Tweed m. Robert Grayson
    Robert Tweed m. Jo Ann Pope
    Lola Tweed m. John Cline
    Don Tweed m. June Sizemore

Children of Earl Seals and Sarah Thomas
William Seals
    Teddie Seals

Children of Doyle Seals and Lillian Bowman
Tex Seals
    Grady Seals
    Earl Seals

Children of Ruby Seals and Roy Baker
Jerry Baker
    Jack Baker

Children of Ruby Seals and Tom Hill
Claudia Hill
    Richard Hill
    Roberta Hill
    Linda Hill
    Dale Hill


The Jones line most closely allied to the Seals can be traced to John W. Jones who was born in Virginia in 1835. Only a limited amount of information has been learned pertaining to John Jones, however, we do know that he was a Union soldier in the Civil War. He was in Co. H, 24 Regt., Kentucky Infantry. John Jones is listed in the 1870 Hancock Co., Tennessee Census and from this census we learn that his first wife was Amanda (Amanda Short, daughter of John and Jane Short). The 1870 census lists three children for John and Amanda Jones. The children are Allen, Lincoln, and Elizabeth.

John Jones married second to Nancy Bowlin on June 8, 1879, in Hancock Co., Tennessee. Nancy was the daughter of John Bowlin and Gensea Vaughn. Nancy was born in June of 1860. John Bowlin was the son of William Bowlin. Gensea Vaughn was the daughter of William Vaughn, Jr. and Margaret "Peggy" Wells. Eight children were born to John Jones and Nancy Bowlin Jones. They were: Larra Catherine (B. 12-15-1878), Ida May (B. 11-14-1880), Fred Garfield (B. 8-10-1882), John Henry (B. 7-10-1884), Christer Columbus (B. 10-14-1886), James Harrison (B. 1-16-1888), Robert Lonzo (B. 1225-1890), and America Jane (B. 8-2-1893).

Larra Catherine Jones was born in Hancock Co., Tennessee, on December 15, 1878. She is the grandmother of the author of this Scalf book. Larra Catherine Jones married William A. Seals probably in Hancock Co., Tennessee, or Jackson Co., Kentucky. No written record of the marriage has been found as yet. John Jones, father of Larra Catherine Jones, died in Morristown, Tennessee, on November 25, 1913. He is buried at the Liberty Hill Cemetery near Morristown in Hamblen Co., Tennessee. After John Jones died in 1913, his wife, Nancy, went to Kentucky where she married Mason Anglin in Rockcastle County on 11-13-1918. Nancy and Mr. Anglin did not have a successful marriage. They lived on Mr. Anglin's farm at Disputanta, Kentucky. The author has learned from the records at the courthouse in Rockcastle County, Kentucky, that Mason Anglin and Nancy Bowlin, Jones, Anglin divorced in 1919. They were elderly people when they married. Mason was 75 and Nancy was 70 when they married. From family tradition it has been learned that Nancy was convinced that Mr. Anglin's daughters by a previous marriage were jealous of her and were trying to poison her. She left Kentucky and returned to Hancock County, Tennessee. Nancy and Mr. Anglin were only married a short while. When Nancy returned to Hancock County she had Stanley Jones, grandson, and son of Columbus "Bug" Jones, with her. After her divorce from Mason Anglin, Nancy married once again to Shelby Trent. This last union was to prove fatal for Nancy Bolin, Jones, Anglin, Trent. The circumstances surrounding Nancy's death about 1920-21 are a cause of great heartache to her family descendants. Shelby Trent was a rather mean and jealous man. Nancy on occasion would endure all she could and then leave to visit friends and relatives.

Nancy Jones was murdered. As sometimes happened, Nancy would leave home and Mr. Trent would go find her and take her back. On the day Nancy was killed she had gone to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Greene. Mrs. Greene was Nancy's niece and she stayed there a lot. She was there that day sitting on the porch with Wilson Greene's sister, Alice, when Shelby Trent came. He called to Nancy to come to the road to talk to him, but she refused to go. She must have sensed something was wrong. Mr. Trent came closer and asked Alice if she cared for him coming in and she told him she couldn't afford to tell him he could when Nancy said for her not to. But Mr. Trent threw the yard gate open and started shooting. Nancy threw her bands up and said, "Lord have mercy" and then died. Mr. Trent ran down the road to the school where his son was in attendance. He then shot himself ending the bizarre episode.

Larra Catherine Jones and William A. Seals were the parents of Nancy, Alice, Ance, Zannie, Marie, Jim, Minnie, Ida, Earl, Doyle, Fred, Ruby and Bert. These children and their families are discussed elsewhere in this book.

Ida May Jones was the second child born to John Jones and Nancy Bowlin. Ida married Ank Cope. They had no children.

Fred G. Jones was the third child born to John Jones and Nancy Bowlin. Fred married Belle Courtney and he lived in Rockcastle Co., Kentucky. Belle was the claughter of Will Courtney. Fred and Belle had: Nina Jones who married Theo Clark, Fred Jones, Joe Jones, Riley Jones who married Stella Croucher, Ressa Jones who married Luther Abrams and Nola Jones who married Delmar Sargent. Nola's son, Ralph, married Irene Cope.

John H. Jones was the fourth child born to John Jones and Nancy Bowlin. John Henry Jones married first to Katie May Odom and second to Myrtle Belle (Hughes) Edwards. John and Katie had four children, 2 sons and 2 daughters. The four children were: Ruby, Horace, Lewis and Ida "Marie" Jones. Ruby was born June 4, 1912. She married first to Alva E. Jones and second to Jim R. Wren. Ruby died May 24, 1977 in Custer Co., Oklahoma. Ruby and Alva had 18 children. Horace Jones was born May 11, 1914. He married first to Irene Smith and second to Dora Musik. Horace and Irene had one child, a daughter. Horace and Dora had four daughters. Horace Jones died February 13, 1959 in Custer Co., Oklahoma. Lewis E. Jones was born June 8, 1916. Lewis and his wife, Peggie, had one son, Lewis E. Jones died March 3, 1969 at Chowchilla, California. Ida "Marie" Jones was born June 8,1921. She married first to Almer D. Jennings, second to Woodson C. Harrison and third to Almer D. Jennings for a second time. Ida and Almer had four children and Ida and Woodie had five children.

Katie Odom was the daughter of John Henry Odom and Cordelia "Cordie" Trent. John Henry Odom was the son of John Odom and Catherine "Katie" Yount. Cordie was the daughter of William R. Trent and Nancy Seals.

John Henry Jones married second to Myrtle Belle (Hughes) Edwards. John and Myrtle had one son and five daughters: Glen, Edith, Lorreta, Freda, Nana and Thelma. Glen Jones married Trumblene Haggard and they had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Edith Jones married first to Carl Threlkeld, second to Jeryl Shatswell and third to Don Hodge. Edith had 2 sons and 2 daughters by her first husband. Lorreta Jones married Jack Reah. They had 3 daughters and l son. Freda Jones married Stanley "Wayne" Guest. They had l daughter and 3 sons. Nana Jones married first to James Shields and second to Robert Blakely. Nana had 3 sons and l daughter. Thelma "Inez" Jones married David C. Clayton. They had l son and 1 daughter. John Henry Jones died July 1, 1956 and is buried at Dustin, Hughes Co., Oklahoma.

Christer Columbus Jones was the fifth child born to John Jones and Nancy Bowlin. Not much is known about Columbus "Bug" Jones. One of his 4 wives was Ettie Smith. Howard and Stanley were 2 children born to "Bug" Jones. The author has no further information.

James "Harrison" Jones was the sixth child born to John Jones and Nancy Bowlin. Harrison married Hattie Cope, daughter of Sol Cope and Elzerine Trent. Sol was the son of Alfred Cope and Nancy Cope. Harrison and Hattie had 10 children: Luna, Hazel, Eliza, Blevins, Ford, Willard, Naomi, Ruby, Jeanette, and Imogene. Luna married H. C. Price and their children are Joe Price, Judy Price who married J.C. Greene, Betty Jean Price who married Delmer Greene and. Peggy Price who married Bill Mabe. Hazel Jones married Roy Stipes. Eliza Jones married Jess Beon. Naomi married Charles Beckum. Ruby Jones married George Shanks. Jeanette Jones married Hal Block. Imogene Jones married Alfred Williams. James Harrison Jones died December 4, 1961. He is buried at the Highland Cemetery in Rogersville, Tennessee.

Robert Lonzo Jones was the seventh child born to John Jones and Nancy Bowlin. He died young sometime before 1900.

America Jane Jones was the eighth and last child born to John Jones and Nancy Bowlin. America married Cas Cope. America and Cas had 9 children. She died March 1, 1967 and is buried at Kingsport, Tennessee. The children of America Jones and Cas Cope include: Lester Cope, Hester Cope who married George McPeek, Gladys Cope who married a Lawson, Trula Cope, Lewis Cope, Sturm Cope, Earl Cope, Claude Cope and Pauline Cope who married a Phillips.

After Ida Jones Cope died Ank Cope remarried to Zellmer Odom. This union produced 10 children.

Alfred Cope had 2 brothers, Robert Cope who married Carrie Lane and Jess Cope who married Birdie Trent. Alfred had a sister, Darcus Cope, who married Jess Livesay and a sister, Mary Jane Cope, who married Calhoun Trent first and George Mavis second. Elzerine Trent who married Sol Cope had 4 brothers, Calhoun Trent who married Mary Jane Cope, Elb Trent, Walker Trent and Charlie Trent. The children of Sol Cope and Elzerine Trent were Ank Cope, Cas Cope, Kittie Cope and Hattie Cope.

John H. Jones and Katie Mae Odom Jones were divorced in 1930 in Custer Co., Oklahoma. Katie remarried about 1938 to Mack Ford. They divorced and Katie then married to Charlie Bourquin. They divorced and Katie then went by the name Katie Mae Jones the rest of her life.


The Lanham family that ties in with the Scalfs and Killions of Tennessee and Kentucky is related to our ancestor John Lanham, born in Ireland. His descendents migrated to Claiborne County, Tennessee and from there to Laurel County, Kentucky. A son, John Lanham, married Comfort Brown and their son was old Abel Lanham, Revolutionary War soldier. Abel Lanham had two wives, Jean (last name unknown) and Sarah Nunn. From this Abel Lanham most of our Lanhams are descended.

John Lanham, Jr., son of the oldest known John Lanham who was born in Ireland, married Mary Dickenson and they had a son named John Lanham III. This John Lanham, 111, married Comfort Brown, daughter of Robert Brown and Katherine (Chaney) Parnell. Katherine was the daughter of Richard and Elinor Chaney. Robert Brown was the son of Abell Brown who was born in England and migrated to Maryland. Robert died in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland, in 1769. His daughter, Comfort Brown, was born in 1710 in Anne Arundel Co. John Lanham, III, and Comfort Brown were the parents of Abel Lanham. Besides Abel Lanham, John Lanham and Comfort Brown also had the following children: Sarah (married ________ Hagarty), Easter (married _______ Dean), Jean (married _______ McCoy), Comfort (married Stephen Osborne), William and our Abel. John Lanham, III, left a will dated October 22, 1765, in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina.

Abel Lanham, Revolutionary soldier, married his first wife, Jean, December 3, 1777. Abel and Jean had the following children: Elizabeth, Robert, Solomon, Abel, William, Joseph, Ann, Samuel, John, Randall and Jean.

Jean, Abel Lanham's first wife, died in 18 10 at the age of 48. Abel remarried in September of 1812 to Sarah Nunn and they had the following children: Samerias, Matilda, Abel, Malita, Sarah, Lee, Luther and Malinda. James Nunn was born to Sarah by her first marriage.

Robert Lanham went to Franklin County, Tennessee. Elizabeth married a Kesterson. Solomon went to Franklin County, Tennessee and then moved on to Texas. William Lanham stayed in Claiborne County, Tennessee, as did Joseph Lanham. Randall eventually moved to Indiana or Illinois. Samerias Lanham married Andy Killion in Claiborne County, Tennessee, in 1846 and they moved to Laurel County, Kentucky, then over to Whitley County, Kentucky. Matilda Lanham married John Killion in Claiborne County in 1846 and after their first two sons were born they also moved to Laurel County, Kentucky in 1849. Abel Lanham married Ann Killion, sister of John and Andy Killion. Abel also moved to Laurel County, Kentucky. Joseph Lanham married Ann Berry.

Joseph Lanham lived on a farm north of Tazewell in Claiborne County, Tennessee. It was on the main road leading from Tazewell to Cumberland Gap. Joseph owned several servants and was a man of considerable property. Two of Joseph's children were Orlena Lanham, born 1828 - died 1900, and Lucy Ann Lanham who married James Greene.

William Lanham, son of Abel and Jean Lanham, and a brother of the above mentioned Joseph Lanham, also stayed in Claiborne County. He lived on a farm seven miles east of Tazewell not far from Cedar Grove Church. Prior Lanham, William's son, was circuit clerk of Claiborne County in the 1850's.

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