Chapter XIII

David Scalf 

David Scalf, son of Lewis Scalf, was born in North Carolina in 1772. David is listed in the 1810 Iredell County, North Carolina Census along with his brother, Benjamin Scalf. To the north of Iredell County in the adjoining county of Wilkes, lived David's father, Lewis.

It is known that Lewis Scalf left North Carolina about 1814 and, evidently, David also left about this same time. Both David and his father, Lewis Scalf, are listed in the 1820 Greenville County, South Carolina Census. David's brother, Benjamin, went to Tennessee, however, William Scalf, his other brother, also moved to Greenville County, South Carolina and also appears in the 1820 census there.

In 1830, at the age of 58, David is listed in the census of that year as a resident of Washington County, Tennessee. Living with David in 1830 were his wife, Nancy, and children Benjamin, Malachi, David, William, Rebecca and Sarah. David's older brother, Benjamin, had evidently preceded him to Washington County as he too is listed in the 1830 Washington County, Tennessee Census. Several of David's children apparently moved to Carter County, Tennessee and married there.

The 1840 Census indicates to us that David had moved to Sullivan County, Tennessee. However, sometime between 1840-1850 he returned to Carter County probably to be near his children. In 1850, David Scalf and his wife, Nancy, were living in the home of Levi Taylor in Carter County, Tennessee.

Children of David Scalf and his wife, Nancy
William Scalf m. Mary Curtice
    David Scalf m. Susannah Smalling
    Malachi Scalf (B. 1-2-1822 D. 8-5-1891) m.
        1. Diannah Lacy
        2. Ellen Spivey 12-8-1869 Washington Co., Ten.
    Benjamin Scalf m. Lydia Mayfield
    Rebecca Scalf m. James Hinkle
    Sarah Scalf m. Levi Emmert

Children of David Scalf and Susannah Smalling
Nancy Scalf m. Eli Peeks
    Elizabeth Scalf
    Soloman Scalf m. Sarah Emmert
    Sarah Scalf
    William Scalf

Children of Eli Peeks and Nancy Scalf
Jerry Peeks
    Athie Peeks
    Lorene Peeks
    Texana Peeks
David Peeks

Children of Soloman Scalf and Saray Emmert
Sudy Scalf m. Floyd Campbell
    Samuel Scalf
    Mattie Lou Scalf
    Laura Scalf m. Abraham Bolling
    Marshal J. Scalf m. Mary Porterfield
    Henry C. Scalf
    Myrtle Scalf
    Ivia Scalf m. Charles L. Norman
    Dorthea Scalf

Children of Floyd Campbell and Sudy Scalf
Manuel Campbell
    Clyde Campbell
    George Campbell
    Charles Campbell
    Dorothy Campbell
    Pansy Campbell
    Geneva Campbell

Children of Marshal J. Scalf and Mary Porterfield
Goldia Scalf
    Louise Scalf
    Fred Scalf
    Robert Scalf
    Glayds [sic] (Gladys) Scalf
    Carlysle Scalf
    Carl Scalf, Jr. <![endif]>

Children of Malachi Scalf and Diannah Lacy
William J. Scalf  m. Matilda Minter
    James L. Scalf m. Mary A. Emmert
    Matilda Scalf

Children of Malachi Scalf and Ellen Spivey
Thomas Nelson Scalf m. Nancy Milhorn
    George Scalf m. Lula Scalf
    John Scalf m. Annie Goble (B. 1-9-1887 D. 6-6-1937)
    Samuel Scalf m. Ellen Robinson
    Charles Scalf m. Nettie Carr (B. 6-27-1835 D. 9-20-1925)
    Sarah Scalf m. Robert Richards

Children of Benjamin Scalf and Lydia Mayfield
Isaac Scalf m. Nannie Glover (2-4-1869 Sullivan Co., Tn.)
    Jesse Scalf

Children of William A.J. Scalf and Matilda Minter
Minter A. Scalf m.
        1. Grace Farley 2. Eva Roach

Children of Minter A. Scalf and 1. Grace Farley
    2. Eva Roach
Helen Scalf
        Beatrice Scalf
        Margaret Scalf
        Imogene Scalf
        Mae Ella Scalf
        Katherine Scalf
        Author E. Scalf m. Dorothy Witt
        William Scalf
        Teddy Scalf

Children of Author E. Scalf and Dorothy Witt
Debbie Scalf
    Darrell Scalf
    Patricia Scalf

Children of Fred Robert Scalf and Dorothy F. Burris
Fred Robert Scalf, Jr. m. Janis L. Jeffries
    James E. Scalf

Children of Fred Robert Scalf, Jr. and Janis L Jeffries
Fred Robert Scalf III
    Gerald D. Scalf

Children of James W. Scalf and Margaret L Temple
Lawrence Scalf
    Angie Scalf
    Major Temple Scalf

Children of Major T. Scalf and Wilma J. Long
Sheila Scalf
    Dianne Scalf
    Darrell Scalf
    Temple Scalf


James L. Scalf was the son of Malachi Scalf and Diannah Lacy Scalf. James was a private in Co. H of the 13th Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry in the Civil War. He joined September 24, 1863 in Carter County, Tennessee for three years. His name appeared on several muster rolls until he was mustered out of the Army on September 5, 1865. The records show that the wife of James L. Scalf, Mary A. Emmert Scalf, applied for a widow's pension on November 7, 1884. Mary gave her address on the application as Union Depot, Sullivan County, Tennessee. Mary was 35 years old at the time this application was made in 1884. She indicated to the court clerk that James L. Scalf had been a private in the 13th Regiment of the Tennessee Cavalry in the War of 1861. She gave her maiden name as Mary Ann Emmert on the application. Mary wrote that her marriage to James L. Scalf had taken place on May 12, 1871 at Saint Johns Mill in Washington County, Tennessee. She further added that her husband, James L. Scalf, died from a disease contracted while in service. She went on to say that the cause of her husband's death July 25, 1881 was dropsy. Mary gave the names and birthdates of her children under 16 as follows: Peter D.I. Scalf born April 8, 1872; James S.M. Scalf born May 14,1873; Martha L.M.E. Scalf born July 25, 1877; Lizzie L.C. Scalf born August 5,1879 and Lidia C.F. Scalf born May 25,1881 (died 1884) and Mary D.E. Scalf born December 24, 1875.

On May 4, 1899, James E. Persinger, who had been a comrade of James while in the Army, appeared in court and gave an affidavit concerning James and his actions while he was a soldier. Mr. Persinger went on to state that as Commissary Sgt. in Company H, 13th Tennessee Calvary, he had been personally acquainted with James L. Scalf when both were in service. Mr. Persinger stated that at Gallatin, Tennessee in the summer of 1864 while he was issuing some rations to the Company, James complained that he could not use the said rations because of some stomach troupe, and he looked lean, yellow and weak as though his stomach and liver was out of order. Mr. Persinger's affidavit went on to say that James continued to show these signs of ill health up to, the time of his discharge on September 5, 1865. Mr. Persinger indicated that he met James on several. occasions after the War and that, "He carried that same declining look of health."

Earlier on February 8, 1889, Jerimiah Emmert had appeared in court to give evidence on Mary's behalf as he was Mary's father and wanted to help her obtain her widow's pension.

Mary A. Scalf, wife of James L. Scalf, did receive a widow's pension but for only a short period of time. The pension was terminated on June 14, 1894 and the reason for the termination is disclosed in an affidavit made by Mary on September 8, 1908. In this affidavit Mary A. Scalf said that she had given birth to two children out of wedlock subsequent to the death of her husband, James L. Scalf. Mary said that she had never remarried after the death of her husband. Mary asked the court in her affidavit to please restore her pension or rather that, "Her request for her pension to be restored be given further consideration." Mary indicated that she had kept her widow's vows and virtues from the date of her husband's death July 25, 1881 until about 12 months before her first illegitimate child was born on April 10, 1888. Mary said that all was caused by trouble, hardships and want for the necessaries of life such as provisions and clothing for herself and her children.

Children of James L. Scalf and Mary A. Emmert
Mary L. Scalf
Elizabeth Scalf m. Henry Lewis
    Martha Scalf m. John Loudy
    Lydia Scalf
    Peter Scalf
    James Scalf

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