Chapter VI

Ira Scalf

Ira Scalf, son of John Scalf and Edeah Carlisle Scalf, was born in 1812 in Russell County, Virginia. Ira, along with six of his brothers, were apprenticed or "bound out" by a written court order in Russell County in 1820. What had caused this court order to be written was that Ira's father had gone in debt to a Stephen Gose and this Gose had the Scalf boys apprenticed to him, however, only Ira's brother, William, was actually taken from the Scalf house. Gose knew that John Scalf had a drinking problem and that he had several children. Gose used this as an excuse to have the John Scalf home called unfit for the children. To be more accurate, it was one John Smythe, Overseer of the Poor for Russell County and a friend of Stephen Gose, who made the recommendation to remove the boys from their house. John Smythe, however, wasn't even present in court the day the order was issued.

When Ira Scalf was about 22 years old, he married Rosannah Gibson either in Russell County, Va. or Hawkins Co., Tenn. Ira's marriage took place just before a big court trial in 1834 involving his brother, John Scalf, Jr., on a charge of passing a counterfeit coin. His brother had been living earlier over in Clay County, Kentucky but had returned to, Russell County prior to 1830. It is certain that Ira was in Russell County in 1830 as he was still living at home and his father is listed in the 1830 Russell County Census. In 1835, Ira had been married for a year and his son, Miles had been born. Ira was still residing in Russell County with his wife Rosannah, and son, Miles, in 1835. Ira's father had paid a fortune for the services of a good lawyer to get Ira's brother acquitted on the counterfeit currency charge. His father consequently got heavily in debt because of this and the records show he tried to sell out quickly and move to Tennessee. However, a man by the name of John W. Blizzard obtained an attachment against the estate of Ira's father, John Scalf, Sr. By now, though, the old Soldier had left for Tennessee where he applied for a military pension as a veteran of the Revolutionary War in Hawkins County in 1837. As it turned out the records reveal that the attachment order against the John Scalf, Sr. estate actually included some items that belonged to Ira namely one cow, one calf and some corn. Ira went to court on July 7, 1835 claiming the rights to his property. He won the judgement and the Court ordered payment of costs plus $19 to be paid to Ira by note and with interest. A few months later Ira moved his family to Clay County, Kentucky for a brief period of time and then moved down to Hawkins County, Tennessee where he appears in the 1840 Census. During Ira's stay In Clay County, his second son, David, was born in 1835. Ira and his family lived on the south side of Powell's River between Hopper's Corner and the Appalachia Ridge. Ira did not stay long in Hawkins County and in December, 1849, he moved once more, this time up to Claiborne County, where he appears in the 1850 Claiborne County, Tennessee Census. Ira's family had grown with the addition of Wesley, Green, Chary, Jane, Alfred, Rosannah and Pacify, all born before 1850. Ira and Rosannah now had nine children at home. Within a year, however, Ira was to lose his daughter, Pacify, and his wife, Rosannah both of whom died of fly cholera, a dreaded disease that often spread unchecked in those days. The author is of the opinion that Ira's son, Wesley, died a short time later.

Rosannah Gibson Scalf, Ira's first wife, was born in 1814 in Virginia. This writer strongly believes that she may have been a descendant, of one of the Melungeon families of the western section of Virginia. The Melungeons were of mixed Croatian Indian blood and White. A few such families remain today up on Newman's Ridge in Hancock County, Tennessee and can be seen from time to time in the small, little county seat town of Sneedville in Hancock County. Curiously enough, Ira, once lived in the section of Claiborne County, Tennessee that later became Hancock County in 1844. Two of Ira's children, Miles and Jane, believed they were born in Hancock County. The author shares this feeling; however, it would have been Hawkins County at that time. A review of Census data beginning in 1850 indicates several Gibson families were identified with the letter M. This use of the letter, M, was to indicate that a family had members in it with skin darker than the "average" white person. If indeed Rosannah Gibson, Ira's first wife, was of Melungeon descent it could help explain some of the unique traits that her children seem to inherit from that side of the family.

Ira's first wife, Rosannah, died in 1851 and with several young children to care for, Ira saw fit to marry a second time. He chose as his second wife, a widow, Nancy Killion McVey, who had six children of her own when she married Ira in 1854. Ira and Nancy took out a marriage license on January 27, 1854 in Claiborne County, Tennessee and they were married by Simpson Hurst, J.P., on January 29, 1854. Ira's second wife was the daughter of William Killion and Ann (Coleman) Killion. William Killion had gone to Claiborne County, Tennessee from North Carolina about 1814 and settled about 31 1/2 miles northwest of Tazewell south of Powell's River. The author has not yet been able to determine for certain the first wife of William Killion. From Lincoln County, North Carolina, William Killion had moved to Claiborne County. In researching this line of the family, the author found it of great interest to learn that Ira's second wife was a sister to John J. Killion, the father of Amanda Killion. This Amanda Mllion married William M. Scalf in Laurel County, Kentucky in 1888 and is the author's grandmother. The William M. Scalf who married Amanda Killion in 1888 was the son of John M. Scalf and the grandson of Peter Scalf who was Ira's brother.

Nancy Killion, McVey Scalf, Ira's second wife, was living near her brother, John J. Killion, in Laurel County in 1880 according to the 1880 Laurel County, Kentucky Census. The author has heard and read accounts professing that Ira's second wife, Nancy was not a good mother. However, there is substantial evidence to indicate that Ira and Nancy did have a successful marriage and that any allegations to the contrary are unfounded. Ira and Nancy had four children of their own of which fact in itself would tend to show that there was a harmonious marriage.

Nancy Killion's first husband was James McVey. He was killed in Tazewell, Tennessee at Walter Buchanan's saloon by a man named Ellison.

Ira moved his family to Kentucky a few years after his marriage to Nancy in 1854. Ira sold out in Claiborne County as the records show that he sold his property to one J. C. Lankford. Ira. took his family up to Clay County first where Miles, his son, married Lucy Jackson in 1857. Ira lived up on the Otter Creek for a while. From there he moved his family over to Knox County where he appears in the 1870 Knox County Census. As mentioned, Ira and Nancy had four children of their own. The four children were Andrew "Bud Andy," Almira "Mary," Charles "Clark" and Amanda.

When Ira's wife, Nancy, appeared in the 1880 Laurel County Census, Ira was not listed indicating the strong possibility that he had died between 1870 and 1880.

Children of Ira Scalf and Rosannah Gibson
    Miles J. Scalf (B. 1834 - ) married
        1. Catherine Scalf (9-14-1854 Claiborne Co., Tn.)
        2. Lucy Jackson (9-24-1857 Clay Co., Ky.)
    David C. Scalf (B. 1835 D. 1915) married Nancy Jane Smith (1860 N. Car.)
    Wesley Scalf (B. 1837 Died young)
    Green B. Scalf (B. 1839 - ) married
        1. Sallie A. Johnson (12-26-1861 Laurel Co., Ky.)
        2. Julie Bellitia (11-28-1901 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Charity Scalf (B. 1840 -) (Living with the Higgins family in 1870)
    Jane Scalf (B. 1843 D. 1924) married Benjamin Phillips (2-22-1861 Clay Co., Ky.)
    Alfred Scalf (B. 1845 -) married Mary E. Wright (1870 Missouri)
    Rosannah Scalf (B. 1848 - ) married Andrew J. Wright
    Pacify Scalf (B. 1850 D. 1851)

Children of Ira Scalf and Nancy Killion, McVey
Andrew "Bud Andy" Scalf (B. 1855 - ) married
        1. Emily Scalf Hubbard (1872 Knox Co., Ky.)
        2. Eliza Smith Broughton (1898 Knox Co., Ky.)
        3. Margaret Baker (1906 Knox Co., Ky.)
        4. Christine Jones (1911 Knox Co., Ky.)
Almira "Mary" Scalf (B. 1856 married William Broughton (1872 Knox Co., Ky.)
Charles "Clark" Scalf (B. 1857 married Malinda Holder (4-15-1881) Laurel Co., Ky.)
Amanda Scalf (B. 1859 - married Sterling Jackson (4-19-1880 Knox Co., Ky.)

Children of Nancy Killion, McVey by her first marriage
Mary McVey (B. 1838 ) m. George M. Qualls (1854)
    Dan McVey (B. 1839 - m. Susan Scalf (1888 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Eliza J. McVey (B. 1841 - )
    Joshua "Watt" McVey (B. 1843 m. Rhoda Scalf (3-2-1865 Knox Co., Ky.)
    John McVey (B. 1846 - )
    Elizabeth McVey (B. 1848 - )


Miles J. Scalf, son of Ira Scalf and Rosannah Gibson Scalf, was born in Russell County, VA or Hawkins Co., Tenn. in 1834. Miles moved with his parents to Tennessee and was six years old when his family was living in Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1840. His parents then moved to Claiborne County where Miles later married Catherine Scalf, daughter of John Scalf, Jr. and Patsy Couts Scalf. Miles and Catherine married on September 14, 1854 in Claiborne County. It is believed that no children were born to Miles and Catherine. Miles Scalf moved a short time later to Clay County, Kentucky where he took as his second wife, Lucy Jackson. Miles and Lucy were married on September 24, 1857 in Clay County. H. L. White was the Clerk who issued the license on September 21 and the couple were married by E. W. Murphy, J.P. Hugh Jarvis and A. Cobb acted as witnesses. Lucy was 15 and Miles was 23 when they married. Miles took his family over to Knox County where he appears in the 1870 Knox County Census. When this census report was taken in 1870 it listed Miles 36 Lucy 27, Nancy 13, Rosannah 10, Susan 8, Richard 6 and Elizabeth 4. Later another child, Bertha, was born to Miles and Lucy in 1883. The last record found by the author pertaining to Miles Scalf was the 1900 Knox County, Kentucky Census. This census report listed Miles and Lucy but with no children at home. Both Miles and Lucy died between 1900-1912.

Children of Miles Scalf and Lucy Jackson
Nancy Scalf (B. 1858 - )
    Roseannah Scalf (B. 1860 - )
    Susan Scalf (B. 1863 -) m.Daniel McVey (1888 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Richard Scalf (B. 1865 D. 1947) married
        1. Phoebe Smith (9-6-1882 Knox Co., Ky.)
        2. Mary Hensley (1887 Knox Co, Ky.)
        3. Malinda Tuttle (1896 Knox Co., Ky.)
        4. Susie Hooker (1912 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Elizabeth Scalf (B. 1866 m.Silas Brown (3-7-1887 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Bertha Scalf (B. 1883 m. J.W. MeVey (1899 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Joyce Scalf married Zachariah Smith (12-15-1896 Clay Co., Ky.)
    Lucy Scalf married Mack Smith (12-16-1895 Clay Co., Ky.)


Susan Scalf, daughter of Miles Scalf and Lucy Jackson Scalf, was born in 1862 or 1863. Susan married Daniel McVey in Knox County on February 24, 1888. She was 25 and Dan was 50 when they married. It was a second marriage for Dan. The couple appear in the 1900 Knox County Census with Dan listed as 62, Susan 34 and a step-daughter Amelia Cole 16.

    A son, Asberry McVey, was bornto Dan and Susan December 19, 1894.


Richard Scalf, son of Miles Scalf and Lucy Jackson Scalf, was born in Knox County, Kentucky on July 12, 1865. Richard married four times with all four marriages taking place in Knox County. His first wife was Phoebe Smith. Richard and Phoebe were married on September 6, 1882. He was 17 and Phoebe was 24 when they married. Richard's second wife was Mary Hensley who he married on June 20, 1887. His third wife was Malinda Tuttle. Richard and Malinda were married on November 7, 1896. Malinda's maiden name is not known to the author since this was a second marriage for her. She was 23 and Richard was 30 at the time of their marriage which took place at Dan McVey's home in Knox County. When Richard married for the fourth time on December 6, 1912 all three of his his former wives had died. He was still young at the age of 47 when he married Susie Hooker who was 27. Susie was the daughter of Frank and Sarah Hooker of Clay County. Richard Scalf and his family appear in the 1900 Knox County Census. They are listed with Richard 34, Lindie 25, Martha J. 12, James 9, Milton 3 and Lucy l1 months. Living with them was Lucy Tuttle 17, a sister of Malinda.

Children of Richard Scalf and Mary Hensley
Martha J. Scalf (B. 1888 - ) m.Joe Shorter (1904 Knox Co., Ky.)
    James Scalf (B. 18 91 - ) m. Nannie Mills (maiden name unknown)

Children of Richard Scalf and Malinda Tuttle
Milton Scalf (B. 1899 -) m. Rosa Markim (1917 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Lucy Scalf (B. 1900 -) m. Mat Hammonds (1913 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Richard Scalf (B. 1901 D. 1945) married
        1. Mary Brumley (1919 Knox Co., Ky.)
        2. Sarah A. Mills (1927)

Children of Joe Shorter and Martha J. Scalf
Frank Shorter (B. 1909 D. 1944)
    Rosie Shorter (B. 1921 D. 1931)

Children of James Scalf and Nannie Mills (maiden name unknown)
    Ellen Scalf m. Evart Tuggle (1929 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Estil Scalf (B. 1916 - ) m. Lizzie Lawson (1935 Knox Co., Ky.)

Children of Richard Scalf and Mary Brumley
Lucille Scalf
    Willie Scalf

Children of Richard Scalf and Sarah A. Mills
John Scalf, Jr. (B. 1927 - ) married
        1. Rosa M. Burns
        2. Evelyn Creech (1963)
    Mary L. Scalf (B. 1928 - )
    Leonard Scalf (B. 1931 - )
    Ruth J. Scalf (B. 1932 D. 1932)
    Geneva Scalf (B. 1936 - )
    Julia E. Scalf (B. 1936 - )
    Rosetta Scalf (B. 1937 - )
    Albert A. Scalf (B. 1944 - )

Children of John Scalf, Jr. and Rosa M. Bums
    Roweena Scalf (B. 1948 - )
    Floyd R. Scalf (B. 1952 - )


David C. Scalf, son of Ira Scalf and Rosannah Gibson Scalf, was born in Clay County, Kentucky on April 2, 1835. His father, Ira Scalf, had left Russell County, Virginia and had gone to Clay County to visit his brothers, Peter, Jesse and Robert, who were living there at the time. Not long after David was born, his father moved again down to Hawkins County, Tennessee. He stayed there only for a brief time and shortly after 1840 the family moved again this time up to Claiborne County where David's grandfather, John Scalf, Sr., was living. During the 1850's the family lived in Claiborne County, Tennessee. David's mother died in 1851 and his father remarried in 1854, the same year his older brother, Miles, married. Sometime in the Spring of 1860, David married "Nancy" Jane Smith, daughter of John Smith and Nancy A. Elliot Smith. This writer believes the marriage took place in Virginia; however, no record has yet been found. Jane "Nancy" Smith had five brothers: Decater, Green, David J., Isaac and Stephen. Stephen was her twin brother. Both were born on April 20, 1839 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. The only sister to Nancy known to the author was a younger sister named Pernina born in 1847. The author is reasonably sure that Nancy's father died in the Smallpox epidemic and had passed away prior to 1850. David and Nancy appear in the 1860 Claiborne County Census. Although his father had sold out and moved to Kentucky, David chose to remain in Claiborne County until after his third child, James Elihu, was born in 1865. The author believes that David's sister, Rosa, chose to stay with him and his family when David's father moved to Kentucky. Then shortly after Elihu was born, David also left Tennessee and moved to, Madison County, Ky. where the remainder of his children were born. Evidently the Scalfs did stay in contact with each other. It seems the probable reason why David moved to Madison County, Ky. was because his aunt, Elizabeth, was living there. Perhaps she invited him and his family to come and stay awhile. David's aunt, Elizabeth Scalf Collins, and her husband, John Collins, are listed in the 1860 Madison County, Ky. Census. David's family is listed in the 1870 and 1880 Madison County Census. Perhaps because David's family was growing larger or for some other reason, Rosa, David's sister, decided to marry. She married William Weaver in Madison County on August 27, 1866. David was a witness. The author is of the opinion that Rosa later married Andrew J. Wright.

William Weaver was the son of William Weaver, Sr. who had come to Madison County from Pennsylvania. William Weaver, Jr. left Kentucky but returned later to Rockcastle County. In the 1900 Rockcastle Census it is indicated that one of his sons, Edward, had been born in Kansas about 1883 or 1884. There are younger children fisted in the family with Kentucky mentioned as their place of birth. William was a widower at this time.

David Scalf moved his family again in 1905 out to Missouri where he stayed about three years before moving on to northern California. David lived the remaining years of his life in Shasta County, California where he died on November 14, 1915. His wife, Nancy, died soon after on December 30, 1915.

David Scalf was highly skilled at working with leather and he made shoes, saddles and whips. He was also a fine carpenter. It is quite possible that David may have inherited an estate from a Mrs. Talbot, who lived in David's home at one time. The estate is said to involve a considerable amount of land in the Cumberland Gap area.

Children of David C Scalf and Nancy Jane Smith
Sara Fina Scalf (B. 1861 D. 1922) m. ________ Schoolcraft
    Isaac Scalf (B. 1862 - ) never married. Died in Kentucky
    James Elihu Scalf (B. 1865 D. 1960) married Minnie Hobbs
        (1893 Mo.) "Luke" died at Edmonds, Wash.
    Nancy Ann Scalf (B. 1867 D. 1952) married
        1. Griffin Noble (1893 Mo.)
        2. Sam Payne (9-7-1892 Warsaw, Mo.)
    Permina Scalf (B. 1872 D. 1933) m. Richard Halligah (1892 Mo.)
    Thurza J. Scalf (B. 1874 - ) m. George B. Tuter
    Mary Rosa Scalf (B. 1876 D. 1957) m. James W. Tuter (10-26-1893 Benton Co., Mo.)
    David Scalf (B. 1878 Died young)
    Elizabeth Scalf (B. 1880 - ) m. H. M. Hoagland (8-24-1897 Benton Co., Mo.)
    Rachel Dovey Scalf (B. 1878 D. 195 1) m. Paul James (6-22-1893 Benton Co, Mo.)
    Coleman Ambrose Scalf (B. 1869 D. 1937) m. Millie H. Tuter (9-24-1893 St. Clair Co., Mo.)

Children of Sara Fina Scalf, - Schooleraft
Effie Schoolcraft (B. 1892 D. 1973) m. Thomas N. Braden (1908 Zora, Mo.)

Children of Coleman A. Scalf and Millie Tuter
Robert E. Scalf (B. 1894 D. 1934) m. Ella Fee (1919)
    Ella M. Scalf (B. 1897 D. 1968) m. Alexander Lester (1917 Siskiyou Co., Calif.)
    David A. Scalf (B. 1899 D. 1967) married
        1. Elsie Brown (1918)
        2. Myrtle Shelton
        3. Kathleen Cullop (1945)
        4. Nellie Cullop
    Gertrude Scalf (B. 1901 - ) married
        1. Silas Jordan (1918)
        2 . George V. Turner (1940)
    Dorothy Scalf (B. 1906 D. 1944) m. Frank Goring (1923 Siskiyou Co., Calif.)
    William E. Scalf (B. 1907 D. 1962) married
        1. Beatrice Hawkins
        2. Effie M. Haling

Children of Robert E. Scalf and Ella Fee
Robert E. Scalf (B. 1920 - )
    Walter Scalf (B. 1921 - )
    Clifford Scalf (B. 1923 - )

Children of Alexander Lester and Ella M. Scalf
Jesse C. Lester (B. 1920 - )
    Louise Lester (B. 1918 - )
    Miriam Lester (B. 1923 - )
    Edward Lester (B. 1922 - )
    Edwin Lester (B. 1922 - )

Children of Silas T. Jordan and Gertrude Scalf
Talbert Jordan (B. 1919 - )
    Millie E. Jordan (B. 1920 - )
    Edith M. Jordan (B. 1922 - )
    Billy Marie Jordan (B. 1924 - )

Children of Griffin Noble and Nancy Ann Scalf
Norman Noble (B. 1894 - ) never married
    Everett G. Noble (B. 1896 - ) married Josie Wylie

Children of Samuel N. Payne and Nancy Ann Scalf
Fanta Viola Payne (B. 1902 Died young)
    Vonzie Mae Payne (B. 1903 - ) married
        1. Emahuel Lauritzen
        2. ________ Johnson
    William G. Payne (B. 1906 - ) married Margie _________
    Robert F. Payne (B. 1908 married Mable Stewart

Children of James Elihu Scalf and Minnie Hobbs
Etta Scalf (B. 1894 - ) married Russell Morehouse
    Ada Scalf (B. 1900 D. 1941) married
        1. Tom Biorensen
        2. William J. Burns

Children of Richard D. Halligan and Pernina Scalf
James R. Halligan (B. 1894 - )
    Mary L. Halligan (B. 1896 - )
    Myrtle I. Halligan (B. 1898 - ) married Floyd S. Lauderdale
    Marvin Halligan
    Emmett L. Halligan (B. 1908 - ) married Ida Mae Bell

Children of Paut James and Rachel Dovey Scalf
Warner W. James (B. 1895 - ) married Virgie Denton
    Edney Maude James (B. 1897 D. 1958) married James Barber
    Rose Mary James (died young)
    Noah M. James (B. 1902 D. 1946) married
        1. Eula Mae Shufeldt
        2. Nellie Dow
    Paul H. James (B. 1909 D. 1962) m. Emma Mae Durst Hayden
        (Independence, Kan.)

Children of Emahuel Lauritzen and Vonzie Mae Payne
Laurits Lauritzen (B. 1932 - )

Children of Frank Goring and Dorothy R Scalf
Nellie Goring (B. 1924 - )
    Frank Goring (B. 1925 - )


Greenberry "Green B." Scalf, son of Ira Scalf and Rosannah Gibson Scalf, was born in Tennessee in 1839. Contrary to the opinion of many people Green B. resided most of his life in Laurel County, Kentucky not in Tennessee. It was in Laurel County that he married Sally Ann Johnson on December 26, 1861. Sally was his first wife. Sally Ann Johnson was the daughter of Gray and Mary Johnson (maiden name Traugerson) of North Carolina. Sally's mother was a Cherokee Indian. Sally was born in 1841 in Tennessee. Green and Sally raised their family in Lily, Kentucky a small town close to London, the county seat of Laurel County. The records of Laurel County show that Green B. Scalf married a second time on November 28, 1901 to Julie Bellittia. Both were residents of Lily at the time of their marriage. Green B. was 62 and Julie was 56 at the time of their marriage. Green and Sally appear in the 1870 and the 1880 Laurel County Census. The 1870 Census includes Green B. 27, Sallie A. 29, Martha 7, George 5, Andy J. 3, Mary A. 2 and Tinsey 6 months. The 1880 Census lists Greenberry 40, Saray 39, George 16, Andrew J. 14, Mary 12, Frances 10, Margaret 8, John 6, Catherine 4 and Sarah 4 months.

Greenberry and Sally sold their land in Laurel County, Kentucky to T. Murrel August 31, 1891.

Children of Green B. Scalf and Sally Ann Johnson
John Robert Scalf (B. 1874 D. 1947) married Mary E. Cook,
        daughter of Charlie Cook
    Andrew J. Scalf (B. 1865 - ) married Aggie J. North (8-31-1890 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Charles Scalf married Callie Heath
    Mollie Scalf married Brown Hurst (1886 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Francis Scalf (B. 1870 -) m. M.T. Gatliff (1887 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Sarah Scalf (B. 1880 - ) m. Henry Jones (1898 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    George Scalf (B. 1864 - ) m. Catherine ________
    Mary A. Scalf (B. 1868 D. 1894)
    Margaret Scalf (B. 1872 -) m. Calvin Gosnell (1888 Laurel Co., Ky.
    Catherine Scalf (B. 1876 - )
    P. Tinsey Scalf m. Thomas J. Miracle (1870 Laurel Co., Ky.)

Children of John Robert Scalf and Mary E. Cook
Annabelle Scalf (B. 1899 D. 1900)
    Albert L. Scalf (B. 1901 D. 1901)
    Nora F. Scalf (B. 1902 - ) m. James Campbell
    Emory G. Scalf (B. 1906 - ) married
        1. Eva Howard
        2. Ruby Cardwell
    Cora L. Scalf (B. 1908 D. 1910)
    Flora M. Scalf (B. 1912 - ) m. John Davis
    Charles A. Scalf (B. 1915 - ) veteran of World War II
    John A. Scalf (B. 1921 - ) married Pearl Farris
    Ora F. Scalf (B. 1918 - ) married Estil Burden

Children of Andrew J. Scalf and Aggie J. North
Martha E. Scalf (B. 1894 - ) married Parris Shotwell

Children of Parris Shotwell and Martha E. Scalf
Raymond Shotwell
    Mary F. Scalf (B. 1896-) m. P.M. Lanham (1-16-1916 Laurel Co.,Ky)
    George Scalf
    Ester Scalf
    Katie Scalf

Children of George Scalf and Catherine
Susan Scalf (B. 1883 - )
    William E. Scalf (B. 1888 - )
    Carleen Scalf (B. 1890 - )
    Martha Scalf (B. 1894 - )
    Sherman Scalf (B. 1896 D. 1966) W.W.I.
    Berry Scalf (B. 1899 - )

Children of Emory G. Scalf and Ruby Cardwell
Harold R. Scalf (B. 1944 - )
    Alice F. Scalf (B. 1946 - )
    Cathie A. Scalf (B. 1954 - )
    Helen M. Scalf (B. 1950 - )
    Reda M. Scalf (B. 1956 - )
    Bonita S. Scalf (B. 1962 - )


Charity "Chary" Scalf, daughter of Ira Scalf and Rosannah Gibson Scalf, was born in Tennessee in 1840. Nothing has been learned about Chary except that she is known to have been living with a family named Higgins in Knox County, Kentucky in 1870.


Jane Scalf, daughter of Ira Scalf and Rosannah Gibson Scalf, was born in 1846 in Tennessee. She married Benjamin Phillips in Clay County, Kentucky on February 22, 1861. Her husband served in the Civil War with the 49th Regiment Kentucky Volunteers, F Company. Upon his discharge from service, Benjamin returned to his house in Clay County where he and Jane continued to live for about 10 years. They later took their four children and moved to Missouri. Two other children were born in Missouri.

Children of Benjamin Phillips and Jane Scalf
James Phillips (B. 1862 D. 1863)
    William Phillips (B. 1864 - ) never married
    Anne Phillips (B. 1866 - ) married Martin A. Payne
    Phoebe Phillips (B. 1872 - )
    Charles Phillips (B. 1874 D. 1963)
    Rosa Phillips (B. 1877 - )


Alfred Scalf, son of Ira Scalf and Rosannah Gibson Scalf, was born in Tennessee in 1845. He died in Missouri in 1914. Alfred married Mary E. Wright in Missouri in 1870.

Children of Alfred Scalf and Mary E. Wright
Martha A. Scalf (B..1871 - ) married Russell De Haven
    George D. Scalf (B. 1873 - )
    William T. Scalf (B. 1875 - )
    Oria V. Scalf (B. 1877 - )
    John 0. Scalf (B. 1879 - ) married Durian Moran
    Ira A. Scalf (B. 1881 - )   
    Jesse E. Scalf (B. 1883 - )
    Lewis S. Scalf (B. 1885 - ) married Edith
    Harley Scalf (B. 1887 - )
    Lillie M. Scalf (B. 1889 - )
    Lee R. Scalf (B. 1891 - )
    Earl Scalf (B. 1892 - )
    Claude Scalf (B. 1895 - )
    Vemon Scalf (B. 1896 - ) married Lena


Andrew Scalf, son of Ira Scalf and Nancy Killion, McVey Scalf, was born in Claiborne County, Tennessee in 1855. His name appears in the 1870 Knox County, Kentucky Census along with his parents, Ira and Nancy, his brother, Clark, and his two sisters, Mary and Amanda. Bud Andy spent most of his childhood in Knox County. His first of four marriages was to Emily Scalf Hubbard. Emily had previously married Jason Hubbard in Knox County on March 16, 187 1. Bud Andy and Emily were married on August 26, 1872. Emily was the daughter of Peter Scalf and Charlotte Hubbard Scalf. Peter Scalf was a brother to Ira Scalf. Bud Andy and Emily had seven children: William, Daniel, Abby, Lottie, Catherine, Rosie and Marie all born between 1872 and 1886. Bud Andy moved from Knox County over to Laurel County where he appears in the 1880 Laurel County Census. The author feels certain that Bud Andy and Emily divorced about 1886 and Emily went to Harlan County, Kentucky where she married Stephen Morgan in 1886. Bud Andy married second to Eliza Broughton in Knox County on May 26, 1898. It was a second marriage for both. Eliza was the daughter of Martin and Peggy Smith. Eliza died shortly after her marriage to Bud Andy and he took his two children, Lotty and Dan who were still with him and went back to Laurel County where he again appears in the 1900 Laurel County Census. However, he later returned again to Knox County where he married a third time to Margaret Baker on January 12, 1906. This was a second marriage for Margaret who was the daughter of Bob Hinkle. Margaret died not long after she married Bud Andy and he then took as his fourth wife, Christine Jones. Bud Andy married Christine in Knox County on March 17, 1911. He indicated on his marriage license that two of his former wives were dead and that he had been divorced from the other one which no doubt was his first wife, Emily. The marriage for Christine Jones was her second marriage and the author believes that Christine's maiden name was Spurlock.

Children of Andrew "Bud Andy" Scalf and Emily Scalf, Hubbard
William "Sweet William" Scalf (B. 1876 - ) married
        1. Delia Smith (2-21-1895 Laurel Co., Ky.)
        2. Margaret Owens (9-23-1908, Laurel Co., Ky.)
        3. Becky Spurlock (1924 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Daniel Scalf (B. 1884 D. 1953) married Betsy Jones (8-21-1908 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Lottle Scalf (B. 1873 - ) married
        1. Jesse Helton (1900 Laurel Co., Ky.)
        2. Harvy Reynolds
    Catherine Scalf married
        1. Albert Hunter
        2. Robert Robinson
    Rosie Scalf (B. 1882 - ) married
        1. John Jackson
        2. Patton Jones (1908 Harlan Co., Ky.)
    Marie Scalf married M. Hubbard
    Abby Scalf (B. 1878 -) m. Noah Scalf (8-29-1896 Knox Co., Ky.)


William Scalf, son of "Bud Andy" Scalf and Emily Scalf, was born m 1876 in Laurel County, Kentucky. William was known to the family and people around Lily, Kentucky as "Sweet William." William was a farmer and lived at times in Knox County. William was the grandson of Peter Scalf and Charlotte Hubbard Scalf on his mother's side and a grandson of Ira Scalf and Nancy Killion McVey Scalf on his father's side of the family. He is listed as Bud Andy's son in the 1880 Laurel County Census. William married three times and never seemed to remain in one place for too long. "Sweet William" married first to Delia A. Smith, daughter of Margaret Smith, on February 21, 1895 in Laurel County. Four children were born to "Sweet William" and Delia: Mary, Margaret, Jane and Henderson. Henderson Scalf died young. William Scalf left his family and three remaining children about 1899. Mary Scalf, his daughter, was taken into the home of her grandmother, Margaret Smith. The 1900 Laurel County Census lists Margaret Smith, a 56-year-old widow and mother of 14 children, one of which was Delia Smith who had married "Sweet William" in 1895. Living with Margaret in 1900 as indicated by this census report was her two-year-old granddaughter, Mary Scalf. Mary Scalf married Reverend Mat Lanham in Laurel County in 1916. She was 20 years old at the time of her marriage and Reverend Lanham was 45. Mary Scalf Lanham and her husband, Mat, both died in 1948. They are buried beside each other at the Felts Church Cemetery near Lily, Kentucky.

Margaret Scalf and Jane Scalf, daughters of "Sweet William" and Delia Smith Scalf, were placed in an orphan's home. Margaret Scalf later married a man named Messer and had two children. Jane Scalf ran away from an orphan's home, went to Louisville and married there at a very young age.

"Sweet William" Scalf married second to Margaret Owens. She already had two children, Milt and Chris, by a previous marriage. William and Margaret married in Laurel County on September 23, 1908. One child was born to "Sweet William" and Margaret and they named their son, Tilford Scalf. The author believes that Tilford Scalf married a Messer, first name not known, and moved to Connersville, Indiana where he raised two children.

"Sweet William" Scalf married a third time to the widow, Rebecca Spurlock, in Knox County on July 10, 1924. They had no children.

Children of "Sweet William" Scalf and Delia Smith
Mary Scalf (B. 1898 D. 1948) married Rev. Mat Lanham (1916 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Margaret Scalf married _________ Hoover
    Jane Scalf
    Henderson Scalf (died young)

Children of "Sweet William" Scalf and Margaret Owens
Tilford Scalf married _________ Messer


Daniel Scalf, son of Andrew "Bud Andy" Scalf and Emily Scalf, was born on May 8, 1884 in Laurel County, Kentucky. Dan was the grandson of Peter Scalf and Charlotte Hubbard Scalf on his mother's side of the family and the grandson of Ira Scalf and Nancy Killion, McVey Scalf on his father's side of the family. Daniel Scalf is first mentioned in the records of Laurel County in the 1900 Census. His age was given as 15 years old. Only his sister, Lotty 21, and his father, Andrew 43, were included as members of the family in 1900. It is probable that Dan's mother, Emily, left Laurel County after Dan was born and went to Harlan County where she married Stephen Morgan in 1886. Dan Scalf was a farmer in Laurel County. He married Betsy Jones, daughter of Robert Jones and Christina Hensley Jones on August 21, 1908. The wedding took place at the home of the bride near Boering, Kentucky. J. E. Bryant and Betsy Garland were the witnesses. Dan was 19 when he married Betsy, who was 16 at the time. Betsy Jones, wife of Dan Scalf, was born in Harlan County, Kentucky as were her parents. Betsy Jones had 2 brothers, Jeems and Henry, and a sister, Sarah. Dan and Betsy were the parents of one daughter, Mollie Scalf, and six sons: Bert, Ernest, Melvin, Silas, Roy and Arch.

Dan and Betsy raised their family in Laurel County on a farm out on the old Hopkins Cemetery Road near Lily, Kentucky. Mollie and her brothers pitched in with the farm chores with Mollie helping with the cooking, washing, canning and churning while the boys worked with their father in the fields. There were good times and hard times but somehow the boys managed to find time now and then to do what they enjoyed most, going possom hunting or just taking their dogs out into the nearby woods while they sat in the shade of some big oak tree and argued about "whose dog was in the lead."

The years passed; Mollie and her brothers were grown by the time World War Il came along. Gradually, they married, went into service or left home.

Dan Scalf, died on January 29, 1953 and his wife, Betsy, died only recently in 1979. Both Dan and Betsy are buried at the Hopkins Cemetery near Lily, Ky.

Children of Daniel Scalf and Betsy Jones
Mollie Scalf m. Jesse Scalf (4-24-1928 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Willie Bert Scalf (B. 1913) m. Margie Farnsley (B. 1927)  Rockcastle Co., Ky. 7-23-1942) Margie's parents were Leo and Mary Farnsley
    Ernest Scalf (B. 1916 D. 1978) m. Opal Combs
    Melvin Scalf married Nellie Hill
    Silas Scalf married Helen Cunagin (3-1-1946 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Roy Scalf married Treva Williams (10-6-1960 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Arch Scalf married Ester Seals


Bert Scalf, son of Daniel Scalf and Betsy Jones Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky. Bert married Margie Farnsly and lived in Rising Sun, Indiana until his recent death.

Children of Bert Scalf and Margie Farnsly
Bert Scalf, Jr.
    Elmer D. Scalf
    Donnie Scalf
    Nelson Scalf
    Mollie E. Scalf married ________ Stoltz


Mollie Scalf, daughter of Daniel Scalf and Betsy Jones Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky on May 8, 1911. She has always lived in the county of her birth. Mollie Scalf married Jesse Scalf, son of William M. Scalf and Amanda Killion Scalf, on April 24,1928. The marriage took place at the home of Rev. C. T. Stump presiding minister at the wedding. Jesse's father, William, and Mollie's brother, Willie B., served as the witnesses. Mollie Scalf was 17 when she married Jesse, who was 19 at the time. Mollie and Jesse had no children. Although her husband, Jesse, has passed away (1975) Mollie is still living in the same home where she and Jesse lived together for so many years. This home is located adjacent to the place where Jesse's father, William, lived on the Hopkins Cemetery Road in. Laurel County. Residing with Mollie today is Nannie Scalf, widow of Elmon Scalf, who was Jesse's brother.


Ernest Scalf, son of Daniel Scalf and Betsy Jones Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky in 1916. He married Opal Combs and they had 5 boys and 1 girl. Ernest died on December 30,1978 and he is buried at the Hopkins Cemetery.

Children of Ernest Scalf and Opal Combs
Clarence F. Scalf (B. 1953 - ) m. Flora Jean Scalf (B. 1956)
        daughter of Jim Scalf and Susie (Simpson) Scalf 8-26-1972)
    Heron "Hiram" Scalf (B. 1944 - ) m. Pearl Napier (12-3-1969) Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Archie Scalf (B. 1946 m. 1. Mary Jones 2. Donna Allen
    Jesse James Scalf m. Sylvania Jones
    Ernest Estill Scalf (B. 1941) m. Zouria M. Stephens (2-18-1967) Laurel Co., Ky.
    Alice Jean Scalf (B. 1948 - ) m. Paul Hollyfield

Children of Jesse James Scalf and Sylvania Jones
Jessica Scalf
    Sallie Scalf
    Coby Scalf

Children of Hiram Scalf and Pearl Napier Scalf
Danny B. Scalf
    Laura Helen Scalf


Melvin Scalf, son of Daniel Scalf and Betsy Jones Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky. Melvin was in service during World War II and after the war he returned to Connecticut where he had been stationed. He married Nellie Hill. Melvin and Nellie still live in Connecticut. Nellie is the daughter of Elmer Hill and Anna McGuire Hill.

Children of Nellie Hill and Melvin Scalf
Theresa Helen Scalf m. William Henry Brixius 7-27-73
    Nancy Ann Scalf m. 1. Raymond Gillilan 12-22-67 2. Philip Ardito 1976
    Diane Elizabeth Scalf m. Thomas Finley Cullen 10-14-77
    Deborah Mary Scalf m. 1. Vincent Rainer Marra 4-11-77
        2. Kenneth Paul Johnson 11-6-76


Silas Scalf, son of Daniel Scalf and Betsy Jones Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky. Silas is a school teacher in Jackson County, Kentucky. Silas married Helen Cunagin, daughter of Lewis and Susie Hurley Cunagin.

Children of Silas Scalf and Helen Cunagin
Danny Scalf m. 1. Brenda Harrison 2. Margie Hayes
    Betty Sue Scalf m. Roger Cunagin
    Patricia Scalf (B. 2-5-1947 D. 12-22-1955)

Children of Roger Cunagin and Betty Sue Scalf
Roger Cunagin
    Darren Cunagin
    Chris Cunagin


Roy Scalf, son of Daniel Scalf and Betsy Jones Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky. Roy married Treva Williams. For years, Roy has maintained his family in Jackson County, Kentucky while he commutes to work in Hamilton, Ohio returning to Kentucky on the weekends to be with his family.

Children of Roy Scalf and Treva Williams
Joyce Ann Scalf
    Roy Scalf, Jr. m. Wanda Gentry
    Brenda Scalf m. Bill Johnson
    Jefferie Scalf
    Linda Fay Scalf


Arch Scalf, son of Daniel Scalf and Betsy Jones Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky. Arch married Ester Seals in Jackson County, Kentucky. Arch was a Baptist minister in Illinois. He died of Cancer a few years ago.

Children of Arch Scalf and Ester Seals
Richard G. Scalf m. Linda McLane
    Sherill Dawn Scalf m. Timothy Feldman
    John Scalf
    Karen Scalf m. - Shankey


Catherine Scalf, daughter of Andrew "Bud Andy" Scalf and Emily Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky. Catherine was married two times. Her first husband was Albert Hunter. Catherine Scalf married second to Robert Robinson.

Children of Albert Hunter and Catherine Scalf
Chester Hunter married Edna Farris

Children of Robert Robinson and Catherine Scalf Hunter
Robert Robinson, Jr.


Marie Scalf, daughter of Andrew "Bud Andy" Scalf and Emily Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky. She married Matison Hubbard and they had one child, a girl.

Children of Matison Hubbard and Marie Scalf
Dalie Hubbard married ________ Ramsey


Charles "Clark" Scalf, son of Ira Scalf and Nancy Killion, McVey Scalf, was born in Claiborne County, Tennessee in 1857. His father moved the family to Knox County, Kentucky where Clark appears in the 1870 Knox County Census. Clark married Malinda Holder in Laurel County. Clark's mother, Nancy, had moved there earlier. Clark and Malinda were married on April 15, 1881. This was a second marriage for Malinda; however, the author does not know Malinda's maiden name. Either Malinda had a son, John D. Holder, by her first husband or the records are quite confusing. The author will present the facts here and let the reader draw his or her own conclusions. The Laurel County records clearly indicate that Clark and Malinda were married on April 15,1881. The same record shows this as Clark's first marriage and Malinda's second. Clark was 2 1, according to the record and Malinda was 10. However, in the 1880 Laurel County Census, there is listed a family unit with Nancy, Clark's mother as head of the household. Her age is given as 61. Malinda is listed as 23, Clark 20 and John D. 5. One of this writer's favorite Scalf stories concerns Clark and Lindy. Tradition has it that once Lindy got Clark up at 2:00 a.m. in the night to kill their old hen. It seems Lindy thought for some reason that the chicken was going to die before morning. Clark killed the old hen; Lindy fixed a meal; the children were awakened and fed; then the family went back to bed. Of course, everyone kept their coats on at all times as was their usual custom.

Children of Clark Scalf and Malinda Holder
John D. Scalf (B. 1883 D. 1966) married
        1. Lizzie Mullins (6-25-1902 Laurel Co., Ky.)
        2. Sarah Brock (4-10-1922 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Henderson A. Scalf (B. 1881 m. Betsy Garland (12-7-1909 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Peter Scalf (B. 1895 -) m. Nancy Hurd (7-3-1914 Knox Co., Ky.)
    Speed Scalf (B. 1901 - ) married
        1. Nellie Brock (1-7-1924 Laurel Co., Ky.)
        2. Jamie Smith (8-12-1929 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Lulabell Scalf (B. 1892) m. William Jones (1913 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Martha Scalf (B. 1902) m. Chester "Checker Pete" Southerland 1923 Laurel Co., Ky.
    Sally Scalf (B. 1904 - ) m. 1. Otis McVey 2. A.B. Sevier


John D. Scalf, son of Clark Scalf and Malinda Holder Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky. His age is difficult to determine as he is listed as being born in 1875 according to the 1880 Laurel County Census. However, he gave his age as 18 when he married his first wife, Lizzie Mullins, on June 25, 1902 in Laurel County. He gave his age as 30 when he married his second wife, Sarah Brock, in Knox County on April 10, 1922. Lizzie Mullins was 14 when she married John. She was the daughter of James Mullins. John's second wife, Sarah Brock, was the daughter of Eathrum and Ellen Johnson Brock.

John and Lizzie's boy, Matt, was a favorite of his grandmother, Lindy. It is said that little Matt would sometimes plead, "Granny, let me chaw your wax awhile." His grandmother would accommodate little Matt before taking back her paraffin wax for her own continued use.

Children of John D. Scalf and Lizzie Mullins
Jim. Scalf (B. 1902 - m. Dora L. (Taylor) Hodge (10-20-1933) Laurel Co., Ky.
    Matt Scalf (B. 1912 m. Evelyn Carroll (daughter of Willie Carroll) 1-20-1933)
        Evelyn was Dora's daughter.
    Lillie Scalf (died young)

Children of John D. Scalf and Sarah Brock
Pearl Scalf m. Gilbert McFadden (2-15-1947) Laurel Co., Ky.
    Mary Scalf m. Carl Biship (12-3-1949 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Carl Scalf m. Dora A. Morgan (9-17-1954 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Dean Scalf


Henderson Scalf, son of Clark Scalf and Malinda Holder Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky probably at the Campgrounds where his older brother, John, was born. Henderson was born in 1888. He married Betsy Jane Garland in Laurel County on December 7, 1909. H. A. was 21 and Betsy was 16 when they married and this couple had no children of their own although they did raise an adopted child, James Scalf.


Robert "Peter" Scalf, son of Clark Scalf and Malinda Holder Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky. He married Nancy Hurd, daughter of John and Salina Burns Hurd in Knox County on July 3, 1914.

Children of Robert "Peter" Scalf and Nancy Hurd
Edgar Scalf (B. 1916 -) m. Barbara Jones (2-2-1937 Laurel Co., Ky.)
    Laurel Scalf (B. 1919) died young
    Edna Scalf (B. 1922) m. Jesse McVey
    Richard Scalf and Elsie Scalf raised by Henderson Scalf
    Richard Scalf m. Opal __________
    Elsie Scalf m. _________ Tuttle


Lulabelle Scalf, daughter of Clark Scalf and Malinda Holder Scalf was born in Laurel County, Kentucky in 1892. She married William Jones in Laurel County in 1913.

Children of William Jones and Lulabelle Scalf
Stella Jones m. Dewey Mahan
    Tilford Jones soldier's home in Tennessee
    Ida Jones
    Oliver Jones
    Sam Jones
    Dora Jones m. 1. _______ Dozier 2. _______ Mahan


Speed Scalf was expert at using "life everlastin." His rolled up product in brown paper was Speed's substitute for tobacco in time of need.

Children of Speed Scalf and Jamie Smith
Dima Mae Scalf m. Leo Hodge (10-19-1940 Laurel County, Ky.)


Martha Scalf, daughter of Clark Scalf and Malinda Holder Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky in 1902. She married Chester "Checker Pete" Southerland in Laurel County in 1923. "Checker Pete" was the son of Peter and Sarah Southerland. Winston Scalf (female) married Warren Martin. Dima and Winston were James's children by a previous marriage.

Children of Chester Southerland and Martha Scalf
Roy Southerland m. Arlene __________
    Betty Southerland m. 1. Wes McFadden 2. Leonard Hensley
    Albert Southerland


Sally Mae Scalf, daughter of Clark Scalf and Malinda Holder Scalf, was born in Laurel County, Kentucky. She married first to Otis McVay and second to A. B. Sevier. Sally was born in 1924.

Children Of Otis MeVay and Sally Mae Scalf
James McVay
    Roy McVay


Amanda Scalf, daughter of Ira Scalf and Nancy Killion, McVey Scalf, was born in Claiborne County, Tennessee in 1859. Amanda married Sterling Jackson, son of Sterling M. Jackson and Juliann Freeman Jackson, in Knox County on April 19, 1880. The marriage took place at Josh MeVey's house.

Children of Sterling Jackson and Amanda Scalf
Grant Jackson
    Riley Jackson
    Jim Jackson
    Dave Jackson
    Willis Jackson
    Annie Jackson
    Sterling Jackson remarried to Haley _________ after Amanda died.

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