Margaret Fleenor literally sacrificed years of her life creating this online book. Her intent - and the purpose for offering it online - was that this book would continue to receive updates and revisions as the Scalf family grows, and as additional documents become available.

With Margaret's passing, this task now falls to others. The sheer number of additions and updates I continue to make - frequently adding two or three generations to families - would make including "(courtesy of _______)" both cumbersome and distracting.

With that said, in the rare event changes are needed to Margaret's historical research, I will highlight the original text and then add an update beneath it. In those cases I will provide the sources and credits.

- Stephen Scalf


~ Introduction ~


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Lewis Scalf

Children of Lewis Scalf

   1. Benjamin Scalf

   2. John Scalf, Sr.

    Children of John Scalf, Sr.

     A. Mary Polly& Scalf

     B. Nancy Scalf

     C. John Scalf, Jr.

     D. William Scalf #1

     E. Brittan Scalf

     F. Dicey Scalf

     G. Lydia Scalf

     H. William Scalf #2

     I. Berryman Scalf

     J. Lee Scalf

     K. Ira Scalf

     L. Jesse Scalf

     M. Peter Scalf

     N. Betsy Scalf

     O. Robert Scalf

     P. Celia (Sela) Ann Scalf     

   3. Sarah Scalf

   4. David S. Scalf

   5. Penelope (Pennie) Scalf

   6. William Scalf

   7. Joshua Scalf 

Miscellaneous Scalf Families - Scalf lines that have not been connected to the larger Scalf descendent tree. This is an ongoing process and any help would be greatly appreciated.