Daughter of
John Scalf, Sr. & Edeah Carlisle

Mary Polly Scalf, second child of John Scalf, Sr. and Edeah Carlisle Scalf was born April 1789, probably in Johnston or Edgecombe County, North Carolina. Polly's parents were married in 1787 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina according to the statement of Edeah Carlisle Scalf.

Lewis Scalf, father of John Scalf, Sr. was living in Johnston County in 1787, and the Carlisle family was living in Edgecombe County. John and Edy married in Edgecombe County, the county of the bride, as was the custom of the time.

By 1790, John's father, Lewis, had moved over to Edgecombe where John Sr. and his new bride Edeah Carlisle are believed to be living in the home of John's father.  

By 1800, Polly's family is living in Surry County, North Carolina. Polly would have been eleven years old at this time. The family was living in Wilkes County by the year 1805 but had left the area by 1806 according to the court minutes of Wilkes County, North Carolina.

On July 17, 1845, Polly Scalf Trent made a deposition in support of her father's pension in Hawkins County, Tennessee. This was the same date that Patsy Counts Scalf gave her deposition in Hawkins County. In her deposition, Polly stated she was a resident of Hawkins County and knew John Scalf's father, Lewis Scalf who removed to Georgia many years ago and died at a very advanced age he being upwards of 100 years old. She also states that John Scalf Sr. removed from the county of Wilkes and state of North Carolina into Russell County, Virginia where he lived several years, thence into the state of Kentucky, thence into Hawkins County, Tennessee where he still resided within five or six miles of her residence and is certain of the said removals of John Scalf, Sr. as stated. 

In Polly's statement it is suggested that John's enemies in Russell County believed that John Scalf, Sr. had used the Christian name of his father to obtain a pension. This suggests that John Scalf, Sr.'s father, Lewis, might have been named John Lewis Scalf. However, Polly does not state that his father's name was John Lewis; only that he was accused of such. Polly also states that John Sr. had one daughter about two years older than herself. This would be Nancy and here we can clarify that Nancy was the oldest child of John Scalf Sr. and Edeah Carlisle Scalf. (Deposition of Polly Scalf Trent)

From Polly's deposition we conclude that John Scalf Sr. first went to Russell County, Virginia around 1806 and within three to four years, moved over to Floyd County, Kentucky by the enumeration of the 1810 census. This was between census years and we cannot confirm that John was in Russell 1806 - 1810 but there is no reason to doubt Polly's statement as she seemed very certain of his travels and rightfully so because she was his daughter and traveling with him

Considering the location of Wilkes County, North Caroline verses Russell County, Virginia it is very likely that John Sr. traveled down the New River Valley area into Russell County, Virginia, a route used by the early settlers. This would have taken the family through Washington County, Virginia. Russell was created from Washington County, Virginia in 1786.

Polly places her father in Kentucky after Russell County, Virginia and no John Scalf was found on the 1810 Russell County, Virginia tax list. Considering this information it is very reasonable that John Scalf, Jr. met his wife Patsy Counts Scalf in Russell County before 1810 if his father arrived in Russell County 1806 - 1810. They may have married there and lived with her parents while John Sr. was in Kentucky and might explain why there is no male in the home of John Scalf, Sr. in Floyd County, Kentucky that fits the age of John Scalf, Jr. This is offered only as a suggestion and not intended for fact, as there do not appear to be any records in Russell County, Virginia to confirm this.

Polly might have also met her husband, Alexander Trent in Russell County during this time and remained in Russell County, Virginia. Polly would have been 17 years old when her father left Wilkes County, North Carolina. It is also very possible that John Sr. moved on to Kentucky with some of the Trent family that had been in Russell County earlier. The family of Bryant Trent and William Trent were living in Washington County, Virginia in 1782 and listed on the personal property tax list for that area. A few of the Trent family were in the area of Russell County later but also moved on to Kentucky.

By 1810, the John Scalf, Sr. family appears in the 1810 Floyd County, Kentucky census. Polly would have been twenty-one years old at this time and certainly old enough to marry. We have no marriage record for Polly Scalf but we do know that Polly married one Alexander Trent. We will try to narrow down the approximate time of this marriage using the meager available records found to this date.

According to Polly's statement, the John Scalf, Sr. family arrived in Russell County, Virginia sometime around 1806 or 1807. They then appear in Floyd County, Kentucky in 1810. For a period of three to four years the family is in Kentucky. By 1820, they are enumerated in Russell County, Virginia and again in 1830; however, between the years of 1820 and 1830, John Scalf, Sr. moved again over to Clay County, Kentucky. (See statements of Alexander Trent in the chapter of John Scalf, Sr. The Hawkins County Years).

Sometime during the year 1835, John Sr. left the Russell County area and is next found in Hawkins County, Tennessee by 1837 where he filed for his Revolutionary Pension. The pension was granted and John drew $80 per anum (per year) for a short time.

His pension was revoked by 1838 and the process of proving his service began again in 1838. Statements were made in 1837 when he first applied for his pension and again in 1838 from various people. From these statements we find the statement of Alexander Trent.

Abraham McClellan who was a Representative of the state of Tennessee confirms the relationship of Alexander Trent to John Scalf. A neighbor had informed Mr. McClellan that these statements came from the son-in-laws of John Scalf, Sr., therefore; this statement confirms that Alexander Trent was a son-in-law of John Scalf, Sr.

At the old courthouse in Rogersville (Hawkins County) Tennessee in December of 1838, Alexander Trent gave a statement in support of his father-in-law's pension. Alexander stated, I have been well acquainted with John Scalf better than eight years I have lived near him the greater part of that time part in Clay County Kentucky and part in Hawkins County Tennessee where he now lives. This statement suggests that Alexander might have married Polly in Washington County, or Russell County, Virginia and moved to Kentucky with the family or met Polly in Kentucky and moved to Hawkins County, Tennessee. Considering the timeframe here, Alexander had known John Sr. for better than eight years. John was in Kentucky 1824-1830 so the statement insinuates they may have met in Kentucky.

Alexander states he had known John Scalf, Sr. better than eight years. This might have been a little over eight years or near 10 years. However, subtracting 8 from 38 calculates the year 1830. This places John in Clay County, Kentucky in 1830 but we know from the census records that John was in Russell County, Virginia in 1830. The statement of James Burke places John Sr. in Clay County, Kentucky around 1825 or 1826. Considering the statement of James Burke, it appears Alexander and John met in Kentucky.

Statement of James Burke:  He became acquainted with John Scalf in Clay County about twelve years prior to the date of his statement. This calculates a date of 1825 when Mr. Burke knew John Scalf Sr. in Clay County, Kentucky.

From Alexander's statement, I have lived near him the greater part of that time part in Clay County Kentucky and part in Hawkins County Tennessee where he now lives it is assumed that the first part was in Clay County, Kentucky, which would have been between the years of 1825 - 1835. The latter part of that time would have been from 1835 to1837 in Hawkins County, Tennessee. However, we know that John was in Russell County, Virginia in 1830 and an Alexander TRANT was also found in Russell County in 1830. Alexander and Polly may have lived only a short time in Russell County and Alexander left this part out assuming it was not significant.

Considering this information, Alexander and Polly could have met in Clay County, Kentucky, and moved to Russell County, Virginia for a brief time around 1830 with Alexander moving down to Hawkins County, Tennessee shortly thereafter, and with John Sr. following.

If this is correct, Alexander met Polly Scalf in Clay County, Kentucky 1825 - 1830 and could have married in Clay County, Kentucky before 1830. This would coincide with the above statements, as well as the Alexander TRANT listed on the 1830 Russell County, Virginia census with two sons born 1820 - 1830. These sons may have been Isaiah and Jeremiah or Isaiah and an older brother who is unknown at this time. However, if this is an older brother, the age range would indicate Alex and Polly married around at least 1824 - 1825 and returned from Clay County, Kentucky with John Sr. to Russell County, Virginia by 1830.

John Scalf, Sr. left Russell County, Virginia before July of 1835. The last record found of John Sr. in Russell was the sale of property in December of 1834. John is found in Hawkins County, Tennessee by July of 1837 where he filed for the first time for his Revolutionary pension. William Byrd also made a statement in Hawkins County for John Sr. and stated that he had known him for about twelve months as a neighbor in Hawkins County. Due to William Byrd's statement we know that John Scalf, Sr. was in Hawkins County by July of 1836.

For a period of about two years, from December of 1834 to July of 1836 the whereabouts of John Sr. cannot be accounted for. John might have gone to Clay County, Kentucky during this time as he had a grandson, David C. Scalf, who is reported to have been born in Kentucky. If David were born in Kentucky, the Ira Scalf family would have been in Kentucky 1835 - 1840 as well. Ira was in Russell County, Virginia in July of 1835 according to the court records.

As a result of John Sr. obtaining the attorney, G. W. Hopkins in Russell County, Virginia to represent his son, some of Ira's personal property in Russell County, Virginia was mistakenly confiscated by the sheriff who thought the property belonged to John Scalf, Sr. However; Ira received restitution for the property when it was proven it belonged to him. John and his son, Ira may have both left Russell and went directly to Clay County, Kentucky before moving to Hawkins County, Tennessee by 1840.

The above information suggests that Polly Scalf met and married Alexander Trent in Clay County, Kentucky 1825 - 1830 and probably near the year 1825 plus or minus a year or two. However, other information suggests that Polly and Alexander might have met in Washington or Russell County, Virginia before the move to Kentucky.

Twenty years later - plus or minus a few years - in 1845, Patsy Counts Scalf stated that Polly Trent had 11 children. From the 1850 census of Claiborne County, only six children are listed. If Patsy was correct, there were five children missing in 1850.

If the son of Alexander TRANT on the 1830 Russell County census born 1820 - 1825 was an older son of Alex and Polly he would probably have been married at the time of the 1850 Claiborne County, Tennessee census. Therefore, he would not have been in the home of Alexander and Polly in 1850. This could have been Jeremiah Trent. This would bring the total of known children to seven.

There are still four children missing and these children could have died; however, Patsy's statement suggests they were living in 1845. If these children did not die, there are four children of Alexander Trent and Polly Scalf whom we do not have names for. We might bring this total to three children without names with the following information.

According to the 1880 Union County, Tennessee census, a Mary Trent is living in the home of Ishon (probably Isham) Guy and wife; Mary J. Trent.

The older Mary Trent is listed as 75 years old and born in North Carolina. Her estimated date of birth would be 1805 but Polly Scalf Trent would have been 91 years old in 1880. This may or may not be Polly. However, I know no other Mary Trent in the area believed to have been born in North Carolina. Mary J. wife, of Ishon was 44 years old and would have been born 1836. No Mary J. Trent was listed on the 1850 Claiborne Co. TN census and if her age is correct here, she would have been 14 in 1850. The ages were generally not correct and Mary J. could have been older than 44 in 1880. This information suggests she could very well have been a daughter of Polly Scalf Trent if in fact this is Polly Scalf Trent.

If the above statements are correct, John Scalf Sr. left Russell County, Virginia and went to Clay County, Kentucky sometime after the enumeration of the 1820 Russell County census, returning to Russell County, Virginia by the year 1830. Alexander Trent might have been working at the Goose Creek Salt Mines in Clay County with John Sr. at this time and this might be how he met his wife Polly Scalf.

If naming patterns are considered, Isaiah Trent, son of Polly and Alex had a son named William H. Trent and a son named Isaac. These children could have been named after Isaiah's brothers or maybe his grandfather or uncles.

On the 1830 Russell County, Virginia census Alexander TRANT is listed as 20 - 30 and the female head of house is listed as 30 - 40. This estimates a birth date for Alexander of 1800 - 1810 and for the female head of house, 1790 - 1800. This calculation would be about two years short from Polly's actual age as she would have been 41 years old in 1830.

In the home are two sons. One is five or under, and the other is 5 - 10 with birth dates estimated at 1825 - 1830 and 1820 - 1825 respectively.


1830 Russell CO VA
Trent/Trant, Alexander

One male    0 - 5       1825 - 1830 - Isaiah?
One male    5 - 10     1820 - 1825 -   ?
One male    20 - 30      1800 - 1810 - Alexander?
One female    30 - 40      1790 - 1800  - Polly?

Since Polly appears to be missing from the home of her parents at this time and it is a known fact that she did marry Alexander Trent, (although no marriage record has been found) it is my opinion that this is Polly Scalf Trent and her husband, Alexander Trent.

From the 1840 Hawkins County, Tennessee we find four Alexander Trent families. One, we know for sure is Alexander Trent, the Revolutionary Soldier. Elmer Scalf states in his book, Scalf Family History, page 179 that Polly married this Alexander; however, this is incorrect. Research from the Trent family reveals that this was Alexander Trent who married Jane Burton. Jane filed for benefits for her husband's Revolutionary Service in Grainger County, Tennessee after the death of her husband.

Alexander Trent Sr.1840 Hawkins County, TN - Revolutionary Soldier: This Alexander is listed as 80 - 90 years old on the 1840 census and born 1750 - 1760. His wife was 60 - 70 years old and born 1770 - 1780. Information revealed from the pension file of this Alexander reveals that he married Jane Burton 1792 Grayson County, Virginia. Jane filed for her husband's pension benefits at Thorn Hill in Grainger County around 1842 after the death of Alexander. Interestingly, Jane Trent wife of the Revolutionary Alexander Trent was living at Thorn Hill and John Scalf, Sr., had also been living at Thorn Hill when more information was supplied for his Revolutionary pension. John was reported to have been living in the home of one of his daughters at this time.

Alexander Trent Jr. 1840 Hawkins Co. TN.: This Alexander is listed as 30 - 40 years old being born around 1800 - 1810 as well as his wife. They have six children in the home on this census. This family matches closely the family found in Claiborne County, Tennessee in 1850 with the exception of the ages of Alexander and Polly. Polly's age is off considerably.

Alexander Trent (w) 1840 Hawkins Co. TN. This Alexander Trent has a (w) listed after his surname and outside the name column. It is unknown what the enumerator intended to signify by using this letter. It is possible it could have been a middle initial but if so the letter should have been inside the name column instead of listed outside the name column.

Another reason for this could have been to signify that Alex was from a certain clan of the Trent family. As noted in Scalf Family History, there were a large number of Trent families in the area. Due to the number of various families, they were noted by clan titles such as Snowbird Trents, White Trents, Omi Trents, Sop Trents and Black Trents. However, in reviewing the other heads of house in the Trent families, it does not appear that the enumerator made notations of any of the other Trent families other than the (w) for this Alexander and the (Senr) and (Junr) for the other two Alexander's. Considering this, it appears the enumerator intended these notations to separate only the Alexander's in the area.

Alex (w) and his wife were 40 - 50 years old and have six children in the home ranging in ages under 5 through 20. This could be Alex and Polly Scalf Trent if one considered the statement made by Patsy Scalf in Hawkins County in 1845 stating that Polly Trent had 11 children by 1845. This couple had six children in 1840. However, they most likely could not have had five more children by 1845.

Another confusing factor in the Alexander Trent puzzle is the fact that one of these men married Mary Martin and this Mary also used the name Polly. The two Mary (Polly's) can be confusing since they both married an Alexander Trent. There is little wonder that Elmer made the mistake on the Polly and Alexander Trent marriage. He most likely did not know about the pension application of Jane Burton Trent as well

Alexander O. Trent 1840 Hawkins Co. TN:  This Alex was listed as 50 - 60 years old and would have been born 1780 - 1790. His wife is 40 - 50 and born 1790 - 1800. Although this female fits closely the age Polly should have been and Alex is older on this census than the one in Russell County, Virginia, it is still uncertain if he could be the one who married Mary Polly Scalf.

The two sons in the home fit the ages of the male children from the 1830 census; however, this couple appears to have a daughter in the home and Alexander Trent from the 1830 Russell County census did not have a daughter in the home in 1830. If this is a daughter, she was 20 years old in 1840 having been born in 1820. Since there is a male in the home aged, 15 - 20, this male would have been 20 years old and this might have been his wife in the home who was possibly a few years older than him.

In essence, there are three Alexander Trent families in Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1840 that resemble the criteria to have been Alexander Trent and Polly Scalf Trent. One Alexander Trent moved to Claiborne County, Tennessee by the enumeration of the 1850 census and the other is found in Hancock County, Tennessee. The Alexander Trent found in Hancock County is believed to be the Alexander Trent who married Mary Polly Martin. The Alexander Trent in Claiborne County, Tennessee is believed to be the Alexander who married Mary Polly Scalf.

We have no documented evidence to confirm that either of these men was the husband of Polly Scalf. The Alexander Trent family from Claiborne County matches closely the Alexander Trent, Jr. of Hawkins County in 1840 and Russell County, Virginia 1830 and is believed to be Alexander and Polly Scalf Trent even though the ages are off on the census records. Either Alexander O. Trent or Alexander Trent (w) could have been the father of Polly's husband, which could be the reason Polly's husband was noted as Alexander Trent, Jr. in 1840.

An Alexander Trent married Sarah Winegar in Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1849. It is unknown which Alexander this might have been but certainly appears to have been Alexander O. Trent, as the others seem to be accounted for.

In the following year, an Alexander Trent appears in Washington Co. Virginia on the 1850 census with a female in the home that might have been his wife. Her name was Sally and she was listed as 18 years old. Sally was a short name for Sarah and this could very well be the Alexander Trent and Sarah Winegar Trent who married in Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1849. This also could have been Alexander O. Trent. The age for this Alexander is 73 years old on the 1850 census and closely matches the Alexander O. Trent of Hawkins County who is not found there in 1850.

By 1858 in Washington County, Virginia a marriage record is found for Alexander Trent to Adeline Thomas. He states his age was 75; he was a widow and born in Halifax Co. Virginia. He also states he was the son of Evelin Trent. (Sharon Carter).

Evelin was a male, not a female according to Trent researchers. If this is the same Alexander from the 1850 census of Washington County, Virginia, his young wife, Sally, had died and he has stated his age as 75, which was only two years older than he was in 1850. Due to his age, Alexander most likely could not recall his exact age at this time and this happened frequently as they got older.

This Alexander was not found after 1860 and would have been 83 years old in 1860 considering the variation of ages listed on the census records. He most likely died 1860-1870. In fact, Sharon Carter reports that Adeline Thomas Trent did remarry 24 Aug. 1865 in Washington County, Virginia to Calvin Moses. From this information we know that Alexander Trent of Washington County, Virginia had certainly died by August of 1865.

The fact that there was an Alexander Trent in Washington County, Virginia 1824, Hawkins County, Tennessee 1830 and 1840 and back in Washington County, Virginia by 1850 suggests he might have been Alexander O. Trent. Due to his not appearing in Hawkins County or the surrounding Tennessee counties in 1850 further suggests this is the same Alexander Trent.

Due to the area Alexander of Washington County, Virginia and Alexander Trent, Jr. of Hawkins County, Tennessee were living in, it also suggests they may have possibly been father and son. Alexander O. Trent was also living near William Scalf in Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1840. This is only speculation at this time and further research into the Washington County, Virginia families is needed to confirm this.

Scalf Family History, page 179 states this Alexander who married Adeline Thomas was the husband of Polly Scalf Trent. Elmer states Polly died and Alexander remarried to Adeline Thomas. This does not appear to be correct. However, further research into these families might prove otherwise.

For reference purposes, all four of the Alexander Trent households from the 1840 Hawkins County, Tennessee census are listed:

1840 Hawkins CO TN
Page 237

Alexander Trent Sr.

One male    80 - 90      1750 - 1760 Revolutionary Alex
One female    10 - 15      1825 - 1830   
One female    60 - 70      1770 - 1780 Jane Burton Trent

Living 14 houses away is John Scalf, Jr.

Page 238

Alexander Trent, Jr.

One male    0 - 5       1835 - 1840
Two males     5 - 10     1830 - 1835
One male    30 - 40      1800 - 1810 Alexander Trent?
Two females     0 - 5       1835 - 1840
1 female     5 - 10     1830 - 1835
1 female     30 - 40      1800 - 1810 Polly Scalf Trent?

Living next door to Alexander Trent, Jr. is Ira Scalf and next door to Ira is John Scalf, Sr. Three houses from John Scalf, Sr. is Alexander Trent (w).

Page 238

Alexander Trent (w)

One male    0 - 5
One male    5 - 10
One male    10 - 15
One male    20 - 30
One male    40 - 50
One female    10 - 15
One female    15 - 20
One female    40 - 50

Page 247

Alexander O. Trent

One male 10 - 15
One male 15 - 20
One male 50 - 60
One female 20- 30
One female 40 - 50

Alexander O. Trent is living next door to Thomas Trent. William Scalf is living on the other side of Thomas Trent. As can be seen above, this Trent family is living a good distance away from the other Trent families. This may or may not be a significant factor in determining which Alexander Trent married Mary Polly Scalf. However, William Scalf was in Hawkins County in 1840 but William died in Union County, Tennessee 1852 - 1854. Union was created in 1850 but was not erected until later.

Union County missed being included in the 1850 U.S. Federal Census because the county had not yet been erected. People who were in the area that became Union County may be enumerated in 1850 censuses of one of these counties; Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Grainger, and Knox. The first census for Union County is found in the U.S. Federal Census of 1860.  

Some of the Scalf families enumerated on the 1850 census of Claiborne County, Tennessee were living in what would become Union County. It is believed that Polly Scalf Trent was one of these families. Matilda Scalf Lay and her brother, Richard Scalf was also living in Union County, Tennessee.

Alexander Trent, husband of Mary Polly Scalf was not found as head of house in 1860. It is assumed that Alexander died. However, on the 1860 Union County, Tennessee census, is listed a Jeremiah Trent. In the home is Polly Trent age 60. This is too young to have been Polly Scalf but in the home is Amanda Trent who matches the same Amanda Trent from the 1850 Claiborne County census. Elmer lists Jeremiah on page 179 of Scalf Family History as Jemima Trent.

A study of the 1850 census of Claiborne County reveals the name to be spelled Jemima and the child was listed as a female. On the 1870 census of Union County, Tennessee is a Jermiah in the home and listed as a male. This fits closely the same person in 1850 in Claiborne County. The 1860 census of Union County shows Jeremiah as head of house and the age is off somewhat as is Polly's age but the two are believed to be the same people. Keep in mind that it is possible that the Jemima on the 1850 census in the home of Alexander and Polly was a daughter and she may have died or married. However, it is also possible the enumerator made a mistake on the census record and it should be Jeremia instead of Jemima.

In 1850, Polly is listed as Mary and gave her birthplace as North Carolina, which correlates with the birth place of Mary Polly Scalf. 1870 she states North Carolina. We believe this to be the same Mary Polly Scalf due to the child Amanda in the home on all three censuses. Interestingly, the child Lovicy in the home in 1860 is listed as Lovicy Seals but is listed under the Trent name in 1870. Apparently, our census enumerator was having a really bad day August 4, 1870.

1850 Claiborne CO TN       October 17, 1850        Subdivision 7

TRENT, Alexander M 55 1795 TN
    Mary F 55 1795 NC
    Isaiah M 19 1831 TN
    Jemima F 18 1832 TN
    Elizbeth F 16 1834 TN
    Neil M 15 1835 TN
    Amanda F 12 1838 TN
    Manerva F 10 1840 TN

1860 Union CO TN       31 July 1860      District 10    Loss Creek

TRENT, Jeremiah M 40 1820 TN
    Polly M 60 1800 TN
    Amanda F 21 1839 TN
COLLINS, Milly F   8 1852 TN
SEALS, Lovicy, J. F   4 1856 TN

1870    Union Co. TN    4 August 1870      10th District    Sharps Chapel

TRENT, Mary F 72 1798 NC
    Jermiah F 35 1835 VA
    Manda  F 25 1845 VA
    Lovicy, J. F 14 1856 VA

The relationship of Lovicy Seals and Polly Scalf Trent (if any) is unknown; however, Milly Collins was a daughter of Marvel Collins who is reported to have been the son of Benjamin Collins, Jr. It is unknown why Milly would have been in the home of Polly Scalf Trent but it might suggest a relationship to the Collins family as Polly's sisters Nancy and Betsy Scalf had both married Collins men.

By 1870, Milly is in Lee County, Virginia living in the home of her brother, Louis Collins and their parents, Marvel and Rebecca Williams Collins are also in the home. Marvel lived his lifetime in Hancock County, Tennessee until 1870 where is found in Lee County but he is back in Hancock by 1880. It is possible that Marvel was only visiting his son at the enumeration of the 1870 census. Marvel's daughter, Milly, had married David Parsons in Lee County, Virginia in 1872.

By 1880, a Mary Trent is found in the home of Ishon Guy. This Mary was also born in NC and is listed as 75 years old. This may or may not be Polly Scalf Trent.


1880 Union County, TN   7 June 1880    District 12
HH #72

GUY, Ishon M 52 1828 NC NC NC Laborer
    Mary J. F 44 1836 TN TN IN  
     William M. M 221 1859 TN NC TN  
   James N.   M 13 1867 IN NC TN  
   Isaac V. M 10 1870 IN NC TN  
     Nancy J. F   8 1872 IN NC TN  
     Mary L. F   2 1878 IN NC TN  
TRENT, Mary L. F 75 1805 NC NC NC Boarder

If this is Mary Polly Scalf Trent, she lived to be at least 91 years old. She was not found after this census.


Son of
Alexander Trent and Mary Polly Scalf

Very little is known of Jeremiah Trent other than what has been learned from the 1860 and 1870 census of Union County, Tennessee and the Union County tax lists. It appears that Jeremiah had not married by 1870. Jeremiah first appears on the 1854 Union County, Tennessee Personal Property Tax List of 1854. He was taxed on one poll in 1854, 1855 and 1856 and was living in district 10. He is missing from the list 1857 - 1860 but is picked up again in 1861 - 1871. Jeremiah remains in district 10 throughout with the exception of the year 1864 where he is taxed in district 11.

1854 Union Co. Tennessee
District 10

Trent, Jeremiah - 1 poll;   .75 tax

1855 Union Co. Tennessee
District 10

Trent, Jeremiah - 1 poll;   .75 tax

1856 Union Co. Tennessee
District 10

Trent, Jeremiah - 1 poll;  .75 tax

1857 Union Co. Tennessee
District 10

Cornelius Trent

Jeremiah does not appear

1858 Union Co. Tennessee

No Scalfs or Trents

1859 Union Co. Tennessee

No Scalfs or Trents

1860 Union Co. Tennessee

No Scalfs or Trents

1861 Union Co. Tennessee
District 10

Trent, Jeremiah -  1 poll;  $1.00 tax

1862 Union Co. Tennessee
District 10

Trent, Jeremiah - 1 poll;  $1.00 tax

1863 Union Co. Tennessee
District 11

Trent, Jeremiah - 1 poll;  $1.00 tax

1864 Union Co. Tennessee
District 11

To mineral in (in crossed out) lead mine - $1,000; $4.00 tax. Listed directly below the land mine entry is Jeremiah Trent.

Trent, Jeremiah - 1 poll;  $1.00   

1865 Union Co. Tennessee
District 10

Trent, Jeremiah - 1 poll;  $1.00 tax

1866 Union Co. Tennessee
District 10

Trent, Jeremiah - 1 poll;  $2.00 tax

(Duplicate tax list gives tax as $2.25)

1867 Union Co. Tennessee
District 10

Trout, Jeremiah - 1 poll;  $2.60 tax

1868 Union Co. Tennessee

No Scalfs or Trents.

1869 Union Co. Tennessee
District 10

Trent, Jeremiah - 1 poll;  $2.75 tax

1870 Union Co. Tennessee

Trent, Jeremiah - 1 poll;  $1.50 tax

1871 Union Co. Tennessee

Trent, Jeremiah - 1 poll;  $1.25 tax

It is unknown why Jeremiah is absent from some of the tax lists and then appears again; however, the names for those years might have been lost or destroyed or Jeremiah may have been absent from Union County during those years. It appears that the Scalf family was also absent and present and we know that they were going back and forth to Kentucky, so this may be what Jeremiah was doing.

Jeremiah was consistently taxed on one poll and was either never married or married and did not have any children. It is also unclear what meaning was intended in 1864 concerning the lead mine. Possibly, there was a lead mine on Jeremiah's property valued at $1,000 and Jeremiah was taxed $4.00 on this lead mine. Note that the poll tax for Jeremiah began to decrease after 1869. Jeremiah has not been found after the 1870 census.

Sometime between the years 1857 and 1860, Ira Scalf left Claiborne County and moved to Kentucky. Ira Scalf, William Scalf and John Scalf Jr. appear in the Claiborne County tax lists in 1850 and 1851. The tax lists for 1852 and 1853 were not on this list.

Beginning in 1854, in Union County, Richard Scalf, Jeremiah Trent, Cornelius Trent and Miles Scalf appear in Union County with the exception of specific years they are missing. In 1859, only Richard Scalf and Jeremiah Trent appear with a William Trent appearing one time in 1863. This list, along with other information suggests that Ira's son, Miles Scalf was in Kentucky during those years.

It is possible that Jeremiah Trent was in Kentucky as well. His brother Isaiah Trent had married Emily Hubbard and this couple is found in Kentucky by the year 1860.

By 1870 Isaiah had remarried indicating that Emily had died or they divorced by 1870. Isaiah did not show up on the tax lists of Claiborne or Union County, Tennessee. His first child was born around 1855 indicating that he was married by 1854 and might have been in Knox County, Kentucky at that time.

Jeremiah might have also been with Isaiah in Kentucky 1857 through 1860 when his is missing from the Union County tax lists. However, these years were turbulent times as the Civil War was building up so Jeremiah could have been anywhere.

William Scalf does not appear on records after 1851 due to his death in 1852 around the same time as Rosannah Gibson Scalf, wife of Ira who died of fly cholera. William may have contracted the same disease, as it was rampant in the area at that time. William did leave his will in Union County, Tennessee in 1852.

Son of
Alexander Trent & Mary Polly Scalf

Isaiah Trent, son of Alexander and Mary Polly Scalf was born around 1830 or 1832 and was the oldest child listed on the 1850 census of Claiborne County, Tennessee in the home of Alexander and Polly Scalf Trent. Isaiah moved to Knox County, Kentucky at some point where is found in 1860 with wife Emily Hubbard (spelled Emely on the census) and children. Emily apparently died or the couple divorced between 1860 and 1870 for Isaiah's wife in 1870 is listed as Isabell and is much younger than Emily.  

1860 Knox CO KY     19 June 1860     Payne District

TREIT, Isaah M. M 30 1830 TN      
  Emely F 31 1829 KY      
  Isaac M 5 1855 KY      
  Rhoda F 4 1856 KY      
  Isom M 2 1858 KY      
  Nathan M 6/12 1860 KY      
HUBBARD, Isaac M 25 1835 KY      

Isaiah is found in 1870 Knox County, Kentucky and his wife now Isabell. It appears that Isaiah and Emily had at least seven children before Emily died. It is difficult to determine who the children belonged to on this census but since there are two children by the name of John in the home, it is assumed that John H. and Mariah J. were the children of Isaiah and Isabell with the rest probably belonging to Isaiah and Emily. Note that John H. and Mariah J. were listed above the children of Isaiah and Isabell and note their ages. The enumerators sometimes listed the children in this manner when they belonged to the head of house and his wife especially, if there were children in the home from a previous marriage.

It is difficult to determine if these children were Isabell's children from a prior marriage or if they belonged to Isaiah and Isabell. Considering the closeness of the ages of John H. and William, along with the fact there are two children named John in the home, it appears they were Isabell's children from a prior marriage.

1870 KNOX CO KY     3 September 1870   Subdivision 93

TRENT, Isaiah M. M 40 1830 TN      
  Isabel F 23 1847 KY      
  John H. M 3 1867 KY      
  Mariah J. F 1 1869 KY      
  Isac M 14 1856 KY      
  Roda F 13 1857 KY      
  Isham M 16 1854 KY      
  Nathan M 9 1861 KY      
  James M 7 1863 KY      
  William M 4 1866 KY      
  John S. M 5 1865 KY      

By 1880, Isaiah appears to be married again, for he is found with wife, Martha, on this census and Martha is older than Isabell would have been. There is no John H. in the home at this time suggesting something happened to Isabell and John at the same time. Mariah, Thomas and Joseph were most likely children of Isaiah and Isabell. Martha was born 1828 and was nearer to Isaiah's age. Martha most likely was a widow and had no children with Isaiah. Possibly, descendents of Isaiah Trent can help us with sort out these families.

1880 Knox CO KY     14 & 15 June 1880     District 7

TRENT, Isaiah Head 46 1834 TN TN TN  
  Martha Wife 52 1828 KY NC KY  
  Nathan Son 20 1860 KY TN KY  
  James Son 18 1862 KY TN KY  
  William F. Son 16 1864 KY TN KY  
  John S. Son 14 1866 KY TN KY  
  Mariah J. Dau 8 1872 KY TN KY  
  Thomas Son 7 1873 KY TN KY  
  Joseph Son 5 1875 KY TN KY  

Son of
Isaiah Trent and Emily Hubbard

Isham Trent, son of Isaiah and Emily Hubbard Trent is living next door to his father in 1880 Knox County, Kentucky. Isham's wife is Rachel and they have a son, William, eight months old. Rachel's maiden name is not known. No further information is known of this family. There is a notation made by the enumerator beside of William's name on the census that appears to be wife's son. This indicates that Rachel might have been married prior to her marriage to Isham.

1880 Knox CO KY     14 & 15 June 1880     District 7

TRENT, Isham 22 1858 KY TN KY  
  Rachel 24 1855 KY KY KY  
  Wm. 8/12 1879 KY KY KY  


Son of
Alexander Trent & Mary Polly Scalf

Cornelius Trent was born about 1835. Very little is known of Cornelius other than he married Talitha Scalf in Claiborne County in 1856. Talitha appears to have been the widow of William Scalf. By 1860, Cornelius is not found as head of house and Talitha is living in Scott County, Virginia next door to John Scalf, Jr. In the home is a Henry Morton who is believed by this writer to have been the husband of Mary Scalf, daughter of William Scalf and Talitha.

William Scalf died 1852 - 1856 in Union County, Tennessee and Talitha remarried to Cornelius Trent. The children in the home in 1860 appear to be the children of William and Talitha with the exception of Rachel who is most likely the child of Talitha and Cornelius Trent. It is doubtful that she was the child of Henry and Mary since Mary is 18 years old here but could be possible.

William Scalf, first husband of Talitha Scalf was born around 1819 according to the 1850 Claiborne County, Tennessee census. It is believed by some that William was the son of John Scalf, Jr. This may be true but no records have been identified to suggest even a clue as to who William's parents might have been at this writing.

The parents of his wife Talitha Scalf are also unknown. William Scalf and Talitha Scalf were married in Hawkins County, Tennessee in 1839 and first appear on the 1840 census of Hawkins County. There is a female in the home that appears to have been a relative since she is near the age of the female head of house.

Hawkins County borders Washington, Sullivan, and Greene and it is possible that this William Scalf could have been a son of one of the Scalf families living in one of these counties. The same could be said of Talitha; however, none of these families appeared to have a daughter named Talitha. The fact that Talitha was living next door to John Scalf, Jr. in Scott County, Virginia strongly indicates a relationship to John Jr., but again, if William were the son of John Jr., then Talitha would have been John Jr.'s daughter-in-law and might have been taking care of John and Patsy at this time.

William Scalf is living next door to Thomas Trent on the 1840 Hawkins County, Tennessee census. William is then found in Claiborne County, Tennessee by 1850.

1840 Hawkins Co. TN     page 247

Scalf, William

One male 20 - 30      1810 - 1820
One female 10 - 15   1825 - 1830
One female 15 - 20   1820 - 1825

1850 Claiborne Co. TN    27 October 1850      7th Subdivision East District

Scalf, William 31 1819 VA
  Talitha 25 1825 VA
  Henry P. 9 1841 TN
  Mary J. 8 1842 TN
  David 6 1844 TN
  John 5 1845 TN
  Marian? Mariah 3 1847 TN
  Sarah 1 1849 TN

William Scalf died after October 5, 1852 and his will is recorded in Union County, Tennessee. He last appears on the 1851 tax list of Claiborne County, Tennessee. The will of William Scalf reveals very little information and appears to have been drawn up in haste. William may have been dying or knew he was going to die when this will was made. This will was sent to me by the Union County Historical Society and is typed in the original spelling contained in this copy.

Will of William Scalf

I, WILLIAM SCALF of the County of Claiborne and State of Tennessee, being in sound mind and disposing memory and being desirous of disposing of my property both real and personal, I will and bequeath unto my beloved wife TIBITHIA all the land and estate and all my personal estate that I am seized of and possessed of out of which I want all my just debts paid and the remainder to be kept or disposed of as she may wish to do.


October 5, 1852                Signed:  WILLIAM (X) SCALF

I.G. Palmer
(?) KECK

The will of William Scalf is recorded in Minute Book A. Gurdian Book, page 99 Union County, TN 1856-1877, microfilm roll 1. WGT.

Talitha Scalf then married Cornelius Neil Trent, son of Alexander and Polly Scalf Trent 1854 in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Cornelius appears in the 1854, 1855 and 1857 tax list of Union County, Tennessee but is not found afterwards.

1854 Union Co. TN Tax List

District 10

Trent, Cornelius      50 acres land, val. $50;  .87 - tax

1855 Union Co. TN Tax List

Trent, Cornelius      50 acres land; val. $50;  .87 - tax

1856 Union Co. TN Tax List

Cornelius not listed

1857 Union Co. TN Tax List

Trent, Cornelius      25 acres, val. $100; 1 poll;  $1.00 tax

It appears that Cornelius sold part of his property or possibly died after 1857. He was not found after this tax list but Talitha (Scalf) Scalf Trent was living in Scott County, Virginia next door to John Scalf, Jr. in 1860.

Although the family of Talitha in 1860 is confusing, my analysis is based on census records from Hawkins County concerning my maternal side of the family. A few of my mother's ancestors were listed in this same manner when married and living in the home of the female's parents. This may not apply in this situation, but it has applied to census records researched in connection with my mother's ancestors.

It appears that Henry Morton was the husband of Telitha's daughter Mary. The fact that Mary is listed last suggests this relationship. David, Mariah (or Marian) appear on the 1850 census of Claiborne. John is missing from this census and a Jesse appears being born close to the same time as John in 1850. Sarah was also listed on the 1850 census of Claiborne County. Catherine appears to have been born last to William and Talitha although she was not listed on the 1850 census. She was most likely born 1851 and listed incorrectly here or she was born after Taliltha married Cornelius Trent.

Rachel was born around 1856 after William Scalf died and after Talitha married Cornelius Trent. She is likely the daughter of Cornelius and Talitha. Mary was born 1842 from the 1950 census of Claiborne and is 18 years old on this census, which would be correct.

If Rachel were Mary's daughter then Mary would have been 14 when Rachel was born. Although it would not impossible, my conclusion to this census is that Rachel belonged to Cornelius Trent and Talitha Scalf Trent. Talitha nor her children have been found after the enumeration of this census. No further information is known of the family of Polly Scalf Trent at this time; however, research continues on these families.

1860 SCOTT CO VA 11 July 1860      Estillville

TRENT, Telitha F 40 1820 VA    
MORTON, Henry M 20 1840 VA    
  David M 18 1842 VA    
  Mariah F 16 1844 VA    
  Jessee M 14 1846 VA    
  Sarah F 12 1848 VA    
  Catharine F 10 1850 VA    
  Rachel F 4 1856 VA    
  Mary F 18 1842 VA    

No further information was found for these families.

This chapter does not intend to establish the above families as the line of Alexander and Polly Scalf Trent. This chapter is intended to aid researchers in establishing the above families in their proper lines. This information is offered to aid in sorting out the various Alexander Trent families of Hawkins County, Tennessee in order to document the line of Alexander Trent and Polly Scalf Trent. Research is ongoing in close collaboration with the Trent family researchers to sort out these families and establish these families as the line of Alexander and Polly Scalf Trent.

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