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Albert and Sarah Wingham Goens

Does anyone know how Sarah ties in with the rest of the Winghams?

Lee Scalf and son Bobby

Does anyone know who this Lee Scalf is?


Sam and Laura Scalf

Anyone know more about them?


Caption reads "Ed Scalf"

Is this Charles Edwin Scalf?


Caption reads "Ed and Beulah Scalf"

If this is the same "Ed", it's Charles Edwin Scalf


Unknown Couple

Does anyone recognize them?


Caption reads "Martha DeRossett Scalf"

Does anyone know who this is?

This is a daughter of William M. Scalf

Does anyone know if this is Clara, Cora, or Nora?

L to R: Lawrence Smith(?), Myrtle "Betty" Beshear, and ?

Does anyone know the man on the right?

Caption reads: Velma, Patsy, and Naomi Sophia Scalf

***Confirmed as Velma Jordan Scalf*** (thanks to Theresa Combs)

This is the Mary E. Denning Scalf Family

I think the guy 6th from the left, back row, is the same Lee Scalf (picture with son above)

Does anyone recognize anyone else?

(By the way, scanners do great things to old pictures.  I couldn't see anything, but playing with tones and balance I actually got some clarity.  You couldn't see a single face before.)