(John, Sr, - Lewis - James - John)

Peter Scalf, son of John Scalf, Sr. and Edeah Carlisle Scalf, was born in 1808, in Tennessee. He was twelve years of age when he, with his six brothers, was apprenticed or "bound out" by order of the Russell County, Virginia, court in 1820.

He came to Knox County, Kentucky, as a young man and married Charlotte Jackson, daughter of Milton Lewis Jackson. (1) It is presumed that most of his children by Charlotte Jackson were born on Stinking Creek where he lived for years. After the birth of his eight children he and Charlotte separated and he went to Virginia, some say Indiana, where he had a second family of eight children. The mother of these last eight children was Sarah Killard. In his old age he returned to Knox County and lived alternately with three of his sons, Milton, Thomas, and John. He died in 1897 in either Laurel or Knox County, Kentucky.

Peter's second group of children and their mother came after several years to Knox County but soon afterward removed to Virginia where her people lived. It is believed the children grew to adulthood in Lee County, Virginia. No record of their names has been procured by this writer. Much genealogical information on the Peter Scalf family, gathered and recorded by his descendants, was destroyed by fire.

The remembrances of traditional stories relative to Peter Scalf's second family as told by Molly Scalf Baker, Flat Lick, Kentucky, may serve to dispel some of the confusion as to where he and Sarah Killard lived and where their children were born. Mrs. Baker says she was told that they lived in Knoxville and that several of the eight children were born there. Deciding to migrate westward, probably to Indiana, Peter moved from either Virginia or Tennessee with a covered wagon through Cumberland Gap, across Kentucky, on to the mid-West. He returned later and stayed awhile with a daughter and her husband. After that he probably resided with the three sons, Milton, Thomas, and John.

The exact birthdate of Peter poses a question. Some of his descendants say he was born in 1808. This does not agree with the only other, and oldest record we have found. It is known that he spent some of his adult life in Knox County, Kentucky. It is there we found a census listing him and his family.

The 1850 Knox County Census gives this Peter Scalf as age 33, born in Tennessee; Lotty, his wife, age 30, born in Kentucky; a son, William, age 14; son Thomas, age 11; James, age 5; John M., age 4; all born in Kentucky. After 1850 there were born to Peter and Charlotte or "Lotty," daughters Rhoda and Emily, and a son, Milton, born 1854. Some of his descendants say there was also a Peter, Jr., making a total of eight children in the first family, Considering the age given to Hugh White, enumerator of the 1850 Knox County Census, and the date of 1808 as stated by descendants as the birthdate of Peter, we find no means of reconciliation, It is possible that the enumerator was given Peter and Charlotte's ages by a third person, thus accounting for their error, if one exists, The present writer is inclined to accept the traditionary date of 1808 as correct.

Thomas Jefferson Scalf, son of Peter and Charlotte, was a livery stable, operator of Flat Lick, Kentucky. John was a farmer of Laurel County; Milton became a minister of Knox County; James married a Jackson and reared a family and we are told, was killed by straggling Confederate veterans or guerrillas following the Civil War. His children were James, married Mary Jackson; Noah, Francis (France), William, Milton, and Amanda.

John Scalf, son of Peter and Charlotte Jackson Scalf, was born in 1846 and married Joyce Edwards. Two sons of this union were William, who married Amanda Killion; and Peter, who married Kittie Bright. John subsequently married Rose Ann ("Cody") Hubbard, daughter of Moses Hubbard, of Knox County. To this marriage was born Greenberry, Robert, Isaac, Jesse E., Joshua, Martha, Elizabeth (died Young), Nancy, Alabama, Lora. (2)

Peter Scalf (1867-1935) and Kittie Bright Scalf were parents of a daughter, Edna. William (1865-1948) and Amanda Killion Scalf were parents of these children: Elmer, Robert, Chester, Jesse, William, Jr., and James. James died in 1942 in Laurel County.

Thomas Jefferson Scalf, son of Peter and Charlotte Jackson Scalf, married Martha Hammonds, and were parents of 14 children. They are buried at Flat Lick, Kentucky. Information on the family, as far as could be gathered from his will and other sources, follows:

1. Ellen Scalf, married Press Davis; both buried in Catholic Cemetery, Loretto, Marion County, Kentucky.

2. Nancy (Mary) Scalf, married Willis Boughton, second Nick (?) Smith Stone, died in Arkansas.

3. Elijah Scalf, married Nannie Rice; owned a handle factory in Somerset, Kentucky; was injured by a machine and died; factory still operated by family.

4. Susan Scalf, died at ca 19 years; buried at Scalf, Kentucky.

5. Henry S. Scalf, married Monnie Hoskins, and following her death remarried to Chestella Williams, Cumberland Gap, Tenn.

6. Dow White Scalf, founder of Scalf Medicine Company which manufactured Scalf's Indian River Tonic, married Sarah Disney. She is buried at Flat Lick, Kentucky, and he at LaFollette, Tennessee.

7. Laura (Sarah) Scalf, married George Farley, of Laural County. She is buried at Flat Lick.

8. James W. Scalf, married Florence York; buried at Jellico, Tennessee.

9. Lee Scalf, married Polly May Owens, of Barbourville, Kentucky. She is buried at Barbourville. He married second Julia ......... who is still living (1967) in Florida. Two children of last union are Clifton and Ritchie. Lee Scalf is buried at New Smyrna, Florida.

10. Axie Scalf, married William W. Crowder. Her husband is buried at Alexander, North Carolina. The Crowder Press is operated by a member of the family at Jupiter, North Carolina.

11. Elizabeth Scalf, married Gray.

12. Johnny Scalf.

13. It is said there were two others. (See Appendix I).

We are indebted to Mrs. Cordia Scalf Alstott, 121 Martins Circle, Fort Smith, Arkansas, for information on the family of James Scalf (son of James, killed by guerrillas) and Mary Jackson Scalf. There were 12 children. (1) Martha, died unmarried in 1945. (2) Maggie, died age two years. (3) John, born 1887, died 1958. Married Ruth Ann Reed, Belleville, Arkansas, and had 10 children. One daughter is Mrs. Norma Pratt, Mountain Home, Arkansas. (4) Daniel. Lived at Booneville, Arkansas. By his first wife, name not learned, he had four daughters. He subsequently married twice. (5) Child, unnamed, died at birth. (6) Joyce Ellen, died 1939. Married three times. Her first husband was William Ross and they were parents of four daughters. She married second to a Davis and had one daughter. Her third marriage was to Lynn Owen. They were parents of a son. (7) James, married Dove Reed, sister of Ann Reed, wife of his brother, John. Divorced. Married second to Gertrude Whitlock, Fort Smith, Arkansas. Lived in Oklahoma. Six children. James died 1950. His widow lives (1967) in California. (8) Axie Helen, born Feb. 26, 1898, died 1918. She was married more than once. One daughter, Mrs. Virgil Weaver, resides (1967) in Spiro Okla. (9) Cordia, born Nov. 20, 1900. Married twice. First to Harrison Goins in 1915. One daughter, Marie. Married second to Ruby Alstott in 1932. Two daughters, (10) Sollie (Solomon ?), born 1903, died 1942. Married Baker. One son, deceased, (11) Dora, born 1905, married Albert Knight. One daughter, Married second to Ernest Cole, Lives (1967) in Spiro, Oklahoma. (12) Sherman, born 1907, died 1933.

James Scalf and Mary Jackson Scalf lived for years in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He died July 1942 and is buried at Rogers, Ark. Mary Jackson Scalf, born Nov. 7, 1865, died Nov. 29, 1929, at Ballanger, Texas, while on a visit there. Mary Jackson Scalf was a daughter of Daniel Jackson.

Issue of John Scalf (1887-1958) and Ruth Ann Reed Scalf (No. 3 above) were Virgie, born Dec. 2, 1907; Kalab, born July 30, 1910, had name legally changed to James Ledford; Myrtle, born July 9, 1913; Lorene, born March 9, 1916; Marie, born Sept. 12, 1918; Buford, born Jan. 25, 1921; Don, born March 19, 1923; Lloyd, born March 12, 1927; Norma, born Aug. 5, 1930, now Mrs. Norma Pratt, wife of Robert Pratt, resides at Mountain Home, Arkansas; Leroy, born Jan. 22, 1935.

Greenberry Scalf, son of John and Rose Ann Hubbard Scalf and grandson of Peter and Charlotte Jackson Scalf, was born in 1870, died 1905. He married Kate McHargue. One son and two daughters: McKinley, Martha, and Bessie.

Robert Scalf', son of John and Rose Ann Hubbard Scalf and grandson of Peter and Charlotte Jackson Scalf, was born 1874, died 1957. He married Emily Hubbard. They had no children.

Joshua ("Doc") Scalf, son of John and Rose Ann Hubbard Scalf, was born 1877, died 1954. He married Rainey Sturgill. To them were born three sons and three daughters: Herbert, David, Frank, Anne, Mamie, and Lucille.

Frank Scalf, son of John and Rose Ann Hubbard Scalf, was born 1880, died 1958. He married Jane Kopenhaver. One son, Arthur, born 1906, died about 1958, and a daughter, name not learned. Arthur had several children. He lived in Birmingham, Alabama.

Jesse Elliott Scalf, son of John and Rose Ann Hubbard Scalf, was born 1886, died June 16, 1967, Sarasota, Florida. He first married Rillie Hubbard, who preceded him in death. He remarried to Carrie Mills; no children, A son by the first union was Kenneth, born 1911, victim of an auto accident in 1933. (Appendix II).

Isaac Scalf, son of John and Rose Ann Hubbard Scalf, was born 1884, died 1935. He married Clara Hurley. Two sons: Esker H. and Ronald. One daughter, May Ola, is deceased. Esker H., born Jan. 25, 1910, married Opal Carroll. Two children of Esker H. and Opal Carroll Scalf are Leo E. and Betty Ruth. Leo E. Scalf, born March 9, 1930, married Mary Ann Magner. Two children of Leo E. and Mary Ann Magner Scalf are Kevin Brian and Brenda Lee. (Esker H. Scalf, to whom we are indebted for much information on this branch of the Scalf family, resides (1967) at 51110 Bakman Street, North Hollywood, California).

Rev. Milton Scalf, son of Peter and Charlotte Jackson Scalf, was born June 11, 1858, Knox County, Kentucky. He died October 17, 1935 in the county of his birth. He was one of the most revered ministers of his region. At one time he was prominently identified with the successful campaign to elect Flem D. Sampson, a native of Barbourville, as Governor of Kentucky. (3)

We are indebted to the minister's Bible, now (1967) in the possession of a daughter, Mrs. Mollie Baker, Flat Lick, Kentucky for information on the children of Rev. Milton Scalf. He was twice married.

Milton Scalf first married Polly Hubbard, born Jan. 1, 1856. She was a daughter of Moses Hubbard. Fifteen children were born to this union. They were James Matterson, born Dec. 8, 1875; Dorey, born Jan, 12, 1877; Isabell, born Oct. 17, 1878; Thomas, born July 28, 1879; Perley, born July 20, 1880; Rillia, born 1882; Julia, born Jan. 1, 1884; Lula, died age 9; Lee Andrew, born Feb. 22, 1887; Mollie, born Jan. 14, 1889; Effie, born July, 1882; Dillie, born Dec. 5, 1893; Nancy, born Sept. 11, 1895; Minia ("Minnie"), born July 7, 1896; Axey, born May 21, 1899.

Rev. Milton Scalf married second to Laura Black, March 13, 1918. Nine children were born to this union, making a total of 24 sons and daughters by both marriages. Born to Milton ana Laura Black Scalf were James Franklin, born Dec. 22, 1918, "disappeared" in Michigan; Isaac, born Sept. 10, 1921, died 1958; M.J.R., born April 3, 1923; Edith, born Jan. 15, 1926; Haskel, born Dec. 18, 1927; Shirley, born May 21, 1930; Samuel, born Sept. 20, 1932, married Sue Wolfe; Mollie B., and Henry B. who died Nov. 7, 1934, twins, born Nov. 6, 1934.


1. L.A. Scalf, son of Milton and Polly Hubbard Scalf, 3521 Adams Street, Bellwood, Illinois, writes of his grandmother, Charlotte Jackson Scalf: "Our grandmother on our father's side was a Jackson and she was a tough old lady, too. She used to sit in the corner, long time ago when I was a child, and with her chin upon her hand and her elbow on her knee, she would tell tales of wolves, rattlesnakes, bears and what-not in the pioneer days of old Kentucky. She was a sister of Uncle Milt Jackson, that's why my father Milton got the name. Uncle Milt Jackson was a jolly old person until he died."

2. Jesse Elliott Scalf, Sarasota, Florida, writes about the children of John Scalf and Joyce Edwards Scalf: "Besides my halfbrothers, William and Peter, my father had Greenberry, Robert, Isaac, Jesse Elliott, and daughters Alabama, married Green; Martha, married Brock; Nancy, married Hodge; and Lora, married Hodge. Sister Elizabeth died at age two."

Our informant, perhaps due to his age, neglected to mention his brothers Joshua and Frank.

3. L.A. Scalf, Bellwood, Illinois, writes about two Milton Scalfs. "There were two Milton Scalfs. My father was the elder one and the other Milton Scalf was a brother to France Scalf, and William Scalf, but I do not know from what branch of Scalfs they came. William Scalf is yet living, I understand (1957). We used to call the younger Milton Scalf, 'Little Milt.' He was younger and used to work for my father. 'Little Milt' married Cecilia Markel. He has been dead some time. He was blind 16 years before he passed away at the age of 82 but his widow, Cecilia, is nearing 80, ... and lives at Artemus, Ky."

                                                   APPENDIX I

                             WILL OF THOMAS JEFFERSON SCALF

(Recorded Nov. 21, 1905, Will Book C, Page 545, Knox County, Kentucky.)

In the name of God, Amen. I, Thomas J. Scalf, having lived to a good old age and knowing the uncertency [sic] of life and the assurance of death do this November 8th, 1904, make and publish this my last will and testament.

I will and bequeath unto my children namely Mary (?) Stone, Elizabeth Gray; H.S. (Henry ?) Scalf; J.W. Scalf; the infant heirs of E. (Elijah ?) S. Scalf; D.W. Scalf; Ellen Davis; Sarah (Laura ?) Farley; Lee Scalf; Ashia (Axie ?) Crowder and Johnny Scalf. After my burial expenes and what little debts I owe is just is paid then the remainder of my real and personal property which I request to be equally divided with my eleven children herein mentioned. My real estate, composed of dwelling house and lot, butcher's shop and in Flat Lick, Knox County, Ky. Also one stone house and lot in Flat Lick, Knox County in the forks of the road all of which may be fully described by my deed to same.

I further desire that said children put same to best use and benefit and that the division I here make may satisy all of them. Done by me at Flat Lick, Knox County, Ky. the day and date above written. In the presence of Andrew Short. Attest this mark, Thomas J. Scalf.

                                        APPENDIX II

                              JESSE ELLIOTT SCALF

(Jesse Elliott Scalf was a son of John and Rose Ann Hubbard Scalf, and grandson of Peter and Charlotte Jackson Scalf. The following is from a Sarasota, Florida, newspaper, June 17, 1967. His death occurred June 8, eight days prior to his 81st birthday, which would have been June 16, 1967.)

"Jesse E. Scalf, 80, 1648 Fortuna Street, Sarasota, Fla. died Thursday in the Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Mr. Scalf was born in Lily, Kentucky, and came to Sarasota 17 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky.

"He was a member of the First Baptist Church and had taught the Good Samaritan Sunday School class for 13 years. He was a veteran of the Spanish-American War and was a retired conductor for the L. and N. Railroad.

"Surviving are his wife, Carrie E.; a granddaughter, Mrs. Willard Whoberry, of Morganfield, Kentucky; and two great-grandchildren.

"Funeral services will be conducted Saturday, at 11 a.m., at the Toale Brothers Downtown Chapel, 40 N. Orange Ave., with the Rev. John Whitt officiating. Honorary pallbearers will be all members and former members of the Good Samaritan class.

"Further services and interment will be in Louisville."

(Jesse Elliott Scalf was much interested in the preparation of this history of the Scalf family and only a few days prior to death dictated a letter by his wife to Mrs. Elsie Payne Archer, Springfield, Illinois, containing information on the Peter Scalf descendants.)

Copyright (C) 1970 by Henry P. Scalf, All Rights Reserved.