(Brittan - John,Sr, - Lewis - James - John)

Lee Scalf, son of Brittan and Talitha Couch Scalf, was born in Russell County, Virginia, in 1837. He was eight years old when brought to Johns Creek by his widowed mother. His name has been variously written as Levi and Levy but he was known to everyone as Lee. This was probably his correct name. On his marriage license the name was written, Levy.

Lee Scalf married Mary Ann Bevins Reed, widow of Reubin Reed, of the Big Creek section of Northern Pike County, Kentucky. The marriage occurred in Floyd County, Kentucky, August 10, 1653. His wife was born in 1841, according to the 1880 Pike County census. Reubin Reed, her first husband, was born in 1829 and died probably in the 1850-1852 period. Reubin and Mary Ann were parents of a daughter, Amie. (1)

There is a tradition extant with one line of descendants of Lee Scalf that he was a Union soldier, having enlisted at White Sulphur Springs, Virginia, now West Virginia. No record of this service has been found. If he did enlist as a Union soldier this service would have been contrary to the sentiments of all his brothers who were staunch Confederates. The possibility exists that Lee may have been affiliated with some Home Guard organization.

Lee and Mary Ann Scalf resided on a farm on the Elkins Branch of Rockhouse Fork of Big Creek of Pike County. Besides farming he engaged in logging. They were the parents of one son, James Emery, who married Frances E. Maynard ca 1880, daughter, of Barney Maynard and Pricie M. Robinson Maynard. (2) Mary Ann Bevins Scalf preceded her husband in death and he remarried to Susan Varney. There were no children of this second union.

Descendants of Lee and James Emery Scalf are concentrated in the Tug River Valley which separates Kentucky and West Virginia. Some live in Williamson, W. Va., vicinity, others in Ohio.

Issue of James Emery Scalf and Frances Maynard Scalf, according to research of Frank Scalf, Columbus, Ohio, were: Louisa Scalf, born 1881; Lincoln Scalf, born Jan. 12, 1882; Samuel D. Scalf, born Dec. 1, 1885; David W. Scalf, born March 13, 1886; Benjamin Scalf, born Oct. 8, 1888; Oliver Scalf, born August 9, 1892; and Mary Ann Scalf, born Jan. 5, 1897.

Mrs. Laura Elkins Jackson, Gulnare, Kentucky, who was acquainted with the James Emery Scalf family, gives a variant list of children: Louisia ("Vicey"), married George Young; Lincoln Scalf; Dallas Scalf, married a Stepp; William, married a Varney; Benjamin Scalf, never married; Mary Ann Scalf, married a Young; and Matt, died age three. The research of Frank Scalf and the remembrances of Mrs. Jackson can probably be reconciled and the differences may be due in part to common, ordinary nicknames that were so often bestowed in families or neighborhoods.

James Emery Scalf had some legal training but there is no evidence that he practiced the profession. He did, however, serve as a notary and gave advice to relatives and friends on legal matters. During the last decade or more of his life he became a minister of the Church of the Brethren (Dunkards). He was stricken in the spring of 1899 while at work in a field, probably with a heart attack. He executed his will, July 17, 1899 and died July 30, 1899. He and his father are buried on the family cemetery on the Elkins Branch of Rockhouse Fork.

Oliver Scalf, son of James Emery and Frances Maynard Scalf, married Edna Maynard, daughter of Rev. Heeon Maynard and Alice Ann Lowe Maynard. Oliver resided for years on Big Brushy Creek, Pike County, Kentucky, near the postoffice of Heenon, Kentucky. One daughter, Elsie, married Arthur Clark, of Pike County.

Lincoln Scalf, son of James Emery Scalf and Frances Maynard Scalf, married ca 1901, the name of his wife unavailable except that her first name was Daisy, born Nov. 17, 1885, died Nov. 28, 1903. A son, the name unavailable, was born Feb. 9, 1903. He remarried March 12, 1906 to Ella Stacy, at the home of Jonathan Estep, a minister, Mingo County, West Virginia.

Issue of the marriage of Lincoln Scalf and Ella Stacy Scalf were: Inez Scalf, born Dec. 28, 1907, married C......... E Shaheen; James Emery Scalf, born April 26, 1910, married Georgia Stepp (3); Kelba Scalf, born April 27, 1911, married Ollie H. Shaheen; Elaine Scalf, born Feb. 13, 1911, married Harry Dale Cross; Marie Scalf, born March 24, 1919, married Dennis Conley; Hazel Scalf, born Feb. 10, 1922, married Don Carnes; Margaret Scalf, born Nov. 9, 1924, married Gilbert Irvine.

Lincoln Scalf was employed most of his life in and around Williamson, W. Va. as a carpenter. He was killed Oct. 15, 1934 by John Tilley at the corner of Pike and Third Street, Williamson, W. Va. He lies buried on the Elkins Branch of Rockhouse Fork.

James Emery Scalf, son of Lincoln Scalf, was born April 26, 1910, married Georgia Stepp, of Inez, Martin County, Kentucky, Jan. 3, 1927. She was born July 7, 1905, a daughter of John R. Stepp and Amanda Melvina Stepp.

Issue of James Emery Scalf and Georgia Stepp Scalf were James Scalf, born Jan. 12, 1928; Ella Louise Scalf, born Oct. 20, 1929; Frank Scalf, born Feb. 25, 1932; Oll Ray Scalf, born Nov. 19, 1933; Florence Scalf, born March 2, 1936; Anna Belle Scalf, born Nov. 17, 19 38; William Russell Scalf , born June 2 3, 1942; Buddy Ralph Scalf born Oct. 8, 1946; Charles Edward Scalf, born April 19, 1949.

James E. Scalf was a carpenter, employed mostly in the vicinity of Williamson, W. Va. He moved after marriage to Martin County, Kentucky. He entered the U.S. Army Jan. 3, 1944 and was discharged Nov. 26, 1945. He moved in January 1960 to Clendennin, West Virginia.

Frank Scalf, son of James E. and Georgia Stepp Scalf, was born on the Collins Fork of Coldwater Creek, Martin County, Kentucky. He enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, Feb. 6, 1948, served in Korea and Japan, and was discharged Feb. 5, 1952 at Denver, Colorado. He married Peggy Ann Crouch, of Monticello, Kentucky, August 29, 1953, at Paintsville, Kentucky. Their children are Ada Marie Scalf, born June 27, 1954; Wanda Lea Scalf, born Feb, 20, 1956; Dorothy Joan Scalf , born July 29, 1961; Donna Jean Scalf, born July 29, 1961; and Michael Frank Scalf, born April 29, 1966.

The Frank Scalf family moved to Columbus, Ohio in the summer of 1953. He has been an employee of Westinghouse Electric for 15 years and is now in a management position.


1. Mary Ann Bevins Reed Scalf was a daughter of George Bevins and Nancy Williamson Bevins of the Rockhouse Fork of Big Creek. George Bevins was a son of John Bevins and Mary Jane Stacy Bevins. John was a son of the pioneer, Joseph Bevins, who came to Pike County, Kentucky, from Belfast, Ireland. Nancy Williamson was a daughter of John and Elender Black Williamson. John Williamson was the second son of Alden and Isabell Thompson Williamson, Eastern Kentucky pioneers.

2. The Maynard family of Big Brushy Creek, a tributary of Johns Creek, was founded by Christopher Columbus Maynard, of North Carolina, sometime in the first decade of the Nineteenth Century. Two sons of Christopher were James and Christopher ("One-eyed Kit"). James married Rebecca Chappel, a native or Virginia, and Christopher ("Kit") , a son, married Eva Shockey. Christopher ("Kit") and Eva Shockey Maynard were parents of Barney Maynard, father of Grantie Maynard Scalf, wife of Emery Scalf. Heenon Maynard, father of Edna Maynard who married Oliver Scalf, was a son of Jarar Maynard and Martha Ann Tunmire Maynard. Jarad was a son of James, who was a son of Christopher ("Kit") Maynard.

3. Georgia Stepp Scalf, wife of James E. Scalf, was born July 7, 1905, the seventh daughter of John R. Stepp and Amanda Melvina Maynard. John R. Stepp, born August 10, 1870, was a son of Moses Stepp and Jane Meek, married July 1, 1890, Martin County, Kentucky. Jane Meek, born ca 1870, was a daughter of William Meek and Elizabeth Mollett. William and Elizabeth were married in Lawrence County, Kentucky, Sept. 5, 1833. John R. Stepp died March 9, 1940 and Amanda Melvina Stepp died Oct. 27, 1951. They are buried in the family cemetery on Collins Branch of Coldwater Creek, Martin county.

Ella Stacy Scalf, wife of Lincoln Scalf, was a daughter of Thomas Jefferson Stacy and Parlina Scott Stacy, natives of the Pond Creek section of Pike County. He was the son of James Stacy and Melinda Mullins. Parlina Scott was a daughter of Thomas Scott and Levina Stafford.