(Brittan - John, Sr., - Lewis - James - John)

Jeremiah (Jerry) Scalf, son of Brittan and Talitha Couch Scalf, was born in Russell County, Virginia, in 1823 and named for his uncle, Jeremiah Couch. We know nothing of his teen-age life except that when he was about 17 years old, in 1840, he crossed over the Cumberlands to Southeastern Kentucky to be with his uncles, Robert, Jesse and Peter Scalf. At about this time he married Sarah Brinstone, the place not known. It is conceivable that he married in Virginia and moved to Clay County, Kentucky, after his marriage. She was the same age as her husband, according to the 1850 Clay County Census.

At the time of the enumeration of the 1850 Clay County Census he and Sarah were the parents of three children: James Brittain, born 1845; Cynthia, born 1847; and William, born 1849. All were listed as born in Kentucky. A Frances Paine, age 19, born in Kentucky, was living in the household.

Sometime between 1850 and 1860 Jeremiah and his family moved from Clay County to Pike County, Kentucky. We know no reason for the move but he was possessed of 1ittle land in Clay County and had a small real estate holding of a value of only $200 in 1850 so it was an easy matter to make arrangements to move. His mother and younger brothers and sisters had preceded him to Pike County several years. Archibald, a brother, was now married and living in adjacent Floyd County and Levy and John, two other brothers, were married and residing in Pike County as was a sister, Elizabeth, and her husband, William Blackburn. Nancy Bo (Mary) had married Columbus C. Mills and lived in nearby Martin County, then Floyd. Jeremiah's move may have been the natural inclination of a person to follow his people.

The 1860 Pike County Census shows that four other children had been born between 1850 and 1860. These were Nancy L., born 1852; Mary, born 1854; Melissa, born 1856; and a daughter, her name uncertain, but probably Hemy, born 1959. In addition, another child, which probably died infant, was born in Pike County, March 12, 1854. It was named Tabitha.

Jeremiah resided on Buffalo Creek, Pike County, Kentucky, on land afterward owned by his son, Amos Scalf, and after that by Floyd Scott, and now (1968) owned by James Clark, about a mile from the Pike-Floyd County line. His homesite was less than half a mile from the land patented by his brother, Hezekiah Scalf, in 1886.

Jeremiah died previous to 1864 for his widow remarried August 26, that year, to LeRoy Vaughan, according to Floyd County marriage records. Two of Jeremiah's children, James Brittain and Cynthia, married in 1866 so we can rather safely assume that he and Sarah Brinstone were married in the early 1840's, previous to the date of the migration of Talitha Scalf to Kentucky.

Farming and logging were the occupations of residents of Buffalo Creek during the life of Jeremiah and little of the latter for the industry scarcely touched the isolated valleys like Buffalo Creek. He lived chiefly by farming and since the area was dominated by near pioneer conditions of life was a severe struggle., Elderly residents of the area several decades ago recalled that Jeremiah was a quiet natured man and of undoubted integrity in the transactions of the day.

Of the children of Jeremiah and Sarah Scalf, a son, Amos, was born in 1862, probably about a year prior to his father's death. Amos was two years old when his mother remarried. Of the nine children we have full or meager records of only seven. There are no records on Hemy and Tabitha.

I. Amos (Witch) Scalf, born June 22, 1862, married, 1878, Sarah Jane Music, born April 6, 1858, daughter of Andrew Music and Emily Bowen Music. Amos Scalf and family migrated near the turn of the century to the State of Washington. He and wife died there. They were-the parents. of nine children: Mary, Andrew, Wesley, Emma, Lee, Callie, Anna, Nora, Jerry.

1. Mary Scalf, born June 12, 1880, Married Albert H. Goble, born September 13, 1876, died May, 1966, (see Appendix). She died February 6, 1907. They were the parents of four children: Edna S., Bertha, Anna M., Otis S.

(a)  Edna S. Goble, born September 5, 1898, married Stanley C. Bright. Parents of two children: Betty Ja Bright, born March 31, 1924 and Jack S. Bright, born January 3, 1927. Betty Bright married Clifton E. LaHue, born August 9, 1924. Clifton E. LaHue and Betty Bright LaHue had three children: Claudia J. LaHue, born July 28, 1950, Deborah J. LaHue, born May 2, 1954, and Kelly K. LaHue, born October 21, 1958. Jack S. Bright, son of Stanley C. Bright and Edna S. Goble Bright, married June 26, 1955 Phyllis Fairweather, born June 10, 1934. Jack S. Bright and Phyllis Fairweather Bright were parents of three children; Glenn R. Bright, born July 7, 1957, Sheryl Ann Bright, born October 18, 1958, and Robert N. Bright, born Feb. 3, 1962.

(b) Bertha Goble, born November 15, 1901, married Gregory H. Greiter, died July 12, 1947. She died April 3, 1948. They were the parents of three children; Gilbert R. Greiter, born July 2, 1928; Jean R. Greiter, and Joan F. Greiter, twins, born November 20, 1934. Gilbert R. Greiter married, March 8, 1951, Patricia Bennett and they were the parents of four children; Gregory L. Greiter, born December 15, 1951; Kimberly J. Greiter, born May 9, 1956; Tamera S. Greiter, born August 3, 1958; and Judith K. Greiter, born July 13, 1960. Jean R. Greiter married October 23, 1954, Jack White, born May 13, 1935 and were parents of two children: Timothy Ad White, born July 5, 1959, and Tracy J. White, born June 14, 1961. Joan F. Greiter married, January 16, 1954, Robert H. Canfield, born July 22, 1935, and are parents of two children: Patricia J. Canfield, born November 20, 1955, and Karen A. Canfield, born September 18, 1957.

(c) Anne M. Goble, born July 30, 1905, married March 10, 1941, Barney F. Field, born August 5, 1901.

(d) Otis S. Goble, born March 8, 1903, died May 3, 1906.

2. Andrew Scalf, born June 6, 1882, married Martha Goble. Andrew made a journey to Alaska to prospect for gold but returned to Washington where he died ca 1936.

3. Wesley Scalf, born March 9, 1885, died 1887.

4. Emma Scalf, born April 16, 1887, married Thomas Coleman.

5. Lee Scalf, born October 5, 1889.

6. Callie Scalf, born March 19, 1892, married, August 15, 1921, Thomas A. Saunders, born May 13, 1883, died May 3, 1959. They were parents of six children: Daughter died infant, Thomas M.., Evelyn, Arleen, Donald, Gilbert.

(a) Thomas M. Saunders, born September 13, 1923, died August 1, 1948. Thomas M. married Delaine Jagar; one daughter, Lee Ann, living in St. Paul, Minnesota.

(b) Evelyn Saunders, born June 16, 1925. Married Roy Conradi. Five children: Linda, Pamela, Paula, Deborah, Julie.

(c) Arleen Saunders, born September 25, 1927. Married Melvin Frederickson. Six children: Sharon, Melvin, Tommy, Connie, Marcia, Mike.

(d) Donald Saunders, born June 15, 1929.

(e) Gilbert Saunders, born July 2, 1933. Married Patricia Burkett. Two children: Kristen and Susan.

7. Anna Scalf, born October 12, 1894, married Wallace Morris. Three children of Wallace Morris and Anna Scalf Morris were Lee, Hubert and Willard. Lee, born August 11, 1913, married Agatha Marian Graves, born August 22, 1918. Issue of Lee and Agatha Morris are Robert Lee, born April 30, 1935; Betty Jean, born May 17, 1937; and Donald Francis, born December 19, 1939. Robert Lee Morris married Sara Etta Smith, born April 16, 1936 and were parents of four children: Jay Dion, born January 18, 1958; Timothy Dan, born January 21, 1959; Sarah Marie, born August 26, 1960; Karlita Rose, born July 31, 1962. Betty Jean Morris married Wayne Gordon Ridlon, born April 27, 1932 and four children were Susan Kay, born January 27, 1957; Cheryl Ann, born June 21, 1958; Diana Lynne, born May 1, 1961; Debra Jo, born May 14, 1962. Donald Francis Morris married Suzanna Boncore, born July 3, 1937 and three children were Lorraine Elizabeth, born April 14, 1958; Craig Steven, born October 26, 1959; Donna Sue, born October 28, 1960.

Hubert Morris married Barbara Mae Brewster, born May 22, 1929. She was a daughter of Van Horn Brewster (1885-1946) and Anna Estelle Brewster, born May 24, 1899. One son of Hubert and Barbara Brewster Morris is James Richard, born September 12, 1959.

Willard Morris, son of Wallace and Anna Scalf Morris, married Violet Burlingame. Two children are Willard, Jr., born 1938, and Anna Mae, born 1941. Willard Morris, Jr. married Dee Asbury. One son is James Dean, born May, 1962. Anna Mae Morris married Gene Love. One son, name not learned, was born 1965.

8. Nora Scalf. Born April 12, 1897. Married Carl Smith.

9. Jerry Scalf, born December 10, 1899, married Nellie Larson. Three daughters by this marriage; Verna, Myrtle, and Dora. Jerry remarried second to Virginia Morriell. Three sons by this marriage: Paul, David and Morris.

                                  (End of Amos Scalf Generation)

II. James Britton (Bud) Scalf, Married Mary Elizabeth Thompson. Resided on Buffalo Creek, Pike County. Two sons: William Wayne Scalf (1870-1931) and John Wesley Scalf (1873-1962). They were known all over the area as "Willie and Cooge." Loving the solitude of the mountain woodlands and the excitement of the chase they became expert marksmen. In the first decade of the present century there was much talk of the State of Washington in Southern West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky and Andrew Scalf, son of Amos Scalf, visited the state and sent back glowing reports of the opportunity offered on the west coast.

Many area families made plans to migrate to Washington, among them the Musics, Gobles, Thompsons and Scalfs. Several completed their plans and left for the West in 1911, among them the families of John Wesley and William Wayne Scalf. (See appendix at the end of chapter).

1. William Wayne Scalf, born February 28, 1870, killed in a car accident January 3, 1931. Married Martha DeRossett, daughter of Thomas DeRossett, Floyd County, Kentucky. Issue were Everett C. (Ras), born July 22, 1890; Thomas, born December 23, 1891; Joseph K., May 13, 1894; John Wesley, born November 28, 1897; Mary Jane, born January 21, 1901, died December 24, 1903; Bailey, born March 13, 1904; Melvina, born February 3, 1908; Alice; Cleo; and Ida May.

(a) Everett C. (Ras) Scalf never married. He died in 1960. He visited relatives in Eastern Kentucky in the early 1920's and was employed here for a few months but returned to Washington.

(b) Thomas Scalf married Grace Short. Children were Floyd, Howard, Myrel, Audry, Wilford. Information on this family incomplete except that all of them married.

(c) Joseph K. Scalf married Mary Bell Bishop, born Dec. 4, 1898, died June 2, 1927. Children were Lola Belle, born 1920, drowned in Cyprus River in 1932; Geneva, born Feb. 22, 1923; Helen, born Feb. 27, 1924; Willis, born Sept. 29, 1925. Willis married, wife's name unavailable, but had three children: Donald, Tina, Dwane. Geneva Scalf married Wilbur Hackney, son of James and Eliza Hackney and two children were William, born 1949, and Debra, born 1952. Helen Scalf married Harry Lindberg and to them were born three children: Harry Joseph; Karen Elaine, born Dec. 2. 1943; and Lola Belle, born Dec. 19, 1946. Harry Joseph Lindberg and his wife, name unavailable, had two children: Cheryl Lee, born May 9, 1963; and Joseph Dwayne, born Sept. 13, 1965. Karen Elaine Lindberg married R.V. Smith and three children are R.V. Smith, Jr., born Dec. 27, 1962; Sonya Lynn Smith, born July 5, 1964; and Domin Dean Smith, born June 18, 1965. Lola Belle Lindberg married Bowen. Two children are Ronda Helen Bowen, born April 15, 1964; and Sheila Dell Bowen, born April 26, 1966.

(d) John Wesley Scalf married Lucille Velma Hackney, born March 27, 1914. Children were Barbara Ella, born Jan. 19, 1933; Ernest Morris, born April 13, 1935; Betty Ann, born July 13, 1937. Barbara Ella Scalf married Elmer Day, son of Enoch and Mary Short Day and children were Roger John, born Dec. 26, 1948; Darrell Dean, born June 13, 1950; Twila Fern, born Aug. 6, 1951; and Wayne El, born June 5, 1956, Ernest Morris Scalf married, wife's name unavailable, and had three children: Marty Joe, born Dec. 2, 1956; Dona Marie, born April 18, 1958; and Aaron Ernest, born June 25, 1959, died April 23, 1960. Betty Ann Scalf married Dale Workman and children were Penny Frieda, born May 5, 1953, and Delbert Emery, born Jan. 16, 1955.

(e) Bailey Scalf married Bertha Ward. One daughter, Phyllis, born Nov. 13, 1933. Phyllis married a Richie or Ritchie and two known children are Dannie and Mike.

(f) Mary Jane Scalf was born Jan. 21, 1901, died Dec. 24, 1903.

(g) Melvina Scalf, born Feb. 3, 1908, died Dec. 7, 1944. Married Herbert Morris, son of Jack and Melinda Mills Morris. Issue were Winifred, born Dec. 31, 1924; Gene, born Sept. 8, 1928; Beverly, born March 18, 1933; and Lois, born Jan. 15, 1935. Winifred Morris, wife's name unavailable, had two known children: Susie, born July 25, 1954; and Steven, born Sept. 26, 1956. Gene Morris, wife's name unavailable, had four children. Dave, born May 2, 1951; Keven, born Aug. 26, 1952; Wendelyn, born Jan. 9, 1954; Rachell, born Feb. 16, 1956, Beverly Morris married Perkins and children were Diane, born July 27, 1954; Donna, born Dec. 6, 1955; Karen, born June 8, 1957; and Sharon, born Jan.17, 1961. Lois Morris, husband's name unavailable, had two known children: Wanda, born Nov. 12, 1953; and Claudette, born May 4, 1956.

(h) Alice Cleo Scalf married Charles Hackney. Two children were Dale and Shirley. Dale married first Jerri Hessley, daughter of Clarence and Zeila Hessler. Divorced. One daughter was Pamela Hackney, born 1949. Dale married second to Phyllis Abel. Sons of this union were Bruce, Wayne, and Charles R., born May 30, 1965, died April 24, 1966. Shirley Hackney married Eddie Whatron. Daughters of Shirley and Eddie Whatron. are Ronda, born Jan. 16, 1955, and Brenda, born Feb. 1, 1958.

(i) Ida May Scalf married George Moore. One daughter was Loretta Moore, married Lowery. Loretta had three children: Arlan Lowery, born 1951; Patrick Lowery, born 1952; and Melody Lowery, born 1954.

2. John Wesley (Cooge) Scalf, son of James Brittain and Mary Thompson Scalf, and grandson of Jeremiah and Sarah Brinstone Scalf, was born March 22, 1873, died Oct. 4, 1962. He married first Martha Viola Clark, born March 20, 1873, daughter of Addison and Sarah Adams Clark, of Floyd County, Kentucky. Martha Clark Scalf died in Washington, Oct. 28, 1912, and John Wesley Scalf remarried to Emma Music, daughter of Marion and Caroline Crider Music. Nine children were born to the first union and 11 to the second marriage. Four children of the first marriage, Roland, Brian, Elizabeth and Nellie, died in April 1910 from measles contracted on the train enroute to Washington. The other five children of the first marriage were General L., born Feb. 22, 1899; Mae Sarah, born Jan. 31, 1905; George Quilvens born Feb, 21, 1907; Vada A. born Feb. 15, 1910, and Nora Viola, born Oct. 28, 1912.

General L. Scalf married May 11, 1929, Lucinda Taylor, born Floyd County, Ky., June 6, 1895. They were the parents of a son, Robert, born Jan. 22, 1932. Mae Sarah Scalf married March 5, 1923, Russell L. Kirkpatrick, born July 19, 1899. He was a son of Robert H. Kirkpatrick, born Dec. 4, 1851, died Dec. 6, 1936, and Amanda S. Harp Kirkpatrick, born Dec. 8, 1655, died Oct. 1957. One son, Earl George Kirkpatrick, born Dec. 8, 1923, died in an airplane crash, Jan. 4, 1953. Earl was married 1943 to Virginia Jennings, and they were parents of two children; Anita Louise Kirkpatrick, born June 25, 1944, and Daniel Dewey Kirkpatrick, born July 10, 1945. Daniel Dewey married Judy Miller and have two children: Daniel Dewey Kirkpatrick, born Oct. 4, 1964, and Roenita Lynn, born Feb. 23, 1967. Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Kirkpatrick reside at Elbe, Washington.

George Quilven Scalf, born Feb. 21, 1907, married Aug. 20, 1938, Ethel Tiller, born May 21, 1919. She was a daughter of Ivan K. Tilller, born 1880 and Alice Jackson Tiller, born 1887. Issue was Gaylon Laverne, born Aug. 3, 1941. Vada A. Scalf, born June 16, 1919, married Aug. 17, 1928, Ernest Loden, son of Richard Loden and Magda S. Loden. One son, Ernest Dwayne Loden, born June 11, 1935, married August 1955, Irene E. Goodwin, born Dec. 8, 1936. Ernest and Irene Loden were parents of three children: Cheryl Ann, born Aug. 25, 1956; Susan Lynn, born Nov. 15, 1957; and David Ernest, born June 16, 1963, Mora Viola Scalf, born Oct. 9, 1912, married, June 20, 1931, Roland Harting, son of Christopher and Emma Harting. Children were Allen Wayne Harting, born Oct. 9, 1933, and Carol Jean Harting, born July 7, 1936. Carol Jean Harting married Donald Paulsen and two children were Martin and Chrissie Ann. Allen Wayne Harting married Mary Van Vleet and a son is Glenn Allen Harting, born Dec. 20, 1965.

The 11 children of John Wesley Scalf by his second marriage to Emma Music Scalf were Lee Brittain Scalf, born June 29, 1914; Olie Oliver Scalf, born June 1, 1915; Alverda Minnie Scalf, born Aug,. 22, 1917; Andrew Lloyd Scalf, born Nov. 15, 1918; Myrtle Marie Scalf, born Oct. 26, 1919; Opal Virginia Scalf, born March 9, 1921; Irvin Bennie Scalf, born Dec. 20, 1923; John Wesley Scalf, Jr., born Feb. 7, 1924; Hazel Bernice Scalf, born May 9, 1925; Jency Luanna Scalf, born March 23, 1931; and Eva Jean Scalf, May 4, 1935.

Lee Brittain Scalf married Ada Levinia Pax and one child was Mary Violet Ruth, born Jan. 18, 1943. Olie Oliver Scalf never married nor did Andrew Lloyd Scalf. Alverda Minnie Scalf married Arthur Lowe. Children of Alverda Minnie and Arthur Lowe were Donald, born March 15, 1937, died Jan. 21, 1943; Donna Kay, born Nov. 7, 1939; Robert Lowe, born April 10, 1941; William Lowe, born Jan. 9, 1944; Richard Lowe, born June 29, 1948. Robert Lowe married Judy Zemon. Two children of Robert and Judy Travis, born Sept. 30, 1964, and Jeff, born Aug. 5, 1965. William Lowe married Ann Westfall, daughter of William and Frances Tucker Westfall and three children are Billie Lowe, born Apr. 7, 1963; Danny Lowe, born June 20, 1965; and Julia Ann Lowe, born Nov. 20, 1966. Donna Kay Lowe married Lloyd Hartley and children were Linda Kay, born Jan. 4, 1957, and LaVerda Ray, born Jan. 2, 1962.

Myrtle Marie Scalf married first Peter Phillips, son of Alex and Mary Phillips. Three children: Carolyn Marie, born Nov. 18, 1944; James Wesley, born April 7, 1947; and Sandra Sue, born Oct. 4, 1943. Carolyn Phillips married Larry Osbourne. Two, sons are Randy Joe Osbourn, born Jan. 17, 1965, and Ricky Dwayne, born April 2, 1966, Sandra Sue Phillips married Joe Goble and had two daughters; Tina, born July 27, 1965, died July 30, 1966; and Trina LaVern, born Aug. 14, 1966. James Phillips married Carol Ford and a son, Jimmy Joe, was born May 26, 1966. Myrtle Marie Scalf Phillips married second to Gilbert Neimi, son of Ben and Gertrude R. Neimi. One son of this union was Gilbert Benjamin Neimi, born Jan. 8, 1953.

Opal Virginia Scalf married Monroe Tiller, son of Ivan K. and Alice Jackson Tiller. One daughter, Sharon Tiller, born Feb. 16, 1939, married William Leydig. Two children are Dean Leydig, born March 24, 1957, and Kenneth Allen Leydig, born Feb., 18, 1966.

Irvin Bennie Scalf, born Dec. 20, 1923, died July 2, 1959, married Feb. 17, 1948, Cora Alice Mullins, born July 28, 1932, daughter of Mart and Melissa Tennessee Hackney Mullins. Three children of Irvin and Cora Alice Scalf are Wanda Marie, born March 23, 1956, John Wesley Scalf, Jr. married Jan. 23, 1953, Virginia Lou Mullins, born Jan. 18, 1935, sister to Cora Alice Mullins. John Wesley Scalf, Jr. and Virginia Lou Mullins Scalf had no children.

Hazel Burnice Scalf married June 9, 1940, John Mullins, a brother to Cora Alice and Virginia Lou Mullins Scalf. Children of this union are John Edward, born 1943; David Wayne, born Sept. 7, 1945; Elaine Janice, born April 21, 1947; Larry Kenneth, born May 27, 1951; and Marty Joe, born Jan. 29, 1965, John Edward Mullins married Jerri Bowen, daughter of James Lindsay Bowen and Gladys Marie Spears Bowen. One son, Curtis Evan Bowen, was born Sept. 15, 1962. Elaine Mullins married Glen Bowen and they are parents of a daughter, Marcia Lynn, born July 23, 1964, and a son, name unavailable, born July 27, 1966.

Jency Luanna Scalf married first Ralph Kerr, son of George and Amanda Kerr. One daughter: Joan Kerr, born Oct. 23, 1948. Jency Luanna married second to William Schmitt. Two sons are Michael Schmitt, born July 16, 1955, and William Edward, born Feb. 2, 1966.

Eva Jean Scalf married March 22, 1949, James Thomas Dean, son of William and Marie Dean. Two children: Judith Elaine Dean, born Nov. 3, 1950, and Thomas James Dean, born Dec. 20, 1952. Eva Jean and James Thomas Dean divorced and she remarried to Jack Mullins, son of Mart and Tennessee Hackney Mullins. One son is Jack Wayne Mullins, born April 14, 1956. Judith Elaine Dean married Gordon LeRoy Harper. One daughter, born May 10, 1965, May 11, 1966.

                           (End of James Brittain Scalf Generation)

III. Melissa Scalf. Married John Adams, brother to Rev. Robert Adams and Samuel Adams, but father's name unavailable. They were parents of three children, a son, Floyd Adams, and two daughters, Lou and Virgie Adams. Lou died unmarried. No other information on this family, John Adams and Melissa Scalf Adams probably lived in Pike County, Kentucky.

IV. Nancy Scalf., Married Wesley Stratton, son of Tandy Richard Stratton and Mahala Lewis Stratton, Floyd County, Kentucky. Wesley and Nancy moved to Arkansas following the Civil War and reared a family. No other information except they lived near Little Rock.

V. Cynthia ("Sis") Scalf. Married Jan, 31, 1866, Thomas Henry Burchett, Floyd County, Kentucky. They resided on the Clark Branch, a tributary of Buffalo Creek, Floyd County. He was a farmer and a large landowner. Issue of Thomas Henry Burchett and Cynthia Scalf Burchett were Joseph, George, Perry, Floyd, Alice, and James Henry.

   Joseph Burchett married Angeline Dotson and resided on Buffalo Creek, Pike County. They were parents of Henry, married Fanny Bevins; Ollie, married Kentucky Endicott; Elbert, married a Hunt; Nora, married Thomas Oliver Nunnery; Amy, married Mont Taylor; Georgia, married Rev. Walter Collins; Stella, married Eugene Stratton; Della, married Stanley Wagner; Sylvia, married Therman McCoy; Opal, married James Clark.

George Burchett married Fairy Crider; Ferry Burchett died not married; Floyd Burchett married Polly Blankenship; Alice Burchett married Dallas Layne; and James Henry Burchett married Elizabeth Nunnery. George Burchett was a farmer and lived in Greenup County, Kentucky. Floyd a farmer and merchant, lived at Gu1nare, Pike County. Alice Burchett Layne and Dallas Layne resided at Harold, Floyd County. James Henry and Elizabeth Nunnery Burchett lived on Clark Branch, Buffalo Creek, Floyd County, near the home of his father, Thomas Henry Burchett. Issue of James Henry and Elizabeth Nunnery Burchett were Esta, Maxie, Nellie, Alice, Lincoln, Rebecca, Winn, Elige, William E., .............

William E. ("Willie") Burchett has had a distinguished career in his adopted state of West Virginia. He married Clara Bartholomew. Beginning his career as a rural schoolteacher in Floyd County, he accepted employment as store manager for Norfolk & Western Railway Company, Williamson, West Virginia, and as a salesman for a wholesale grocery firm. Named postmaster at Williamson in 1934, he was elected sheriff of Mingo County to break a long-entrenched Republican political machine dominated by the Hatfield family.

Later he was elected West Virginia State Senator from Mingo and McDowell counties and while serving in that capacity was named to the post of Superintendent of State Police in 1945 by Governor Clarence W. Meadows. He resigned in 1953 to engage in the oil. and gas business. In 1960 he was renamed to the superintendency of the state police by Governor W.W. Barron, a post which he now holds under Governor Hulett Smith. (He retired June, 1967).

VI. William Scalf. Married Elizabeth Scott. They lived on Johns Creek, Pike County, Kentucky, at the present postoffice of Gulnare. He served a term as Pike County Justice of the Peace. He and his wife are buried in the Scott Cemetery at Gulnare. Issue were Nettie, Lethia, Alice, Hester, Ballard, Trimble, and Dallas.

Nettie Scalf married Lindsey Lacey Layne, son of Lindsay Layne and Adaline Mead Layne. This was the second marriage of Lindsey Lacey Layne, his first wife being Alice Palmer. He was born Dec. 12, 1853, died 1940. Only one child, a son, Samuel George Layne, was born to this union of Lindsey Lacey Layne and Nettie Scalf Layne. Samuel George married Ocie Leedy and died in 1945.

Lethia Scalf married first A.J. ("Jack") Cixco, Pike County, Kentucky. Issue were Georgia, married Lando Scott; Jettie, married Clinton Taylor. Following the death of A.J. Cisco, Lethia remarried a Mr. Ronk. A third marriage was to John Compton. No issue of the last two marriages.

Alice Scalf married Sherman Nunnery. No issue.

Hester Scalf married Will Hunter, Pikeville (Ky.) barber.

Ballard Scalf married Judy Roop. Ballard was a notary and real estate broker and a resident of Tram, Ky. for many years, where he died. His children were Eunice, married Alonzo Stratton, former member Floyd County (Ky.) Board of Education; Nettie, married Lawrence Adkins; Barney; Elizabeth, married Ed Layne; Wm. Ballard; Earle, married Magdalene Steffey; Edward, deceased, married Catherine Sparks; John Henry, married Velma Jean Adkins; Maggie, married Robert Johnson.

Trimble Scalf married Minnie Lyons. They resided at Gulnare, Pike County. Children were Don Walter, married Mata Alice Scalf, daughter of Melvin and Ann Scalf; and Ernest, married Emma Lou Burchett, daughter of Henry and Fanny Bevins Burchett. The Don Walter and Ernest Scalf families reside in the Detroit., Michigan, area.

Dallas Scalf married Florence Cisco. Children were Carter, died as a young man, and three others. They reside in Ohio.

VII. Mary ("Pop") Scalf. Married W.H. Blackburn. . See descendants of William Blackburn and Elizabeth Scalf Blackburn.

                                                APPENDIX I

From the column, HISTORICAL NOTES, by Henry P. Scalf, in Floyd County Times, Prestonsburg, Kentucky, May 12, 1960:

                                               SCALF FAMILY

Forty-nine years ago many Eastern Kentuckians were migrating westward to free, virgin lands in Washington state. One of these families was that of John W. ("Cooge") Scalf, of Buffalo Creek. Joining him in the westward trek were several neighbors and related families...

Cooge, as he was nick-named, was a brother of Willie Scalf, and both were expert hunters. Oldsters recall yet the exploits of these two, particularly of Cooge ....

The Scalfs went West in 1910 and little was heard from them. Only an occasional letter came back. People may migrate to, other lands but the nostalgia for their homeland ever remains. Recently, Feb. 99 to be exact, and on March 5, two, letters came to relatives in this county. They reviewed the story of the migrating Scalfs.

We excerpt the last letter fully as it is in more detail. It was from Mrs. Mae Scalf Kirkpatrick, Box 276, Elbe, Washington, and written to Wayne Scalf; Endicott resident.

"I live about 35 or 40 miles from my father, John W. Scalf. I am his third daughter. You may remember the ones born in Kentucky. The oldest son's name is Roland. Two are Brian and General. My two sisters' names are Elizabeth and Nellie. There was Quilven and Vatie. Vatie was born about three weeks before the family started out here. The two oldest boys and the two, oldest girls died. We all got the measles on the train and the two oldest boys and two oldest girls did not recover. General, Quilven, Vatie and I got the disease. The loss of the children near killed my parents. Mother lived two years after that and had another baby girl in 1912 but she died at childbirth. The baby was named Nora and the five of us are living close to father's place.

"After mother died father married Marion Music's oldest daughter, Emma, and they had 11 children. She died two years ago at the age of 67 years and the son next to the youngest by Emma was killed in a car accident last August.

"Dad has had so, much grief in his life that I am amazed at the way he holds up. He is 87 years old and has been in a wheel chair for seven years this month. He had a stroke after I lost my son....

"I have had only one son. He had a plane of his own that he used for pleasure and business. He went to get Quilven to go with him to look over a stand of timber. Quilven was sick that day and couldn't go. My son started out alone. He got the plane up well but the motor died and he fell within 500 feet of Quilven. He left a wife and two children, a boy and girl.

"Dad's stroke was on his right side so he can't use his right hand. He can't walk alone or even stand alone. He can walk a little with one of us on each side of him to hold up part of his weight. He only weighs 110 pounds. He can't write but he reads nearly all the time when he isn't watching television. He reads without glasses. His mind is as sharp as ever.

"I can remember Uncle Burris Clark and Uncle Tom Clark and Aunt Kanny Goble .... I was only five years old when I left Kentucky. General, Quilven and I have talked a lot about coming back to Kentucky to see the folks but never get started. Quilven is married and has an 18year-old-son .... Vatie had only one, a boy, now 23 years old. Nora is married and has a son and daughter and two grandchildren. Vatie is a grandfather, too.

"I can't remember Aunt Bird Harville .... Aunt Mary Granville Thompson died in 1932 and Uncle Granville died three years ago last month. John Thompson died awhile before that and his wife, Mary, still lives. She has lived next door to me for five years. At present she is in the hospital. She is 79 years old.

"Uncle Willie Scalf has been dead several years. He was killed in a car wreck and his wife, Martha, has been dead several years. Their oldest daughter, Melvina, died 10 or 12 years ago. The rest of his children are living, mostly in Lewis County, Washington. All but Ras have a family, many of them grandchildren,

"Uncle Granville's daughter, Lena, made two or three trips back to West Virginia where her husband's people live. His name was Jess Horn. She is living here where her three children live.

"Vashti Music Scruggs is still living although she has been blind for 10 years. Her husband, Andy Scruggs, and a son Andy, have been dead several years. Her daughter, Lizzie, is about 58 years old and is living at Randle, Wash., about five miles from Dad's place.

'Dad lives on the old homestead he took up right after he came here from Kentucky in 1910. He has 27 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.

"The other letter was from John W. Scalf, Sr., Route 4, Randle, Washington. It was addressed to Irvin Scalf, who died a few years ago."

Mrs. Kirkpatrick's letter exemplifies the nostalgia of expatriate Eastern Kentuckians for their homeland and people. The genealogy of the Washington Scalfs was prepared by her for this publication and the author is indebted for her untiring dedication to a heavy task.


                    OBITUARY OF ALBERT HAYES GOBLE (1876-1966)

                        From a Morton, Washington newspaper, May 23, 1966

                                            RITES SET FOR GOBLE

Morton, Wash. - -.Albert Hayes Goble., 89, a Morton resident since 1902, died Monday in a Morton hospital. He was born September 13, 1876, at Inez, Ky., and was a retired logger and farmer.

Survivors include eight daughters, Mrs. Edna Bright, Mrs. Anna Fields and Mrs. Olive Geidel, all of Morton, Mrs. Bess Greiter, Randle, Mrs. Beryl Davis, Ajlune, Mrs. Virginia McMillion, Alaska, and Mrs. Constance Nostrant and Mrs. Goldie Danhouser, both of Tacoma; four sons, Emery and Claude Goble, both of Randle, Albert Goble, Lester, and Donald Goble, Morton; two sisters, Mrs. Martha Scalf, Seattle, and Mrs. Ethel Stepp, Inez, Ky.; 28 grandchildren and 32 greatgrandchildren.

Funeral services are Wednesday, 1 p.m., at the Jesus Name Tabernacle in Morton with the Rev. Donald Jones officiating. Interment will follow in the Morton cemetery. Pallbearers are Bill Moe, Jim Morris, Dan Longmire, Paul Kindle, Conrad Mandt and Charlie Lewis. Arrangements are under the direction of the Fissell-Brown Mortuary, Morton.