(Brittan - John, Sr. - Lewis - John)

James Breckinridge Scalf, son of Brittan and Talitha Couch Scalf, was born May 18, 1842, Russell County, Virginia. He was four years old when his mother moved across the Cumberlands to Pike County, Kentucky. He married Rebecca Scott, April 21, 1863, of Pike County. She was a descendant of William (Billy) Scott, pioneer Johns Creek settler. (1)

James and Rebecca lived all of their lives on Johns Creek. He was a farmer and carpenter, his services in the last vocation being much in demand in the area. When he was first married he resided on the Miles Hunt Branch, his house being near the site of the battle between the partisans of Dr. Robert Jackson, Confederate, and Peyton Blackburn, Unionist, when John McGuire was killed. James, who was at work at the time on the farm, heard the first shots and when the whistling bullets came near he sought refuge in the home.

Eleven children were born to James and Rebecca Scalf. Jeremiah Lee became a carpenter and stonemason. He resided after marriage to Sarah Pinson on the McCombs Branch at the present Gulnare postoffice. John C.B. Scalf was an officer for many years and Mitchell Thomas was a carpenter. Christopher Columbus ("Lum") was a carpenter. William M. Scalf was a carpenter and custodian. Rebecca Scott Scalf, born December 16, 1642, died on her birthday, in 1910, at Gulnare. Her husband survived until November 1916. Both are buried on the Scott cemetery at Gulnare.

I. Jeremiah Lee Scalf, oldest of the children of James B. Scalf and Retecca Scott Scalf, was born February 21, 1864. He married Sarah Pinson. Issue were Florace C. Scalf, a teacher for a few years but for years a government employee in Washington, D.C., where he died in 1952, married McNaulty; Carl Scalf, married Polly James, daughter of Malcolm James; Ernest Scalf, died not married; Dovie Scalf, married Robert Leedy; and Nona Scalf, died not married.

II. John C.B. Scalf, married Victoria Smith, daughter of Henry and Lucretia Bevins Smith, of Pike County, Kentucky, 1889. They resided most of their lives on Big Creek and Pond Creek, Pike County. Issue of this marriage were (1) Fannie Lucresia Scalf, born May 2, 1891, married Roy West. Children were Luther, Edna, Ella, John, Claude, Ester Hopkins, and John. (2) William M. Scalf, born December 14, 1892, married Ethel Bevins. (3) Roscoe Scalf, born August 7, 1897, married first in 1920, Pina Blackburn. One foster daughter, Evelyn. His wife died in 1953 and he married Goldie Charles Bevins. Two children are Charles David and Cynthia Lynn. (4) Maude Scalf, born August 20, 1899, married Troy Williamson. Their children are Goldie, Elizabeth, and Troy, Jr. (5) Virgil Scalf, born June 19, 1907, married Kathleen Hatfield. One son is Randall. (6) Monroe Scalf died young.

III. Green Brittan Scalf, born Feb. 21, 1869, died ca 1889.

IV. Mitchell Thomas Scalf, born March 31, 1871, died 1952, at Pikeville, Kentucky, where he had lived for approximately 40 years. He married Arzella Louise McGuire, Nov. 10, 1892, daughter of Frank P. McGuire and Arnetta Jane Stratton McGuire. Arzella was born July 11, 1878; her sister Susannah McGuire, who married Christopher Columbus Scalf, was born May 3, 1880. Frank P. McGuire was born June 21, 1855, died June 17, 1881, married Arnetta Jane Stratton, born May 28, 1851, a daughter of Harvey Washington Stratton and Phoebe Sellards Stratton. Arnetta Jane McGuire was the mother of a third daughter, Lucy Jane, who died in July 1882, The mother did not long survive. Arzella Louise McGuire Scalf died October 28, 1957.

Children of this union of Mitchell T. Scalf and Arzella Louise Scalf were (1) Victoria. Jane Scalf, born March 29, 1895, died in early adulthood not married; (2) John C.B. Scalf, born Feb. 24, 1898, married Grace Charles; (3) Roland Rush Scalf, born Nov. 25, 1902, married Mildred Nickerson; (4) Robert E. Lee Scalf, born Nov. 11, 1904, married Chelsie Bayler; (5) Minnie Alice Scalf, born March 3, 1900, married Wilson Robinson; (6) Rebecca Phoebe Scalf, born Dec. 31, 1906, married Arby Layne, August 2, 1922. Their three children were Edwin, born July 2, 1923, killed in combat in Germany in World War II, June 23, 1943; Louise, born Oct. 2. 1935, married Douglas McKay; and Jackie, born June 15, 1938, married Judy Bevins; (7) Ada May Scalf, born Sept, 15, 1924, married James Maxwell; (8) Nora Esta Scalf, born Jan. 8, 1894, died March 1894; (9) James Brittain Scalf, born Feb. 25, 1908, died 1910; Joseph Edgar Scalf, born Nov. 7. 1919, married Princess Abshire.

Issue of Wilson and Minnie Scalf Robinson are Woodrow, married Catherine Huffman; Catherine; married Ed Billiter; James, married Glenna Hall; Juanita, married Albert Simpson; and Jettalee, married Bill Green.

V. Mary Emily Scalf, born June 26, 1875, burned to death at the fireside in the home as an infant when the babe's clothing caught on fire.

VI. Victoria Adelaide Scalf, born May 26, 1873, married first John Riley Nunnery. They were parents of four children: Thomas 0. Nunnery, married Nora Burchett; James Henderson Nunnery, married first Octavia Brown, second Sylvia Foley; Effie Nunnery, married Goldie Layne; Rebecca Nunnery, died young. Victoria Adelaide Scalf married second to Thomas Crum. To this second marriage was born a son, Clarence, married May Weddington; and a daughter, Alice May, married Connell McCoy. Victoria Adelaide married third to Walker Mayo, No issue.

VII. Christopher Columbus Scalf, born April 22, 1877, married Susannah McGuire, Feb. 1898. Eight children were born to this union. Susannah, born May 3, 1880, died Nov. 8, 1930, and he married second Emily Worland. No issue. Christopher Columbus died Feb. 8, 1965, at Justell, Ky., and interment was made in the Scott cemetery at Gulnare, Ky.

Issue of Christopher Columbus Scalf and Susannah McGuire Scalf were; Sterling J. Scalf, born Jan. 3, 1899, married Lillian Gose; Lula Scalf, born June 16, 1901, married Wallace Young; Emily Scalf, born June 19, 1907, married Raymond Adams; William Lee Scalf, born July 31, 1903, died April 2, 1922 in a mine accident at Betsy Layne, Kentucky; Edna Scalf, born Feb. 26, 1911, died Dec. 20, 1931; Everett Scalf, born Aug. 1, 1909, married Minnie Justice; Woodrow Wilson Scalf, born Jan. 17, 1917, married Dorothy Justice; Edgar Scalf, born Nov. 8, 1905, died young.

Children of Emily Scalf Adams, daughter of C.C. Scalf, and Raymond Adams, are Raymond Adams, Jr.; Geraldine Adams; Albert Lee Adams; Phyllis Jean Adams; Bradley Adams; Barbara Sue Adams; Roxie Ann Adams. The family lives in Columbus, Ohio.

VIII. William M. Scalf, born Aug. 19, 1879, married Gracie Blackburn. Eight children were Clyde Scalf, married Sallie McCoy, Glenn Scalf, married Beulah May Johnson; Clell Scalf, married Francis Adkins; Clara Scalf, married Frank Mattox; Carie Scalf, married Hansford Rogers; Carroll Scalf, unmarried; Thomas Scalf, married Jerry Hayes; Ronald Scalf, married Patricia Stapleton.

IX. Ruth Ann Scalf, born September 19, 1881, married William C. Clark. Five children were Emery E. Clark, married May Davis Hill; Victor Clark, married Oriole Price; Gaynell Clark, married Ollie May; Lawton Edward Clark, an airman in World War II, was killed in a mission over Germany, Sept. 10, 1944; Ballard Elmer Clark, killed Sept. 23, 1930, by a train at Dinwood, near Martin, Kentucky.

Emery Eugene Clark, born May 19, 1897, married May Davis Hill, Nov. 9, 1922. She was born April 25, 1903, a daughter of Edward P. Hill, Sr., (who served several terms as Floyd County Judge) and Adda Louellen Davis Hill (2) Issue of Emery E. and May Hill Clark were (1) Emery Eugene Clark, Jr., born Feb. 4, 1924, died March 4, 1924; (2) Edna Estelle Clark, born Dec. 6, 1925, died Feb. 4, 1926; (3) Ethel Elaine Clark, born May 7, 1929, married Howard Carr Leming, July 30, 1949, born March 21, 1925 - two children; Howard Clark Leming, born June 20, 1953, and Laura Elaine Leming, born August 29, 1955; (4) William Edward Clark, born Nov. 15, 1934, married Janeth Rhea Graham, May 29, 1955, who was born April 10, 1937 - two children: Barbara Sue Clark, born Dec. 2, 1957, and Mark Graham Clark, born March 25, 1962.

Gaynell Clark, born Dec. 21, 1904, married, July 2, 1927, Ollie Powers May, born Nov. 6, 1904. Issue of this marriage are Kathryn Lorraine May, born April 10, 1928, married Beryl Fraley; Alphajean May, born Nov. 25, 1929, married David Duane Watson; Altonette May, born September 29, 1936, married Earl Bentley.

Victor Clark and Oriole Price Clark were parents of James Dempsey Clark, born Jan. 21, 1922, married Anna Sue Layne; Darwin Eugene Clark, born March 29, 1924, unmarried in 1968; Alvanell Clark, born Dec. 28, 1925, married Petty Leon Thompson. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson have a son, Kenneth.

The Clarks were pioneer settlers of the Johns Creek area of early Floyd County, Kentucky. Reuben Clark erected a mill, known as Clark's Mill, near the mouth of Brushy Fork of Johns Creek at the present Pike-Floyd County line, which served a wide area in log cabin development days. The mill was mentioned frequently in Order Book I, Floyd County.

Emery Eugene Clark was born at Gulnare, Kentucky, and associated himself with the infant gas industry of the Big Sandy valley. He was promoted several times and at his retirement was vice-president in charge of production of the Kentucky West Virginia Gas Company. He now resides at 50 Dix Drive, Ormond Beach, Florida. Victor Clark, also a native of Gulnare is engaging in the insurance business at Williamson, West Virginia. Gaynell Clark May and her husband, Ollie Powers May, reside at Martin, Floyd County, Kentucky.

X. Peter M. Scalf, born Nov. 4, 1884, died at about age four years.

XI. Talitha Belle Scalf, born May 4, 1885, married Malcolm James. Issue were Mabel, married Moses Runyon; May, born June 5, 1912, married, September 21, 1931, Rev. Bill Childers, born Jan. 17, 1908, died Oct. 17, 1965; Quentin, married Violet Runyon; Guy, died young; Imogene, married Luther Boyd.

Malcolm James was first married to Margaret Roop and one daughter, Polly, married Carl Scalf. Malcolm James died July 14, 1957 and his widow, Talitha Belle Scalf James, survived until Nov. 3, 1966. Both are buried on the James Cemetery, McCombs, Kentucky.

Issue of Carl Scalf and Polly James Scalf were Floris Wesley, married Leona Williams; James Ernest, married Mary Lou Patton; John Williard, married Margaret Slone; David Allen, married Jean Morrison; William Alex, married Wilma Phillips; Elster Eugene, married Betty June Lowe; Nina May, unmarried; Peggy Ann, married Bill Hite; and Lawton Edward, unmarried.

Issue of Rev. Bill Childers and May James Childers were Kenneth, born Jan. 26, 1933, died March 3, 1957, married Lulavee Lowe; Jimmy, born Sept. 26, 1937, died March 17, 1945; and Grover, born Feb. 26, 1944, married Blanche Maynard, born July, 1941. One daughter of Kenneth and Lulavee Low Childers is Bonnie, born Oct. 26, 1949. Bonnie Childers married Elmer Abner and they are the parents of a son, Jimmy. Issue of Moses Runyon and Mable James Runyon are James Thomas, married Justine Blackburn; Winifred Justine, married Darwin Taylor; Barbara May, married Rush Fitch; Elpha Jean, married Noel Howard; Ronnie Dean, unmarried.

Issue of Luther Boyd and Imogene James Boyd are Gary, married Edwenia Davis; Jaqueline, married Johnnie Stanley.

Issue of Quentin James and Violet Runyon James are Millie Sue, married Ballard Gross; Cletis Carl, married Mary Ann Craig; Shirley Mae, married Gene Stepp; Freddie, married Jannis Friend.


1. William Scott, Jr., pioneer Johns Creek settler, was born in Virginia ca 1785, son William Scott, Sr. and Lucy Scott. William Scott, Sr. died in Bedford County, Va. in 1794 and his will was probated Nov. 24 that year. (Will Book 2, page 147)

William Scott, Jr., married Elizabeth McCoy, born ca 1785, as deduced from census records. They came to the Big Sandy region prior to 1810. Issue of William and Elizabeth Scott were Nancy, Mary, Andrew, John, Axton, Daniel, Barnabus, Evan, James Thomas, and Rebecca.

Axton Scott, son of William and Elizabeth Scott, was born ca 1814, Floyd County, Ky., married Oct. 27, 1836, to Ruth Ann Blevins, born 1821 in Scott County, Va. Issue of this marriage were Sarah Ann, Mitchell, Rebecca, (who married James Breckinridge Scalf), Emeline, Peter, John B., Matilda, Ellen, Ruth Abigail, Andrew, William and Bell.

2. Adda Louellen Davis Hill, wife of Judge Edward Prebble Hill, was born Nov. 27, 1885, died August 17, 1960. Her parents were Austin T. Davis and Margaret Auxier Davis. Edward P. Hill, Sr., born April 29 1883, was living in 1968 in Mount Sterling, Kentucky.

A brother of May Davis Hill Clark was Edward P. Hill, Jr., of Prestonsburg, Ky. An attorney, he served as Floyd County Judge, several terms as Circuit Judge, and is presently (1968) serving as Kentucky Appellate Judge on the Court of Appeals.